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  1. Do you like cooking?

    Cooking is an art, Baking is a science. Typically I prefer science to art anyday... but cooking I am fantastic at. Baking not so much. But my chilli has won awards!
  2. The official Glomp Thread is Gone

    A glomp team? I remember the big debate about whether or not glomping should be banned like 9 or 10 years ago.
  3. Xbox 360 Gaming Group?

    Gamertag: Jack Rabbit 80 Games playing: All of the them I pretty much get everything that comes out. However, I mostly play Minecraft or Defiance, maybe Riptide. Dunno, whatever I am in the mood for. I do love racing games. I also mostly play in the middle of the night when a person should be sleeping.
  4. 1 Or 2 Needed for Hyatt

    Thursday May 16th Update: Still looking for someone. I can be texted at 3092325878. I know phone numbers isnt kosher but I may not see this again the rest of the weekend.
  5. Trying to have a plan B!

    I am leaving from Peoria on Thursday.
  6. 1 Or 2 Needed for Hyatt

    I have a room at the Hyatt that other room mate backed out on. Right now it is just me and my fiancee. We are both over 21 and like to hang out. I do plan on bringing some liquor with me, how much depends on finances, but I am just saying. We aren't loud people by any means but I am a night owl and tend to be in and out, she sleeps more. I have been going for several years and some of you know me, and some of you don't. Previously I had been stuck with some rude and god awful mates, and hope to avoid that again. The cost for Thursday - Sunday is 597 total. Meaning you can take that and divide by however many people we get... if it is just one more person than it's 199 for the whole time. If it is 2 more people, than it is 149 per person. Not too picky about guys or gals, but do prefer over 21... but can make exception. Also, she would prefer to not be in a room with myself and 2 other guys, but than again, can make an exception. Also, we are both cosplayers. If at all possible, meeting at least via online or text / call would be nice as well.
  7. Looking for a place to stay

    Another ACen goer in Peoria, and I do not know you? Somehow, I find this hard to believe...
  8. What's the last thing you ate?

    Avanti's... Which has the best bread in the US
  9. Why do you attend conventions?

    Drinking... lots of drinking. Hanging out with new people with similar interests and drinking. Getting a party together in the hotel room and drinking. Gorgeous guys and gals in even prettier outfits hanging around and drinking. Yeah.
  10. Dating panel fails throughout the years?

    I would love to agree with you on this, except for one little issue of cliques. People tend to stick next to people they know. I know, not everyone, but a large portion do. A second stick I would throw in there is the "ConHookUp" mentality, if you will pardon the expression. As long as everyone is legal and consenting, there is nothing wrong imo of a con hookup, but if that ends up being a predominant mentality in a mixer, you may have people trying to meet people, and a larger group of peoples trying to get in others pants. Just my bit of observation in the last decade of cons. These speed dating things go much worse at gaming cons than anime Ive noticed, so at least that is in some favor, eh?
  11. Selling Xbox360

    I has an original 360 I plan to bring with me to the convention. I want to sell it off for some extra fuel money to get to andfrom the con. 60gig hdd, all cables, one controller. Any takers? I didnt list a price because I am open to offers... I has it listed on craigslist for 90.
  12. Name that Anime!

    THATS IT!!! Thank You!!!
  13. Name that Anime!

    So noone knows then?