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  1. D. Gray Man for 2012

    I can almost guaruntee that you're going to need to extend that time frame. The thing about the forums is that maybe 40% of attendees are on here, and everyone else just shows up at the con. D.Gray-Man is still hugely popular, and even if not a lot of people are replying here, there's going to be lots of cosplayers and fans at the con. Also, a lot of people upon getting to the con don't know about the gathering and hear about it through word of mouth, so that's even extra! Even just making it an hour, I think that'd be reasonable : )
  2. Chrono Crusade?

    That would be sweet : ) I've only ever seen an Aion at ACen ONCE, and of course I wasn't wearing Chrono at the time. But it still looked pretty cool. If you've got nothing else to do,I will definitely encourage your Aion :D
  3. Chrono Crusade?

    Anyone out there still cosplaying Chrono Crusade? My sister is being Rosette, so I'm dressing up as Chrono. Just curious to see if there'll be any others? Aion or Asmaria or whoever : )
  4. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    I've just bought some shorts for a costume that are size medium. I worked my way down from XL to L, so now I've just got a little more to go and the costume will fit just the way I want it to! Now to make the costume....@_@
  5. D. Gray Man for 2012

    Aw, sorry to hear about that : ( We'll keep the spirit for DGM alive, though! You should come to the gathering anyway just to hang out. It's always lots of fun!
  6. D. Gray Man for 2012

    Ahhh~;; J-Just no sudden kisses, right? ^^;;;
  7. D. Gray Man for 2012

    Haha a Noah dance-off, eh? Allen shall be the judge of that one....
  8. D. Gray Man for 2012

    Yaaay, D.Gray-Man! I'll be coming as Allen, whichever day we have it on : )
  9. Toradora 2011?

    Nobody? D:
  10. Toradora 2011?

    Anyone else cosplaying Toradora this year? I'm going to be running around cooking things for people as Ryuuji. Just wondering if anyone else will be there : )
  11. The Who do I look like game

    http://tinypic.com/r/jshcud/7 There's me. I prefer cosplaying guys but hey, I'll take whatever is out there haha
  12. HiNaBN 2011

    i'll be there as Hanna, and my friend will be '...'
  13. Avatar The Last Airbender 2011

    Of course! We have alot of time to plan it out, so that's no problem : ) I'm gonna start posting my progress soon, I'd love to see what you all are working on!
  14. Avatar The Last Airbender 2011

    Haha yeah I don't know alot about the show, I just really liked the outfit. I'm trying to take a realistic approach to it, like...if Shamylan did the movie the RIGHT way.
  15. Bleach Gathering 2011

    I'll be wearing Hitsugaya, probably a younger version, if I can pull it off.