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  1. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    Being nonprofit in no way disallows an organization to have paid staff. There is nothing wrong with ACen being volunteer-run, but I object to using a fallacy as an explanation for doing so.
  2. Kalafina Concert Ticket Prices

    I see no reason why that rule should apply to this concert. You need to have an account with a purchased badge on it to be able to buy a ticket for the concert. For on-site and roadshow registration, you should receive an email with instructions for accessing your registration account at the email address you provided when you registered. If you haven't, send registration (registration@ACen.org) an email and they should be able to help you. :)
  3. Japanese Band: LM.C

    Thanks for the info. Hoping my schedule permits me to go. Also, I asked about this earlier in the thread, but I think it got lost in the arguments over lining up- can you tell us who their support musicians will be?
  4. Japanese bands you like that are not from anime

    I was going to make a big long list of links and band names and then I thought of BOØWY and nothing else seemed to matter anymore. BOØWY is a legend and anyone who calls themselves a fan of Japanese rock music should be acquainted with them. All of these links are live performances because their PVs are just a lot of live clips with awful 80s video editing and don't do them justice. wagamama Juliet minna de utau DREAMIN' MARIONETTE B-BLUE JUST A HERO Ah, here, have some other bands I like anyways. Why not. None of these should have any connection to anime. Rimo☆ with SAVANNA P.K. ORCHESTRA - KING - , Waive - , itsukaNEVER LAND - CLOSE - Love you Heck yeah, Japan Nite. I think my personal favorites of the bands I've seen the four years I've gone are SPARTA LOCALS and OKAMOTO'S.
  5. Japanese Band: LM.C

    I seriously suggest asking these questions in the thread I linked or even starting a new thread about it (either in the same section or in ACen Discussions/Questions). I'm not sure the people who can answer them keep a very close eye on the GR threads. I definitely understand that. I'm just saying that having tickets isn't going to solve the line problem for the concerts. People line up early whether we have tickets or not. I do agree that ticketing the masquerade is a good idea, since I think a lot of the lining up for it comes from fear of not getting a seat rather than just wanting to be close as with the concerts. Also, a question about LM.C for El Ken: do you know who they are bringing with as support members?
  6. Acen is no longer about anime.

    I think you are being very unfair in your judgment of the fashion guests. Sixh. and Hangry & Angry are not lolita brands, and even though they are both part of KINCS, they are also very different from one another. There really isn't any redundancy and I don't understand how you came to such a conclusion.
  7. Japanese Band: LM.C

    That rule was only for events in Main Programming. The information concerning it can be seen in this thread. It doesn't work well for concerts because having a ticket doesn't guarantee you'll be anywhere near the stage, so people are still going to line up as early as possible. It's certainly never made the experience of going to a concert at ACen any different for me. I think it might be a good idea to make a separate thread for this particular discussion.
  8. Merch Requests

    ACen doesn't supply anything, the vendors do. That said, it depends on the type of doujinshi you're looking for. I think there were two yaoi vendors last year, and I think I saw non-yaoi hentai stuff at more than one vendor. But be aware that the prices tend to be pretty inflated- you'll probably find better deals online. Surugaya on Rakuten seems to have all of the Galaxy Angel games you're looking for. Unlike most merchants on Rakuten, they will ship overseas so you don't need a shopping service. This is what they have for galaxy angel under computer games. You'll need to use Rakuten's US mirror to actually order, but searching for galaxy angel on there is impossible because the translation feature garbles everything. As for me, I'm just hoping someone will have Arpakasso plushies. And hopefully not at not too obscene a price. D:
  9. ACen FINAL Schedule ** UPDATED **

    I hope I don't come across as out line in saying this, but why on earth is Yoshiki's panel scheduled at the same time as "Jrock Heaven"? Even if the panelist didn't want to go to Yoshiki's panel (which would surprise me), virtually everyone interested in that panel does and will most certainly chose Yoshiki above a fan panel, which will result in a pretty empty room regardless. What an amazing disservice this scheduling is to that poor panelist.
  10. Guests?

    Separate autograph sessions have been typical at ACen for a few years now. As for photographs, here's what the Autograph Policy states: I think the vast majority of guests are usually happy to oblige such a request if you ask nicely. ^_^ That really sucks! :( I'm really not understanding why those things were scheduled that way. Was it per the desires of the guests, or did it just not occur to anyone that there would be a significant overlap in interest for H.Naoto and Flow? If it's just the autographs you want and you're not dying to actually meet them, maybe you can find someone willing to go to the autograph session for you?
  11. Finally we're getting guests!

    This is what the newsletter said: I'm assuming it'll be something similar to what he did at last year's masquerade. I don't think he's going to be exerting himself too much given X JAPAN's intense tour plans. My question is, will there be an autograph session/meet and greet with him this year?
  12. FLOW!

    Hmm, not a band I have a personal interest in, but definitely a nice choice for the convention. Good job on booking them, GR. :) There's a capacity chart on the hotel's website here. It's a bit hard to find if you don't know where to look- it's under "Meetings and Events" along with the floor plan and fact sheet. I'm going to assume that the closest configuration on the chart to what the concerts use is the theater configuration, so around 3,000 people.
  13. Guests?

    I think that's a rather unfair and baseless assumption. Just because there hasn't been an announcement yet doesn't mean there isn't going to be one eventually. Given the placeholder on the musical guests page and El Ken's last reply in this thread, I believe you are jumping to [false] conclusions on this matter. I assumed Raveman was booked as a DJ, as opposed to being booked as the concert musical guest. Yay! Thanks to both of you for for the quick and informative responses.
  14. Guests?

    Badges are nonrefundable and nontransferable, so unfortunately you're stuck either way. Please tell me one of those is the musical guest. I also concur with this.
  15. Gackt

    Necro'ing this thread to point out that since Gackt is now signed to avex, it's probably not that unreasonable to suggest him. I think he'd be a great choice for the 15th anniversary next year, personally.
  16. ViViD

    I lol'd. ViViD is definitely not on my personal list of bands I would want to see, but the convention could do worse. Probably not likely to happen as long as GR is doing business with avex tho.
  17. The Cta Trip Planner!

    If you don't mind a slightly different route, you should be able to use public transit to get home. 1. Take the blue line from Rosemont to Montrose. 2. When you leave the Montrose station, you'll see an overpass down the road in one direction. Start walking in that direction. 3. Keep going until you reach a second overpass. (It looks like two-ish blocks on a map. Google says it's a 6 minute walk.) 4. Walk up the steps on the near side of this overpass and you'll come to a train platform. This is the Mayfair station on the Milwaukee District North line. Take the train to Grayslake. The MD-N Grayslake station is a different station from the one on the NCS line, so make your ride knows where to pick you up. Also, make you sure aren't leaving too late, because you probably don't want to be waiting around at the Mayfair station after dark- it's literally just a platform. If you've already come up with a different solution feel free to ignore me. ^_^ Really? It's been failing me on bus routes like whoa. It keeps telling me to walk. These are all useful references: RTA system map CTA online system map Metra system map Google is good for figuring out exact locations, though.
  18. Staff

    This is actually my second year staffing. I just finally noticed this thread. /fail
  19. Columbia Chicago

    I'm in my fourth semester at Columbia. This. (Don't forget grants! Half my tuition right there, yup. :D) Unless you're still a dependent and your parents make tons of money and won't help you pay for tuition, financial aid is pretty easy to get. (Also helps if you don't live in the dorms, which cost nearly as much per semester as tuition itself! D:) I only had a problem transferring my computer literacy equivalency test when I transferred credits. It's more likely a problem with his old school, not Columbia. And Columbia offers plenty of online courses- I'm in one right now! :blink: (Speaking of which, I need to go take a test, oh noes~)
  20. Staff

    Registration staffer here. ^_^
  21. Big Musical Guest?!

    SERIOUSLY? Not that I would have had any hope for them coming this year after finding out about yasu's sugery. But please oh please say you haven't given up on trying to book them in the future.
  22. Guest Relations - Acquisitions

    I sent an email to the address you specified two weeks ago and I haven't heard anything back. I don't know if I should send another one, or keep waiting, or what.
  23. Big Musical Guest?!

    If ACen decides to use Allstate Arena, I recommend contacting Pace. This route goes to the Arena for special events, and I'm sure this would qualify for that sort of arrangement. It stops at the Rosemont blue line station, which I think most attendees can handle getting to. Riders would have to pay for their rides, but it's pretty cheap. It's definitely an option that I think the convention should make available if the Arena is used. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, actually.