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  1. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    The Dances don't have a place at an anime con; at least not any more. A few years ago when I first started going to the dances, they were playing music like Anime themes and J-pop/rock remixs. Back then they felt like they belonged at an anime con, but thats not what I hear now. I enjoy dancing, and will continue to go to them as long as ACen offers them, but they have taken on a life of their own, and no longer seem like something for ACen, maybe they should be a seperate event entirely? As far as the fasion shows, they do belong at ACen, but not at the cost of actual industry guests. Did we really need 2 different designers? One would still be great to have and the extra flight from Japan could have been given to a mangaka. This is seconded for the concerts. As a fan of LM.C, they really have no conection to anime. I was happy I got to actually hear a group I like live, but its not the same as when ACen got High and Mighty color at the time their Bleach themes were being heard everyweek, or when you got the Pillows, while FLCL was Airing on cartoon network. As far as restricting panels, I like the idea but that is easier said then done. I feel like videogame panels (at least Japan originated series) do feel appropriate. As far as comics go, not as much, yet there is an japanese anime for Wolverine, Iron Man, and even X-men, so where do you draw the line?
  2. Need 1 possibly 2 roomies for a hyatt room

    Is this the Con hyatt or one of the neighboring ones? I am looking for a room at one of the hotels connected to the con.
  3. Amtrak to Glenview or Chicago?

    Using Google, I can tell you that Glenview is technically closer. Its a 10 mile drive vs 15 miles from union (though with traffic take about the same to drive), however the only public transportation routes I can find involve backtracking towards chicago and you end up taking longer and having transfers so I would stick with Union.
  4. Terrorist Attack In Norway

    That is kinda sick. I seriously hope that the 80+ counts of murder are added on top of that terrorism charge.

    Only complaint was the line. I arrived about 30 minutes early like we were supposed to, and the line was already well around the building; however, I easily made it in in the first batch of people. But eventually I needed to use the restroom and never made it back in because the line was just insane. I think the line was longer around midnight then it was when the doors opened. I will say the same suggestion I have for the last several years. Main Programming needs a bigger room. Right now the convention hall seems like the most reasonable solution, however as an alternative; I did have an idea. Since the bubble uses several DJs, would it be possible to have 2 seperate dances set up? one in the main room as it is now and one in the room where synergy was. The DJ's could do one set in each room so you wouldn't miss your favorite reguardless of which room you were in. Of course this plan has some flaws, but its an idea in case the con center is unavalable. Also, I want to say "great job" this year, for getting everything set up and started on time.
  6. What color are your sheets? (dream post)

    My Sheets are blue and black. My Favorite dream is any i can remember, I get maybe 1 "dream" every 5 years or so. Scariest, Well that requires a little explination. I put dream in quotes because I did (haven't in several years though) get dreams that were more like visions of the future, I actually dreamed an entire 8th grade english class in around 6th grade. New lesson plan not taught before 8th, teacher I'd never seen before (but knew in the dream) even had the right students gone (private school, 6th -7th grade class went from 24 to 12) I had completely forgoten the dream by 8th grade till that class when learning the "new" material. Anyway, point is my dreams back then almost always came true, so when I had a vision of what I couldn't discribe as anything but the apocalypse it was quite scary (but there were survivors so post-apocalyptic world here we come!)
  7. If I ran ACEN

    If I ran ACen there are several points I'd adress. @signs; I agree thats a ban that needs to be less generic. "Free Hugs" is not solicitation, and should be fine, however "Free Kiss for Pocky" and later the "Free Sex" is technically a form of prostitution and is ILLEGAL. the X for Y signs began to outnumber the more comical signs and that is why they were banned (or thats what we were told). @Consuite; It was one of the best things about the con, I greatly miss it, but for a con this large, it just isn't really possible to bring it back the way it was. Perhaps a special repeat customer consuit or something, requires a badge from the previous year? but then again even that would probably be too many people. Of course, if I ran ACen, you could go to the staffer suite and wouldn't need the consuite so I guess I'd just have to make all my friends staffers and use it instead :P @Dances; I don't see any reason to remove them. They are probably the most popular event at ACen. Perhaps figureing out some way to get an actual convention space for the 2 dances would be my goal, right now the biggest problem with them is the huge wait. @Guests; Honestly, I think the guests are good. Every year there is at least one guest I am excited to see. Guest relations has always done a good job spreading out the guests, making them appeal to a larger group. Yes, there have been years when I am only interested in 1 guest and most are people i couldn't care less about, but its impossible to appeal to everyone (though I agree more Mangaka would be nice and it would be nice to actually know at least one guest before evey hotel in a 1 mile radius of the con is booked full). @Age Limits; It would probably be good to put all the 18+ events in a certain area, allow one IRT to card for several events that way instead of needing one for each 18+ event, but honestly, I don't really see much need for such a thing unless ACen drastically increases its 18+ content (which i certainly would support). @Spoony Bards; I'd bring back the good ol'days of Spoony Bards hallway performances. I miss having that spot I can go to to be entertained when there is that hour gap where you got nothing to do. First year we had the consuite after that I would follow the music to the bards and just listen till that next panel I wanted to see. Now its just, go back to the room. @Zombies; A zombie appolcalypse would be fun, but I would certainly feel bad for all the poor Resident Evil cosplayers. So easily misunderstood.
  8. Hyatt O'hare room spots available

    I sent you a PM
  9. Looking for a roommate (or two)

    Well I am looking for a room. I'm a 28 year old male. I have attended ACen every year since 2004. I don't smoke and don't plan on drinking. I hope to cosplay, but haven't really had time and it doesn't look like i'm gonna have much so thats still unsure.
  10. So them storms last night....

    I remember that! I was at Southlake mall when it happened, completely unaware it was even raining >.< Babages is surprisingly well insulated from the outside world. As far as the weather here, I have no clue I had to be awake for a long day at work so I was out cold last night.
  11. Soap Bubble

    I know there is already a thread for the soap bubble but everything in that thread seems focused on the same issue, and I actually have something different to say and I don't want it to get lost in a sea of the same old gripe. Now i know everyone hates the lines, but if you manage your time well they aren't haven't been that big an issue. However, the often suggested tactic of avoiding the lines is becoming less and less feasible. 2 years ago the soap bubble was truly an all-night event. It lasted till around 6am, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Last year it ended just before 5am, which was disappointing, but I accepted it. This year it ended a little before 4:30am. Sunrise today was at 5:30, why is it almost every other event in main programming runs late yet one of the biggest events ACen holds ends over an hour early?
  12. Sephiroth - Worst Villian Ever

    To be fair didn't Sephiroth succeed in his goals? I'm not a Sephiroth fan, and its been like 10 years since i played FF7, but I do know that in the original ending, the scene at the end was intended to show that humanity died off, yes, that included Sephiroth, but the hero's were too late, and he succeeded (even if it cost him his life). And to the Kefka fans claiming he was the only one to succeed, as i just mentioned, Seph did, also, Ultimacia did succeed at time compression as well, which was her goal.
  13. Should All Citizens Be Fluent In English?

    As stated several times before English is a very hard language to learn. As long as they make an effort, that's really all you can ask. As for all the people who say everyone makes some effort, I'm guessing you have never been to some of the more segregated neighborhoods. In some areas of the city, English really is a second language. Its a bad day when you go into a local fast food place, and can't order because of a language barrier. (yes this has happened to me before.) That all being said, I appreciate the effort, but considering we have countries like Guam and Puerto Rico as colonies, and their residents ARE citizens of the US by birth, we really can't make an English speaking requirement in this country, we have no official language, and its kinda nice that way. Places like Chinatown wouldn't be the same if they all spoke English. The effort to learn English is certainly appreciated, but as long as you are in your own community it isn't necessary and certainly shouldn't be required.
  14. 30 Years Old, And I Finally Have A Girl.

    @bob-san You shouldn't let your flaws get in your way. Nobody is perfect, even if they might be in your eyes they aren't and anybody looking for perfection is doomed to fail. I happen to know a girl who is basically the perfect girl in my eyes, every physical and personality feature I would want, and yet I'm completely unattracted to her. Perfection is boring. Part of the fun in relationships and what makes them work is working through the flaws.
  15. The Before Acen To-do List.

    lucky for me the busy season at work ends at the beginning of may, so I have lots of spare time right before ACen. I normally spend that spare time catching up on anime. Last year i watched the first 100 episodes of narruto, all of Ranma and like 3 other 25 episode series, in the 2 weeks before ACen. I seem to be on track to match that this year, as i started today and watched a full 13 episode series. Other then watch anime, I tend to have non-cosplay regrets wishing yet again, that i had time during the busy season to make a cosplay, and wondering what i could put together in 2 weeks and still feel proud of. (I'm a perfectionist so that's pretty much nothing, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about it). and of course talk to my roommates, and check the ACen forums :P