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  1. Orisor Cosplay/Borivoje Orinosuke Funakoshi Naumovski. Awesome cosplayer and I would love to see him as a guest.

    *Dives to the side* NUUUUUUU!
  3. ACen fever

    I always dream about ACen, and wish that it was real most of the time. I never want ACen to end... It's always the best time of the year! I absolutely love ACen! I even get to skip school on the first Friday of ACen. :D I love meeting the voice actors, seeing my friends, hanging out with them, cosplaying, spending tons of money on anime stuff, seeing the sights, being in photoshoots, taking pictures, looking at all of the other costumes, looking at the merchandise, going to pannels, getting autographs, having fun, and much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much more.
  4. "Stupid question, stupid answer" game

    No, because their private parts are gone, and so are their brains. Why are toilets so expensive?
  5. Countdown From A Million!

    neunhundertneunzigtausenddreihundertneun in German, 990,309 in English

    *Stands in the door way, watching everyone panic* HAHA!
  7. Mmmm yaoi

    *überdrools* RoyxEd is the smex. EdxLing needs moar love. Edvy is also teh smezx. <3333 My boyfriend hates Yaoi. I say "So? I like what I like. I could make you a Roy costume and my mom could dye your hair black, and I can wear my usual Ed cosplay. Then, we can take pictures!!" His reply? "He!! no. I'm homo-phobic."
  8. The Yes Or No Game!

    No. Are you going to cosplay?
  9. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    I know exactly how you feel. I refuse to wear cosplay that's open or short. I'm chubby, and wish desperately that I was skinny. I gained weight because of some medication.
  10. Vic WASN"T Invited?!

    Okay, so, word is that Vic Mignogna wasn't even invited. I wanted to get his autograph this year, because they cut off his line early last year. I was going to get it for my boyfriend, who's the ultimate Ikkaku fan. ACen '09 was my very first con, so I didn't cosplay because I had no idea. I wanted to show off my hand-made Edward cosplay to him. When I heard from a friend on DeviantART, I couldn't believe that he wasn't invited. It's almost like tradition for Vic to be at ACen. This is an outrage! Well... If it's true. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  11. Liam O'Brien

    I would love him at ACen. I know a friend who would DIE just to get his autograph and get him to do a line as Gaara. Heehee.
  12. Luci Christian

    Yesssss! She is Tenma, one of the funniest characters in School Rumble! I MUST meet her! I would absolutely love it. <3
  13. Travis Willingham and Vic Mignogna

    I would go to their pannel if they came. I would ask Travis to tell the Pudding Story and Vic to tell the Doughnut Story. They're both my top favorite VAs.
  14. Invite Johnny Yong Bosch!

    I would absolutely DIE if he came. I wouldn't miss his panels and autograph sessions for the WORLD. Johnny Yong Bosch is AMAZING. <3 <3 <3