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  1. What do the lonely people at ACen do?

    I recommend going to the board gaming. It's easier to talk to people when the subject matter is right there for you.
  2. Just wondering if anyone is going to be at Depaul. I have classes at the loop campus this summer.
  3. My Youtube Channel

    Well, it's a great game and easy to make videos of. But if you're looking for exposure, you're not going to get it. Some of the biggest names in gaming on Youtube have already covered it, so your channel won't even get noticed unless you go out of your way to give it exposure. By the way, post your link. Because, exposure.
  4. My Youtube Channel

    Hey everybody. I've got a Youtube channel where I've been putting out daily Hearthstone videos. Hope you like it! Expect other games soon.
  5. I want to be on 2014's Pokemon Panel!

    You could do your own Pokemon panel. I thought about doing a competitive battling panel. I'd love to do any sort of Pokemon panel though.

    A games industry crash is coming. It's just a matter of when, and what the business will do about it. If they do things well, the crash can happen gracefully. If they decide to take their money and run, it'll crash very hard. But gaming won't go away. It's much too big at this point.
  7. Tokyo Jungle

    I really want to play it but I don't own a PS3.
  8. Werewolf friends

    I was the guy in the fedora

    PC master race keeps on rollin.

    Didn't get sick this year. It's a first.
  11. I was able to play fighting game casuals while the tournaments players still got to play serious. That was nice.
  12. 2013 Compliments

    Video gaming was better this year.
  13. Cards Against Humanity

    Oh absolutely. I was planning to go to the board games room and see if they had it. If you can provide, I will be there.