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    I'm interested in women, anime, Japanese culture, music, photography, cosplay, manga, Japanese language, thunderstorms, books, reading, alcohol, cheap cigarettes, and anything pervy. ;D

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  1. Who wants a hookup?? Acen dating service!

    Hey, why not enjoy the fun. ^_^ name(or name you will answer to): Hana (pronounced H-on-a) age: 19 :) REAL LOCATION: Michigan. Favorite anime: FLCL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! least favorite anime: I'd have to say High School Rumble. I don't know why but it irks me? ha! I don't hate it, it's just annoying. what kind of girl/guy you're looking for (NOTHING SHALLOW LIKE "I want a hot girl with a huge chest! >_<) : I like just girls and someone with an amazing personality and who is passionate. Wow, I sound cheesier than Family Guy. how we can contact you if interested: Myspace or Facebook? haha. name a talent you have (KEEP. IT. G. RATED!!!) : Except for in between the sheets? I'm pretty grade A at being a ninja. a SMALL bio about yourself (try to be specific...dont be like: "i like cars and movies and games....and manga" O_o what KIND??? duuuh!) : I'm just very easy going and love joking around and cuddling. XD I can pretty much get along with anyone as long as they aren't an jerk off. :) I love video games, adventures, randomness, and Excel Saga is my mentor. anything else: Bring it.
  2. Hey! ^-^

    I'm Hana (pronounced like the Japanese 'flower') and I wanted to just introduce myself. I'm going to ACen next weekend and it'd be awesome to make some new friends there. :D
  3. Boys Who Like Boys And Girls Who Like Girls

    Hey. :) I'm 100% lesbian.