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  1. Adult Responsibilities vs Anime Cons

    As a 31-year-old working a contractor position with no PTO...I get to be pretty creative when it comes to doing conventions. My bosses take delight in the knowledge that I work conventions, and encourage me to do it as a way to take a break from Day Job work. It may ding my paycheck a bit, but it's always worth it, and I can usually make up most of the hours anyway. Last year, though. Last year was awful. I had lined myself up to work a handful of conventions, but out of all of them, I only ended up doing Kitsune Kon and ACen. My family was going through an incredibly rough patch - my grandma on a steep health decline before finally passing away in August, my mother transferring to California to help out with my grandma, then my parents trying to sell their house in order to move to Cali, and then my dad getting a torn tendon in his knee right after the house got put on the market. I wound up having to drop convention after convention because either a) I was starting to crack mentally/emotionally, or B) recent family developments demanded it. KK and ACen were the two I kept because I desperately needed the break away from home and work. It's a tough balance to maintain, especially as we get older/get more responsibilities. (I've known people who couldn't seem to go a month or two without going to a con.) And well...sometimes putting it as "adulthood" is the best/only way for some folks to understand why you may not be at conventions.
  2. Error message with purchasing a table

    Your payment is due 30 days after you have received the acceptance email, unless otherwise stated in the email. :)
  3. Here's the thing. Tumblr is full of special entitled SJW snowflakes who only once in a while have good points. Now, sure, there are other white princesses you could do. But does that mean that Asians can only cosplay as Mulan? What about only Scots cosplaying as Merida? And only Native Americans as Pocahontas? It's a slippery slope, and it doesn't even apply to just Disney. To say nothing of the fact that I've seen race and genderswaps for all manner of characters, including the Disney ladies. If you admire Tiana and want to channel her in cosplay, then go for it. Cosplay is not limited to race, gender, body type, or any other feature.
  4. Final count for ACen 2014?

    I'm kind of surprised that no one's mentioned a few of the other factors that plagued a lot of my friends. (Graduations have a tendency to happen in mid-May.) Most of my friends who usually come couldn't because: 1) They had just returned from another con (or had one coming up very soon) and had to choose 2) Death in the family/of a friend 3) Finals 5) Other pre-planned events Also, it may not have looked like a lot of people were around because we're more spread out. Since we had Hall B for our panels and other big programming, a lot of the folks we'd usually see milling around the hotel weren't there.
  5. Crunchyroll's Negligence

    Moved this thread to Exhibit Hall~
  6. Is ACen no longer an anime convention?

    I'll also add that there has been an increase in cultural diversity, period. Some folks may not realize this, but a culture that remains stagnant and doesn't provide diversity will inevitably fail. This goes for industries as well. The anime/manga industry has changed quite a bit in just a few years, as have conventions, and they've been branching out into other mediums. Plus, let's face it - as the con gets bigger, more people means more demand for more variety. Not everyone enjoys the same things, and it's important to cater to as many demographics as possible while keeping close to the main theme of the convention. In the case of artists, believe me when I say that a con our size that limits the genre of fanart may not be well-liked. The thing about art is that it reflects the artist, their likes/passions, and their individual skills. Not all of them enjoy anime, and not all of them enjoy mainstream media. (For instance, one artist I know specializes in niche games - namely because those are the ones she prefers, and while she's tried, she can't get the same drive to make art of more mainstream characters as she does with niche games like Persona, Tekken, etc.)
  7. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Sorry about the delayed responses, folks. Been pretty busy on the Life Front. I'm guessing you're talking about the stuff one might find at Hot Topic or Spencers and the like? Yes, those are fine. :)/> Okay, so...this one is a little tricky. Live steel, by ACen standards, is an an object crafted from metal that has a pointed or blade-like edge, whether blunt or sharp. That said, it'd be kinda hard to have a sword with a live steel hilt, as that might be a little difficult to, er, handle. However, if the hilt and/or sword (whether it's in a case or not) is in fact live steel by our definitions, then it will not be allowed as a prop. It will have to stay at home, in your room, or your car. But if the hilt and sword are not actually live steel, then it is okay to bring as a prop.
  8. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Because it's plastic, there's not as much of a concern. Our real concern lies in real, live-steel blades. Note, if you like, you can certainly make it somewhat blunted in case someone bumps into it. :)
  9. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    The only rules regarding airsofts are thus: 1) They must have an orange tip - which you've got covered~ 2) They must be disabled and unable to fire - this can be done with a ziptie pulling and holding back the trigger 3) They must be unloaded and you may not carry ammo/magazines/cartridges on your person Other than that, have fun! (Just make sure to be polite when using the lights, of course)
  10. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Yup, that's fine! :)
  11. Dog at con

    Hi Drezzel, There is no law in Illinois that dictates that pets can't stay in hotels. In fact, this site names a large number of hotels in our lovely state that are pet-friendly. (Westin hotels, in particular, are known for this feature.)
  12. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Okay, got the word back from my higher ups. Here are the only two things you need to be sure of for your arrows, bow, and quiver: 1) As long as none of the arrows come out, you can do as you please with the quiver. 2) You'll need to make sure your bow is unstrung or strung very loosely. Hope that helps!
  13. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    Those are the hardest areas for women to tone...and sadly, there's really no safe way to lose weight in any one specific area, especially inside of two months. The body will basically shed fat where it so desires, starting where it's easiest (such as the face). One of the best ways is by doing activities such as running, cycling, or walking. I've also had some success when doing situps/pushups in the morning, and Zumba and/or Dance Dance Revolution in the afternoon.
  14. Sky tunnels rehab

    Last weekend they had some wet paint going, so chances are it'll be done well before ACen.
  15. Deciding between this convention and another

    I go to a handful of conventions every year. ACen is by far the largest among that handful (the others being Geek.Kon, Kitsune Kon, BronyCon, and DashCon). Now, since I typically work at conventions, I tend to see things more from the operational side of the fence than attendees. However, I do find that I like the smattering of smaller cons. ACen is awesome in its own right, and for a while it was the only con I attended at all. But smaller cons have their own personality, and offer their own brand of fun and entertainment. (They do have panels and game rooms, and sometimes other types of activities that ACen might not.) In some ways, a smaller con is nice for first-timers, as it won't be as crowded or overwhelming to some. That being said, since you'll be bringing first-timers, I'd actually ask them - perhaps have them glance over the sites (http://www.ACen.org/ and http://colossalcon.com/) - to see which they'd be more comfortable with and which might pique their interest more. :)/>