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  3. Are They Frustrated Or Just Plain Rude?

    In a situation like that you call someone else on IRT and they will grab someone of a higher rank to handle that. No one should ever abuse their staff badge, it is a staffers job to help an attendee and perhaps calm down a situation and do what they can to fix a problem that someone might run into at the convention. If they do abuse their staff badge, are caught, they will be asked to not rejoin next year. That goes for every department. As a mater of fact yes if an IRT operative is doing something they shouldn't ya you can call IRT on IRT. Speaking as this up coming years Day Shift Hotel Supervisor for IRT (and I believe that my higher ups will agree with me) yes if there is a problem with one of our operatives then I would love for you guys (the con-goers) to Please bring it to my attention (or the attention of another Supervisor, Shift commander, or DH) and the situation will be dealt with and then if the situation then requires the attention of the police then we will get them involved. The reason I ask that we do it this way is that it protects the Con-goers right of privacy and it protects the liability, the integrity, and the credibility of the Convention so that one persons action do not ruin a great and fun event for everyone.
  4. Questions Comments Concerns For 2010

    I couldn't have said it better myself.
  5. Questions Comments Concerns For 2010

    Well I'm IRT this year so there really is not "dress code" for IRT but i will say its all about how the person act's, if i'm being serious and i have that Vest on and i'm in nothing be PJ's take me serious when i work i don't play around alot there is times i have a bit of fun but yeah i'm all work But Soul you know me lol To address this question yes we do have a dress code it is casual clothing with nothing offensive written or depicted on your clothing. As for hair we are a volunteer organization so we do not regulate an operative's hair or facial hair. What this means is blue jeans and a t-shirt are fine, and for girls if u want to wear a skirt that's fine but nothing shorter that just above the knees. This means no tripp pants, no mini skirts, no clothing with offensive language or pictures in any language, and no sexually explicit clothing (this means nothing you are likely to pop out of at any time even if you are wearing a vest). Disclaimer: For any IRT staff that read this. This is only while you are on shift. If u are off shift you may wear what ever you like as long as it dose not breaking any convention, state, and/or hotel rules. If any one has an issue with this please send me a private message and we will discuss it thank you
  6. Questions Comments Concerns For 2010

    As for putting up signs for the lines for events it is a nice idea and i will bring it up with my DHs and other management to see what can be done if anything. however the likely problems we are to find are with the hotel and/or the fire department telling us NO or telling us we need to move the line after the line has already started. We also run into the fact that every year many of the event lines will reach lengths that go well beyond the line perimeters that we set up and some event lines can even end up outside so placing up signs might end up being more of an inconvenience than they would be helpful. Something to think about but we will discuss it.
  7. Questions Comments Concerns For 2010

    so No One has any questions comments or concerns about ACen the 13th 2010 for IRT? EXAMPLES: What About the Changes in prop rules? What about the line policies for the soap bubble? What about the policies on Air Soft and gun replicas? I know someone must have a question and it doesn't matter how lame you think the question is there is always someone else also wants to know to but is to afraid to ask so ask away guys don't be shy?
  8. This post is meant to address any and all Questions Comments and/or Concerns that any Congoer might have for IRT for this upcoming year (2010). So Ask Away.