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  1. Convention Rooming PSA

    This is the way to do it and what I've always done. For ACen anyone staying with me this year has to have money in to me by April 1st, if you don't then I'm not promising you anything.
  2. Photobombing

    Unless it's in the middle of a paid and timed photoshoot then who cares? They aren't hurting you and everyone is there to have fun.
  3. 5 reasons why I'm not attending this year

    I've only ever seen one convention with a coat check and it was a fraction of the size of ACen. Basically for the reasons listed above; it's extra manpower, extra space, extra liability. The rest are all really just personal complaints and so all that can be said is if you don't like it then trying other conventions is a good thing. There's no need to have any loyalty to one brand.
  4. Where to go at ACen?

    Rosemont Liquor is a little more than half a mile away to cover your liquor needs, just go down to the McDonalds, hang a left and it's a block or two up. It's also near a 7/11 and some good pizza places so you can hit a bunch of needs all at once.
  5. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Alofts are relatively high end hotels, at least one category up from most of your Hyatts.
  6. Dat 2016 Room Block

    There's only been two fire alarm evacuations in the last 14 years. Hardly every year.
  7. Dat 2016 Room Block

    This. Take 5 minutes each day to quickly check the link and see if any days open up. Persistence will pay off.
  8. Cosplay and Fandoms Kickstarter!

  9. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Called at 9:59 AM, lady gave me the web link to use, had my room booked at 10:04 AM. If you're diligent and follow the info that's given then it's not hard to get what you need. I've been going for more than a decade and I've never failed to get Double Beds for every night I need. It is a rush, you just need to be quick.
  10. Gripes Against Individuals

    I had a gripe with the girl who was hosting the Who's Pants Are This Anime panel. The panel didn't actually getting going till half an hour after it's scheduled start time and she was incredibly obnoxious and not funny. There was a reason the panel went from full to more than half empty by a little over halfway in. Other than that I liked everyone I met.
  11. Issues with Hyatt

    That's unfortunate to hear, I booked two rooms with one Thursday night being covered by Gold Passport points so technically 3 reservations. I was told specifically that I would not have to have to check out and then back in and that I would just stay in the same room. So I had none of the issues you ran into with a similar type of situation. I wonder if you just got some bad employees since I don't really think it's an endemic issue with the Hyatt.
  12. Who has more "fanatics": Anime/Manga or Comics?

    If we're talking about within the US then comics by a large margin. The largest conventions are comic conventions, there are more comic conventions than anime ones, and your average comic sells more than almost any manga. Also your average comic fan is older than your average anime fan and tends to have more disposable income.
  13. My Little Pony CCG Tournament

    I was just curious if as of yet there was any details on the My Little Pony CCG tournament that I noticed on the schedule. I assume it will use the Harmony Rules but was curious about if it was Swiss or some other format and if there were entry fees and prizes and the like.
  14. The term "weeaboo"

    American anime is called cartoons.
  15. What games are you guys playing?

    Definitely, I teach new people at my local comic shop all the time and even demoed the game to new people for Enterplay at SDCC.