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    Cosplay, videogames and movies for the most part. My major fandoms are Sonic, Phoenix Wright, Ah! My Goddess, Gundam SEED, Slayers --oh and RUSH, my favorite band.

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  1. http://stkbayfield.tumblr.com/post/60308956121/chibisilverwings-community-updates-for-the#permalink-notes So... I made a thing. It's a parody episode of Night Vale, but set in Clock Town from Majora's Mask. With all the crazy things that happen in that town, it deserves its own series. This was a one-shot in hopes that the joke would be amusing.
  2. morphE: A Novel Webcomic

    I hope the powers that be do not mind me bumping this post now that the convention is over. I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to say hi. I hope you enjoy your shiny new morphE badges (both online under your username and offline on your shirts/bags wherever you want to put them). Entering it's 3rd month now, morphE will begin chapter 2 very soon. We have our main cast of captives set and ready to learn about the magic of the World of Darkness. Prepare for werewolves, vampires and changelings (oh my!) Special thanks to awesome friend and fan, Ryan, for purchasing one of the authors a Billy Thatcher sweatervest to match my Tyler Dawn Courage Wolf shirt. See y'all next year. If you've not checked out morphE by now, it's still very early days (55 comics so far) and all 4 creators aren't disillusioned and bogged down so love interacting with fans (heck, Shadowednavi is doing a livestream of a new BG as I type this). Anywho. I'll stop typing to myself. Thanks ACen!
  3. A 'Missed Connections' thread?

    Happens to me every single convention, mostly because at the con I am in pure business mode and then when I come out of the moment I actually remember that those "impatiently waiting to get back to the artist table" moments were actually "having a nice chat about international travel with a lovely lass from Melbourne". With that said... There was a really cool guy who I spent the entire Big Boss panel chatting with. He was a pretty cool guy who was in steampunk gear. I wouldn't have minded having his e-mail or IM details to offer high fives or at least multiplayer Peace Walker sometime.
  4. 2013 Gripes

    Welcome in from Texas. I hope the con was enjoyable despite the gripes. For future reference the event you call cosplay is "The Masquerade" and is one of the biggest events of the convention. Usually you need to devote about 4-5 hours to queuing and watching it on Saturday evening though the work that goes in to it and the contest is well worth the spectacle. I hope you can try it out sometime. I would contact Hyatt right away with any complaints. They are a very understanding company from my interactions with them and as you were at a world class business hotel they will be very eager to keep your business, so you'll have no problems addressing their customer service and receiving an understanding ear. I've had many problems with that Hyatt in my years but EVERY time they went above and beyond to make it right in the end. The food issue is just one of the sad truths of the convention. The convention takes place in a convention centre on the edge of O'Hare airport and therefore jacked up prices are the king. Hyatt has been better this year with its free wi-fi and access to microwaves but really... the best bets are just walking up or down River Road to the McDonalds, Subway, Denny's, Giodanno's and such... Everyone learns this their first year and just kind of adjusts for the future.
  5. Anime Hell 2013

    No worries, browsing forums is hard enough on a desk/laptop. Tablets would make it really annoying. So... yeah. Who wants more Zubatman?!
  6. Cosplaying as a Transgender?

    Unwanted gropes and sexual assaults should not be tolerated in any way shape or form regardless of cosplay, gender or location. All we can do is make sure that everyone is on the same side and that witnesses will be able to assist with making sure culprits are brought to IRT and receive due punishment. Cosplay is not consent. The movement is growing and the support has been overwhelming.
  7. Anime Hell 2013

    So. Anime Hell is my main reason for coming to ACen. I absolutely love it and put my vote in for it getting the main programming room back for the future. This year was superb and I hate to think of anyone missing out so I went and hunted a lot of the videos down. To those who missed, these videos were edited for comedic effect and spread through the night and I will never find the GTFO messages. You cannot truly experience Anime Hell from just the clips. But you can relive it from them: British Dinner RoboTech The Movie Exciting Wrestling Match (Split into 2 minute interludes through the night. The audience enjoyed yelling the count with the ref) Spock and Spock Electrical Safety Video ALL YOUR NIGHTMARES COMBINED INTO ONE. and the annual staples that play every Anime Hell SEGATA SANSHIRO EDIT: Found the Cat Vs Dog battle. It is a thing of great beauty! I could not find: Cat fighting dog in junk yard (I NEED THIS VIDEO IN MY LIFE!) (Found it) Brain's commercial with pandas. Batman kills gang members by mentioning his identity Lotte commercial where people swoon over a man's good breath Also there were more videos regarding bears. I remember that much. Feel free to add any videos I may have missed. Otherwise it was an awesome event <3
  8. Nintendo 3DS 2013

    Thank you so much to the Melbourne, N. Ireland and Hawaii conventioneers for giving me those much needed map points. Also completed all puzzles while I was out at the con. Thank you all. If you spotted me mine was a red haired Mii with an orange shirt named Dawn (named and modeled after my pet character from the webcomic I write). PS: Sorry about my Fire Emblem team. I have a lot of spare time and nothing but a DS to fill it.
  9. 2013 Gripes

    Some jerk in the artist alley blocked off the through-way from dealers hall to the artist alley with his bags. When I asked if I could get through he said "this path is only for artists to get to their tables" Ignoring the fact I was wearing an artist badge, I assume everyone was using those little gaps to easily navigate the room and not crowd the tight corners. I was kind of annoyed he took the law into his own hands like that. IRT were super cool and helpful, though. I actually felt a little embarrassed at how efficient and serious they were about the affair given that I mostly reported it because I was annoyed and just wanted to know if I was right to be annoyed about that or not.
  10. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    Alrighty everyone. The hard working artists of Purple-Tree-Studios couldn't wait until after the convention to start uploading so I thought I'd kickstart the album dump for the year. As always feel free to comment and tag on any of my Facebook images and if you're using FB yourself don't forget to make the gallery public before posting. Looking forward to seeing those great pics, everyone. CLICK HERE FOR 2013 PHOTO GALLERY Also available on Tumblr.
  11. Nintendo 3DS 2013

    Oh lordy. I was just at ShutoCon in Lansing MI and got 400+ (the key is to keep checking every hour or so as only 50 can be stored in one queue). ACen will be five times larger. I think I'm going to be flooded with these passes. It'll be brutal. I can't wait <3
  12. Karaoke 2013

    Looking forward to it. Not sure on my own ideas but the wife is really sold on singing a character song from Metal Gear whether it be Snake Eater, Love Deterrence or Heavens Divide. Karaoke is one of the highlights of every ACen for me and I'm sure this year will be no different.
  13. Anybody else get flooded?

    Luckily dodged getting flooded myself but several of my workers couldn't make it today because of undrivable conditions. Heart goes out to all the people this has screwed over.
  14. North Korea

    My feelings on the matter is that NK can only swing their weight about as long as China is their ally and more and more each year China is becoming more alienated by their threats and testing. Eventually China will be the ones to do what the UN and US never could and get NK to shut up and play nice. We should just treat Kim like a baby having a temper tantrum and ignore him until then.
  15. Fire Emblem Awakening ACen 2013

    I won't be cosplaying... but I will be bringing my party of overlevelled badasses on my 3DS. Though after fighting someone at ShutoCon who had a full 8 member party with Lethality as a stat... I don't know how much I'll enjoy battling at conventions. Took me 3 hours to beat that party and I felt fatigued and bitter after the fact. (my party usually trades off Galeforce, Tomefaire, Miracle, Bond and Iote's Shield for my Dark Fliers - Ignis/Aether/Luna, Counter, Resistance 10 and Aggressor for my male fighters)