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  1. What days do you have the room for at the Hyatt?
  2. Searching for a Room

    Hi all! So I dropped the ball royally at getting rooms for this years ACen. Currently, (with a little luck) I have a room snagged at both the DoubleTree, and the Crown. The DoubleTree I have from Thur-Sun, under the room rate. The Crown I have from Thur-Sun, with Thursday being under the room block, and Fri-Sat being at regular rate. If you have something at the DoubleTree and wouldn't mind swapping for my Crown reservation, that's cool! Or if you have a room that you're not using at the DoubleTree for Thur-Sun, that you are going to cancel, let me know! Or, and this is gonna be insanely rare, if you have two rooms at the Hyatt, Hilton O'hare, or Embassey, and you don't need them anymore, I will gladly take those reservations off your hands. :) Keeping the feelers out. The closer we get towards the end of the month, the more I see people dropping rooms at the Hyatt. May the odds be ever in your favor~
  3. Looking for Feedback!

    Hi All! This is resident Chump #3, and the chump team is working hard on our anime quiz panels for this years Anime Central, and we'd like to know some things from you guys. Would y'all be terribly upset if we added non-Japanese related source material to our panels? (I.E. RWBY, Avatar the Last Airbender, Homestuck, etc.), or do you think we should keep our panels strictly anime and Japanese video game related? Of course, we wouldn't go overboard, and put a ton of stuff that has nothing to do with Japanese anime or video games in our panels, but we want to get a feel of what our attendees like best about our panels. Let us know in the comments below! <3
  4. Yu Yu Hakusho 2016

    Not sure who I'm bringing but I'll be in costume for the shoot. :)
  5. Otome Obsessed: You have HOW MANY boyfriends

    I will SO be there. Otomeeeeee!~ It makes me so happy. :D
  6. Yu Yu Hakusho 2015

    Thanks! :D Also, yeah, I went for secret door number three. ;) I'll be bringing a new one to ACen this year! Looking forward to seeing all you guys!!
  7. Yu Yu Hakusho 2015

    Dude, thanks for catching the ball on this for me. Normally I run the shoot, but things have been insane in my life recently. I'll be there as well ;) Now to bring Yukina or Genkai. Someone else mentioned they'll be bringing Genkai, so I may end up reviving my Yukina and bringing her. Orrrr, I may bring something new. Hm. Now who to pick for my next YYH adventure...heh.
  8. IUSB's 2nd Annual Cosplay Con!

    Hi, everyone! I'm the president of the IUSB Japanese Pop-Culture Club and we're co-hosting an event called Cosplay Con at Indiana University South Bend, in South Bend, Indiana. It's a ONE DAY absolutely FREE event with a lot of cool things going on that basically cater to the anime/gaming convention crowd. We're going to have Magic the Gathering, Weiss Schwarz, Buddy Fight, Vanguard, and Yu-Gi-Oh! card tournaments, complete with prizes for first and second place. There's a cosplay competition, a Super Smash Bros. (Wii) tournament, freeplay DDR, (as well as a bunch of other free play games), Death Note Mafia, a 5 on 5 League of Legends tournament, and probably a bunch of other stuff that I'm forgetting at the moment. There are NO FEES TO ENTER any of the contests and there are FREE raffle prizes throughout the night, every hour, on the hour! We've got some nifty stuff to choose from (anime DVD's, manga, posters, wall scrolls, and some League merch), and some nice prizes for the winners of our tournaments. Winner of the Cosplay contest is going to walk away with a FREE badge to RamenCon next year! So if you're in the area, and you want something to do (I know it's a bit short notice), feel free to stop by. Parking is free! For more info, or if you want to just FB stalk us, you can find us at: IUSB Cosplay Con. If you have questions, just ask! :D
  9. So I would absolutely freak if ACen managed to get SID to return and do a concert. They are one of my top favorite bands of Japan, and they've done some amazing songs for anime (and in general). They've done things for a wide genre of anime, and their music just rocks. Some of their hits include: Ranbu no Melody - BLEACH Rain - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Uso - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood VIP - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Anniversary - Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Monochrome no KISS - Black Butler Enamel - Black Butler: Book of Circus There might be a shot getting them considering their recent single release (Enamel), but all in all, I would just love to see them. Just a suggestion. On the flip side, this second suggestion is a little harder to obtain, I think, just because of the lack of them (him?) touring. However, considering the recent duets with Nana Mizuki, maybe there's more of a chance than I think. TM Revolution would be a dream to see in concert, live. They did a concert last year for Otakon, but I don't know how realistic it would be to see them at Anime Central. They've done a lot of work on a lot of different anime - I think it would be more impossible for anime fans NOT to have heard something by this band. Some hits include: Resonance - SOUL EATER Save the One, Save the All - BLEACH Invoke - Gundam Seed Ignited - Gundam Seed DESTINY Vestige - Gundam Seed DESTINY Preserved Roses - Kakumeiki Valvrave [duet with Mizuki Nana] Kakumei Dualism - Kakumeiki Valvrave [duet with Mizuki Nana] Sword Summit - Sengoku Basara FLAGS - Sengoku Basara The Party Must Go On - Sengoku Basara Naked Arms - Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Heart of Sword - Rurouni Kenshin Looking forward to seeing what you surprise us with this year, Ken. Good luck. :D
  10. Cosplay To-do 2014

    The list dwindles. This is a good thing!
  11. "You're _____, right?" "No, I'm ____ ."

    I laugh now, but in the moment I was pretty put-out when people call me Botan when I'm in Yukina from Yu Yu Hakusho. I've gotten it so many times that it's a running gag with me and my friends who happen to have been witness to said situation. Don't feel bad; mistakes happen. I have some lingering regrets over a cosplayer I found at Youmacon that I wrongly identified, but the memory is a fickle thing, and there is just so much anime and manga out there that it's hard to remember everything, let alone names. (Which aren't a strong point anyway, at least for me.) Additionally, there are a lot of people that do alternate costumes or genderbend costumes so it's difficult to tell who they might be, though they are familiar. If you want to avoid the awkward moment where you mid-identify a cosplayer, just say, "Your costume looks familiar, but I can't quite remember who you're cosplaying. It was so good that I really wanted to get a picture." That in itself should be an impressive compliment to a cosplayer. While we cosplay for the character, we also cosplay for accuracy, and if a costume made is that accurate that passerby's are even reminiscent of where it's from (even if they don't know) that's an ego-booster. Not to mention that getting a picture taken, for whatever reason, is impressive. Think of it this way, you made a costume awesome enough, that someone doesn't even know what you're cosplaying and they want a photo? That's a bit mind-blowing, in a good way. ;) Hope this helps you with your cosplay-photography journey. :)
  12. con survival guide y'all....

    Check with your bank of choice before going out of state. Some banks -such as mine- will block credit use on a debit/credit card if they are unaware you are out-of-state thinking the charges are fraudulent. The only way around this is to use your card as debit. The problem is though, is that most swipe methods that are tied to phones (such as in the dealers room or AA) are running transactions as credit and don't have the capability of running your transaction as a debit. Most restaurants and even Mitsuwa default to credit transactions leaving you in quite the pickle. Letting your bank know this ahead of time ensures you have access to your account for the most part. While your bank can approve credit transactions for two states (your home state and Illinios) it cannot approve all of the home states of the vendors who will be selling in the DA and AA. In this case, I would suggest safely secured cash over relying solely on your debit card.
  13. Clarification on the Badge-Pickup Email

    Okay, thanks for the heads-up.
  14. Hentai Hell: The Second Coming

    This description is so amazing that I can't help but want to subject my friends to what you have discovered. Consider us there.
  15. Yu Yu Hakusho 2014

    Nice! It's been a bit since we've seen a Yoko Kurama. I know I've seen them before, but they are a rare breed. *hah, see what I did there? Cause he's a fox demon?...*hides in a corner* Anyway, glad to see this fandom is still alive and kicking!