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  1. What Are You Currently Playing?

    just finished playing the 'first' corpse party game on psp. it's probably in my top ten favorite rpgs, ever, now. so good.
  2. Obligatory ACen weather freak out post

    the upper 60s would be perfect. 59-60 is a little chilly, but i guess i'd rather have it be slightly chilly than a little too hot. still, it puts a damper on the 'hanging outside in cosplay at 3am' vibe that tends to happen after dark. what're the people who don't care about 'the rave' and soap bubble and all that supposed to do, now?
  3. Attack on Titan

    i read the first chapters right before the anime was announced, they were okay. the anime was good, until episode 13 where it fell into a pit of generic shonen battle tropes, which made me completely lose interest since the characters alone weren't enough to hold my interest. the animation and production are really nice, though.
  4. BBC Sherlock

    yes. everyone with a tumblr is.
  5. My Youtube Channel

    nice avatar, cave story is amazing!
  6. What Are You Currently Playing?

    been playing dissidia, recently. so many warm memories, and some bad ones of the crappier ff games..<w<
  7. What Are You Currently Playing?

    just finished the legend of zelda: the twilight princess, and i'm almost done with persona 2: innocent sin. also, halfway done with the japanese psp release of gitaroo man.
  8. Cowboy Bebop vs Samurai Champloo

    i think he's saying the champloo crew beats the bebop crew..which i agree with.
  9. Wolf Children screening in Chicago, Nov. 4

    as this is currently my favorite anime film, i'll try to check this out as long as the weather's bearable..
  10. Kollision Con 2013

    i'm in the same boat. really, i just need a room for friday night, since original plans for that fell through.
  11. Just a phase...

  12. Just a phase...

    like anything else, it's definitely something you can outgrow. personally, i think it's good to grow as a person and experience new things and try new hobbies and not just hunker down in purely anime and video games and feel defensive if anyone suggests trying other things. there was a time when i would have defined myself as 'an anime fan', but that time is over, since i'm into so many other things just as much or more, not to mention i tend to prefer manga more than anime, nowadays. that doesn't stop me from geeking out over any new anime or manga series i discover that i like just as much as ever. as you grow as a person, sometimes things other than anime and going to anime conventions become a larger priority and i don't think there's anything wrong with that. if you're still just as into it, and you're still obsessed with anything 'anime' and going to cons is something you look forward to all year, then go nuts. it does irk me when people assume that if you don't make watching every episode of the latest over-hyped series or check out all the new anime of each season that you were never really into anime or much of a fan. i was super-into it, and i'm still totally into anything i come across that's good, but i have other things i enjoy just as much now, and a life, so i can't just spend endless hours watching every mediocre series or go broke buying badges for every single anime convention in america. i don't think that makes it a phase i've grown out of so much as it means that i've grown as a person.
  13. This will be my 3rd ACen...

    millenium park and chinatown seem like popular tourist attractions. ALL THE RESTAURANTS. literally, all of them. the magnificent mile is cool, too, especially if you've got extra money to spend.
  14. pre-halloween meet-up?

    so i'm thinking of doing a chicago meet-up sometime this month. within the next two weeks would be ideal, and on the weekend..but is anyone interested? which weekend works best for you? would you rather meet-up at the downtown (the bean)area, or chinatown square? any other suggestions?
  15. Do you like cooking?

    yeah, even though i can only cook a few things, i try to perfect cooking them - and i'm always up for learning to cook more dishes. cooking is one of those activities that i just find really relaxing, except when i'm starving...then, it's just really stressful.