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  1. RoadShow Anime Milwaukee

    Would we still be able to have our badge mailed to us if we bought it at AMKE?
  2. Homestuck 2013!

    I'll probably be showing up as Eridan and maybe Dark Leer if I can finish it in time.
  3. Let Me Tell 'Bout Homestuck (2013)

    The little skit thing in the beginning was a little awkward. It might have been better if you all walked in at the same time with Aradia and Vriska behind having their discussion. But over all, it was really good and the paper that was handed out was cute.
  4. Suggestions for ACen 2013

    I think it would be nice to have single day badges sold online. Maybe not for an entire tier, but for at least a little bit of it. It would be more convenient for a bunch of people and might reduce line size a bit.
  5. Homestuck 2012

    Anyone from Warmstuck?
  6. Homestuck 2012

    probably at a thrift store if you try hard enough
  7. Homestuck 2012

    As ACen is getting closer, I'm getting more excited. I can't wait to see all of the Homestucks. I remember last year seeing some costumes with horns and having no idea who they were. So far, I'm for sure being Kanaya (Friday), Jake, and Godtier!Dave (both saturday).
  8. How do I detangle a long wig?!

    I'm not too good with wigs, but I'd suggest trying to untangle it with your fingers. Don't use a brush/comb because that would pull out the fibers. I've also seen that many people say that you wash it first and then try to untangle it. and I would suggest that you get a wig head. They cost about $5-6 at Hobby Lobby. Or maybe put it up on something that is head-like. edit: also, this might be of some help. Everyone tackles it differently, you just have to find what works best for you.
  9. Registration 2012 FAQ

    Hi, I'm not too familiar with will-call. So, I was wondering if when you're on will call, will you have to wait in line for your badge or is there a separate place just to pick up your badge? Thank you!
  10. Homestuck 2012

    heeyguys. I'll be going as God Tier Dave, and maybe alpha too. i might also do Kanaya and/or Jake English.
  11. Blue Exorcist 2012?

    Has anyone found a good pattern for Rin's jacket? My friend and I are having trouble finding one.
  12. Let me tell you about Homestuck....The panel :D

    I just began Homestuck not too long ago, and a panel seems like it would be interesting. What do you think you'd talk about?
  13. Ahcool. I can't wait to see it. ^ ^ I'm trying to decide between Impel Down or Alabasta Luffy. Or maybe Davybackfight!Sanji if I feel like it. Or if I find what I need.
  14. Blue Exorcist 2012?

    Awesome~ I love Takara. I'm about half way done with Mephisto'S jacket but then there is a whole lot of other stuff to do. I'm thinking about making his umbrella; I also have a phone that I can use for him.
  15. No.6

    Thanks so much for the link~ I'll get reading.