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  1. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Your profile is set to private, dear. Cannot see teh photos. :(
  2. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread

    I saw you but I didn't take a photo. I did the same costume at C2E2 last month. :P
  3. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread

    Requesting photos of me as Seras Victoria from Hellsing if anyone has them. :) I cosplayed the original anime version (blue uniform) and I had an orange wig. Here's a reference photo. The photo also shows my friend as Krillin from Dragonball Z. If anyone has photos of him that I could pass along that would be great! Thanks! I took a photo of you! http://www.flickr.com/photos/darth__frodo/...57624081490198/
  4. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Not the place to request photos but here's a Doctor Who photoshoot album.
  5. Official "Help Me Find This Person!" Thread!

    That would be me. :)
  6. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Didn't take many photos of cosplayers because honestly, I didn't know who most of you guys were supposed to be. lol So I took pictures of the people I knew and thought had good costumes. You'll see Blair and Krillin a few times in here because they're my friends. :) I was the Seras Victoria (Hellsing) with the blue uniform and orange wig. ACen 2010 photos on Flickr
  7. Hellsing 2010

    Wow, so... I barely took any photos of Hellsing characters at this convention. I was the Seras in the blue uniform with the orange wig. darth__frodo's ACen 2010 Hellsing photos
  8. The Cosplay Photo Sites?