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  1. Sailor Moon 2012

    sweet...ok...yeah...check either my senshi chicago thread or here: Senshi Chicago Profile Page...i am trying to get MORE fans!!! i KNOW there are TONS out there!!! i am trying to gather a meeting once the manga comes out and i would LOVE for you guys to spread the word to your fellow moonie friends! pretty please with sugar on top?!?!
  2. Sailor Moon 2012

    can i use this thread to also promote Senshi_Chicago? this seemed like the best place to find moonies who LIVE in chicago...rather than PM-ing people individually...which can get annoying
  3. Sailor Moon to return to USA

    GAIZ! OMG GAIZ! go to hot topic and search "sailor moon shirt!" this is the FIRST new merch we can buy! there is also some other company making other stuff in septembber!
  4. Bishoujo Senshi Sera Muun meet up planning

    ok. My fiance came home and i told him we were going whether he wanted to or not XD We are talking the 11:20 train from the aurora station and arriving at 12:42 at union station. Plan: if you guys are going to the taste of chicago saturday and want to meet, lets plan between 1:00pm -1:10pm at the intersection of michigan and Jackson. Right at grant park. The easiest spot marker is, at the corner there is a set of stairs going down on the second grassy island. how about there?...though..you CAN meet at the train station when we get off...all stalkerish XD Not sure if anyone even is going...but i think it would be fun. expensive, but fun. Soul Asylum is playing at 5 and there are tons of activities and things to see. i have never been but i want to go. I would love to have you guys come too... Let me know here if any of you are going and want to join u that way cell numbers can be exchanged in case i/you can't find me/you.
  5. Taste of Chicago

    I know, i know...i have fallen off the face of the earth but maybe i can change things..who knows.. I know i am going to the taste of chicago saturday....since i found out i have the day off. this will be my first year ever going. I know it's expensive and crowded but i am dying to go! Soul Asylum is playing...never heard their music before but the fiance says they are good. is anyone else going saturday or any other day?
  6. Sailor Moon to return to USA

    I am reviving this topic because..because...even though i heard about this MONTHS ago....it was the best news on the face of the earth... i am trying to plan an outing in the summer for sailor moon fans and OMG we should ALL go so we can spaz about this news! come on...dooooooo it!
  7. Sailor Moon 2012

    i hope i can go next year...wearing all my makoto outfits...but...with a wedding in the fall of 2010 or later...who knows...damn wedding money XD but...hey, i am trying to plan a sailor moon down town chicago gathering some time this summer....maybe that will make up for missed photo shoots XD? We had a small outing last year and it was SO much fun (so hard to find moonies interested in going haha)
  8. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

    Hello guys. Any fans around these parts? e_e
  9. Come on, there are tons of Fans, i know it...go to Senshi_Chicago and check us out. Right now, we are in the beginning stages of planning something...two things actually: one will be a big outing to down town chicago...read the entries and you will see what we did last year and HOW MUCH EFFIN FUN WE HAD! O_O...we went to Lincoln park zoo despite the heat and the rain later on...it was so much fun..and during lunch we sat under the luncheon canopy area and discussed sailor moon from things to transformations to the fact we think naru needs meds if she doesn't have them already...One of my friendd went dressed in this SUPER cute lolita outfit and did her hair in pigtails and buns, and i dressed up as a 2010 version of Mako-chan ( e_e;; wasn't too keen on wearing early 90's fashion) and i want to plan another one when september rolls around AND THE EFFIN MANGA COMES OUT AND WE ALL GO GET IT! i mean, how FUN would that be for all of us fans to sit around at some coffee place or a steak and shake or something and SPAZ about the manga we obtained!!! so, right now...i am just spreading the word, asking people with an LJ to join the comm because i KNOW there are sailor moon fans in the IL/chicago/NW indiana, S Wisconsin/ect area...and i always LOVE finding new sailor moon fans and friends with common interests... i am also asking for ideas and things. NICE TO MEET YOU!
  10. Kureyon Shin-Chan

    RUN LIKE THE LITTLE BASTARD YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just LOVE how crude they made the dub. Granted, the japanese version is funny too in it's own right...but holy sh*t! the dub is just hilarious...i LOVE how they made Kazama/georgie an american "chip off the old bush block" republican...and how penny is constantly molested by her daddy XD
  11. Kureyon Shin-Chan

    i already made an Axis powers hetalia thread, and a sailor moon thread...lets move on to another favorite of mine! post your favorite quotes, characters, episodes...whatever you want. Whine about how adult swim doesn't show it anymore. Whatever you want, because shin is awesome.
  12. When the dub is just better

    umm...let me just add SHIN-CHAN!! i LOVE the dub. I have heard the japanese version and i love it too, but OH MY GOD....the dub is so FSKED UP...it was like they were doing LSD and crack and pot while writing the script. "She blew a kiss! thats the best thing a girl can blow!!" "Run like the little bastard you are!" "When she finds me jogging, she'll get naked for sure... Extra naked" "SHUT UP! You wussie-faced twits better start running or I'm going make you ******* scream! "Holy hell, she did it, Mom! She cut off both my balls!" And if you ****s think I'm bluffing, I've got a Happiness Bunny who can show you the gaping hole that used to be his insides! Face disFIGURE! And if they come back, they bleed." "Just like my Action Bastard tighties help to protect my ballsack." The Pink P*ssy: No criminals can escape from the Pink P*ssy! Enchman: Oh yeah, the censors are gonna love that one. Misae Nohara: [taking the tapes away from Hima] No, no, Hima. Those are tapes that Mommy and Daddy made and we can't afford the therapy you'd need if you ever saw them. Georgie/Kazama: You suck at life and one of my favorites: Misae/Mitzi: HIMA!!! Did you take the one pleasure in mommy's life that doesn't involve a detachable shower head!!! i mean come on! They don't HAVE these kind of lines in the japanese version. Every time i watch it, i just bust a gut laughing. There was one part where there were Hiragana symbols all over these rocks in the water, and even in the subtitle down bottom it said something like "we are too lazy to translate all this crap!!" plus, Laura Bailey just does a spot on acting job to Shin's VA. I have yet to watch all the hetalia dub, but from what i saw SO far, it is interesting how they did all the accents, plus...i think they do a little "shin" now and again because i see some lines changed to be funnier...
  13. small update: copied from the nickcolleyacs Ok guys, I may end up extending donations a little more...my plan: send Nick and family his birthday card wishing him a happy birthday. Making sure it arrives a few days early...and then state that his birthday GIFT shall arrive later. Then, the day before his birthday, i plan to collect all donations, and then ON his birthday, I go to the site and turn in all deposits! so, if i DO decide to do this, you may have more time to help!
  14. only 6 days guys! spread the word! lets wow it!
  15. I've been slacking here!

    wait whut? i've been gone so long i don't remember half of you