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  1. Tokyo Jungle

    I ran into a raptor once in a weird room under the city. I was like "wtf IS that?" And then "oh....well ****."
  2. Favorite Anime Sountrack

    Shocker! ;) Nana has my favorite overall soundtrack by far since it is a music anime with actually good original music.
  3. Tokyo Jungle

    Love Tokyo Jungle. Double crocodile runs forever.
  4. 2014 shall be so very large

    This year was my and my fiance's last year at ACen, and it went off without a hitch. Had a rather decent time, if not a bit of a quiet con for the first time in ages. It was quite nice. It'll definitely feel weird not going next year, but luckily there's another convention around the same size where we are moving. And it's in April. So maybe it won't feel like we are missing it at all! Except for the people. Definitely gonna miss some of the ACen people. With all the improvements being made lately and all of the great ideas floating around already, I'm sure you both will have a blast upon your return in 2014! Make sure to have some extra fun for those of us who cannot be there. ;)
  5. A Weird Wish

    Mine came early this month....on the Saturday of the convention. Luckily I had supplies in my car for no reason. I also woke up on Saturday with a rash all over my face from the bar soap at the hotel I had used to get my makeup off because I forgot makeup remover, or face wash. Saturday was a fun time.....so fun.

    I did it! I made it out of ACen without getting sick! Last year I got con plague and it was the worst.
  7. Countdown to Acen 2013!

    It's heeee-eeere. -creepiest voice possible-
  8. IT's MIdnight on Friday morning

    -stares at half packed suitcase-
  9. ACen Weather Update

    It's so hot up here in the west suburbs. It's so....hot.....-whines forever-
  10. Free Photo shoots

    Friday around 5-5:30 would work. :3
  11. What's the last thing you ate?

    Someday when you are actually 65 you will eat cold pizza and an energy drink for dinner.
  12. ACen Weather Update

    Hopefully if it has to rain there will be periods of not rain where I can do an awesome photoshoot of my cosplay that is of a character who comes from a gloomy, rainy place. Silver lining...for me.
  13. Work Stories

    Today I made sure to remind my boss I won't be around next weekend (I told him about two weeks ago , too, and he was fine with it) and he totally flipped his lid because I guess a bunch of other people called off those days! I knew he was going to try to bully me into not going or coming back early Saturday/leaving late on Friday so while he was running around the restaurant yelling and flailing the schedule angrily I was like "lol peace out" and snuck out the back door. Glad I told him that AFTER he gave me a bonus at the end of my shift. >_>;;
  14. Wig Transport!

    Don't jam them in your suitcase! Depending on how huge the curls are, you can put it in a wig bag, or a plastic bag or what have you. Put it in there nicely. Idk just how delicate your sister's is but I'd say go with a "wig head". Go buy one. They sell foam wig heads at hobby lobby for cheap. Or just wear them, whatever. That's what I'm doing to get mine there.
  15. ACen Weather Update

    Thanks a lot, jerk.