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  1. gintama 2014

    Once again I'll be there as Sacchan!
  2. Gintama 2013

    I'll most likely be back once again as Sacchan. ^_^ I'm also tempted to do her alternate outfit from the Kintama arc. Not sure yet.
  3. Masquerade 2012

    I don't know how much I can say when it comes to this. But I agree that they totally dropped the ball on this one. Cancelling the masquerade in favor of a rave that goes into the wee hours of the night anyway just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't go to the masquerade this year but I was in it as a walk on a few years ago. I would have been devastated if something like this happened. I still love the con and will continue to support it, but I don't think I like where this is going. :(
  4. Gintama 2012

    I'd do that but I'm pretty sure I'm working at that time. :( I'll be at the photoshoot and panel for sure though. :D
  5. Your perfect mate

    Superficial: Male, taller than me (5'3" here so not hard), pretty eyes- preferably blue but I won't say no to green or deep brown, medium length black, brown or natural blonde hair, build wise I'm not too horribly picky but nothing on either extreams (too skinny or too large), glasses are a plus, minimal facial hair doesn't have to be clean shaven but I draw the line at goatees, about my age or older (24+). Not so superficial: A sense of humor, if you can make me laugh its a huge turn on. Also able to tolerate my general weirdness and sense of humor and also shares similar interests to my own. But above all, respectful. (Oh man this sounds like a personal ad. D: *slinks away*)
  6. Nerds and Male Priveledge...a discussion

    Never really had a problem in vent playing WoW, but only because my guild is pretty awesome and I rarely speak on vent in PUGs, except to say hi or if something is of urgent importance. I does help that the GM of my guild is also female and doesn't take that kind of junk from anyone. There was a crack made last raid I was in about the only females in the group being healers, but only because it was purely a coincidence (my main is a hunter, we were low on healers that night). In PUGs however it's a whole different story. I find it both sad and amusing the reactions I get when they find out the tank is a skinny little blood elf. :P Fortunately I haven't had anything overly negative, and when I do it's usually a sign to drop group. Let their rude behinds sit and wait for another tank/healer to come along. I also rarely talk in vent due to a slight stutter/speech impediment. Though I seem to do it more when speaking in vent then talking IRL. The difference in genders between anime and video games is also something I've noticed. The overt "alpha male" (ha) attitudes tend to drive a lot of female gamers away. Myself included. Anime just strikes me as a bit more all inclusive in that regard. Not to say that sexism there doesn't exist as well.
  7. Help! I'm in need of some of the funniest anime around!

    Gintama. Just. Gintama. Though with some episodes you'll be crying as much as laughing. But it's probably the funniest anime I've ever seen. I also second Excel Saga. If you can handle the sheer craziness. Not many can.
  8. Gintama 2012

    I just haven't been checking the forums in general. :blush: I'm fine with early Saturday afternoon. Any later though and we run a risk of competing with the masquerade like last year. And yay! Panel approved! :D
  9. Fat guy sues White Castle

    I was wondering the same thing really. Unless the restaurant didn't have any.
  10. Wow that's kinda stupid. Especially since there are at least two major art schools downtown- Columbia, and the freaking' ART INSTITUTE. I'm sure many film and photography majors are not too pleased with that. :/ Many students can barely afford the equipment and materials for their majors, lets alone a permit that's probably incredibly expensive as well. I love downtown Chicago, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to hold a large event there unless I had some really good planners and a butt-ton of money.
  11. They did do some damage control...by asking that people delete any links to any articles about the incident from their personal Facebook pages. Which only makes matters worse in my opinion. Let's just sweep this under the rug and let the rumors fester on their own, because that worked so well in the past. /sarcasm I am friends with a lot of the people who regularly attend this, and are on "staff", but it's just so horribly organized. The idea has merit I will say that, not many outdoor cosplay events that I know of, but they need to go though the proper channels to do what they want to do. The most I know they do for that is get a permit for the picnic grove.
  12. I was kinda trying to give the people at the con benefit of the doubt as well. I didn't read the updated article until after I posted that. I've had issues with how the con is run myself, part of the reason I stopped going. It's just way too big now to do this kind of thing in the city without proper permission. Plus I grew out of my "cosplay in public to weird out normies" phase. This whole thing just highlights massive ignorance on both sides.
  13. That just raises my further suspicion that it wasn't related to the event in question. I have a feeling they were all just picked on because they were dressed funny. The prankster must have spotted an easy target and went for it.
  14. Your opinion on photo bombers?

    I think photobombing can be fun in the right circumstances even with the right series, like the TF2 example, or one cosplayer is trying to break the 4th wall a little (haha Gintama). It does bother me when people seem to do it just to be annoying a-holes.
  15. Suggestions for ACen 2012

    I like this idea too. My school's book store does something similar. Done right it's very cheap and easy to do. And people can still take out and keep their money with them in the case of the game room.