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  1. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    Thank you cactusmomma. You're awesome
  2. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    anyone take a pic of the Shizuo With the REAL stop sign at all during the weekend. i was shizuo both saturday and sunday.
  3. Rosemont Theatre

    quick and simple responses loved venue idea of assigned seating, no need to wait in line for hours will gladly pay extra for tickets to rosemont theater for better environment, (even though chairs seemed awkward but solved later on) had no problems with tickets, or communication of that matter(even though i just showed up and assumed it worked like every other concert ive ever gone too) sound was fine (former metal band tech ,knows sound [also sat front center section, no hearing problems after concert])
  4. Hardcore Synergy Feedback

    http://soundcloud.com/dj-kagamine/anime-central-2013-hardcore so heres the set i would of played if i wasnt cut early so listen and enjoy! DJ Kagamine
  5. Hyatt DJ on Saturday Night

    do you guys know around what time, i think i know who youre talking about
  6. Soapbubble 2013 Suggestion and Info

    DJ KAGAMINE here with my set that i played this weekend during the Soap Bubble. i was first so most of you might of still been in line. but i recorded it for everyone who missed it, FREE DOWNLOAD. Ill see you guys at the next Rave http://soundcloud.com/dj-kagamine/anime-central-2013-soap-bubble FREEEE DOWNLOAD!!!!
  7. title says it all. you were fun to interact with. find me perhaps?
  8. how to deal with ppl planing to harass me at acen

    Well if shes blowing things out of proportion then just leave her alone completely. Can't exaggerate what isn't there right?
  9. Ohayocon 2011?

    \wait when did this happen?
  10. A fond farewell and thank you for now

    GOOD LUCK AND TAKE CARE! COME BACK TO US EVENTUALLY!!!! all caps....yeah......
  11. Weirdest dreams you've ever had?

    @ steam....yes we do
  12. Witches?

    .....the strike witches of the 501st joint fighter wing
  13. Metal... Gear?!

    Don't worry. There's gonna be an otaon complete with codec friday
  14. Metal... Gear?!

    it will be epics!
  15. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    wow i disappear for a while and come back and theres sexy dance partys. sweet