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  1. 5 reasons why I'm not attending this year

    As a local who comes to the con alone. I would be willing to pay more for a coat check. As long as it not gonna cost me more than $50 for the entire con. I would even be willing to use a locker. As long as it was big enough for 4 mailer tubes and a coat. For the Ada issue. The staff knew the passes and what they did. however he was scared of the attendees rioting, this was for the first new world concert, 2 years ago. I had no Issue last year.
  2. This will be laid out as follows #) title description What can be done --- 1) lack of a coat/bag check/convention is not "local friendly" As a local of Chicago, I see no reason to pay for a hotel room in order to store my goodies and purchases. I would gladly pay an additional 10-20 dollars for the entire convention, or 5 dollars a day, for a coat check. Because of a lack of a coat check, I missed tons of events I wanted to go to. I have even had staff tell me to stick my stuff in a corner and hope it's still there after an event with a bag ban. Start a coat/bag check service --- 2) staff are scared of con goers and because of that they will refuse to follow ACen's Ada guidelines. For the first "new world" concert I had a Ada line pass, the "line manager" refused to allow me to use it, as such I was unable to stand in line and get the ticket. Inform staff that they MUST follow all ACen Ada guidelines despite a Rick of unrest. --- 3) lack of nice signage. When I say no e signage I mean signs written in a clear concise way. As someone with dyslexia I get my left and right mixed up way too often same with North, South, East, west, Use signs with arrows --- 4) the quality of the convention has been on the decline. I have not enjoyed myself for the last 3 years of ACen. Nothing can feel done because this is just me. --- 5) autograph area is unbearably hot ot unbearably cold. when the convention has the autograph area behind the sales floor, nobody requests for the fans or A/C to be turned on, as such it gets unbearably hot there, Another year the autograph area was like an icebox. All the con center knows is off and high for the ac Teach the con enter the meaning of medium or request a specificttemperature. --- Out of the above My 3 main concerns are, in order of importance are: 1) Lack of a coat check (#1) 2) improper Ada compliance (#2) 3) unreasonable temperatures (#5) PS sorry for the lack of formatting or any errors, this is being typed on my LG G4
  3. 2013 Attendence

    thank you for the link i was not aware the blog had moved
  4. Hand gesture to get IRT attention when being Harassed

    this is also my opinion i quite agree i was just sating some opinions and this pamplet was directed at the hand gesture for cosplayers use but i was trying to say on topic. this could be expanded to the general public just as easily
  5. 2013 Gripes

    1) the artist alley and exhibit space map was printed with a font similar in size to microprint it was completely unreadable in comparison the maps from 2010, 2011, and 2012 were nice and big 2010 and 1011 guides were the smaller than this year however 2012 was bigger for reference here are the mentioned guides physical measurements 2010 was 6.75 x 8.5 inches 2011 was 6.5 x 8.5 inches 2012 was 8.5 x 11 inches 2013 was 6.5 x 9.5 inches (this year, for future reference) i can provide scans later if you don't have access to these guides anymore 2) the guest list was pretty small guest count for the past 4 years (according to the program guides from those years. yes i still have them) 2010 had 35 guests 2011 had 30 guests 2012 had 45 guests 2013 had 23 guests and most only had 1 signing (according to the guidebook app on friday) when in previous years most guests had 2 to 3 signings (3 if part of a cast signing, based off 2012 guide) 3) once again i would like there to be a coat check and bag check (bag check for the rooms where you cant have your bags in there, dances and such) its like you dont care about the locals who commute to the con, one way to solve it your liabilty would be to have a inventory of all items of value inventoried and on record and on check out the the items get verified. 4) IRT was not as knowledgeable as they could of been. one example on Friday, near where opening ceremonies were held, were could i get a guide. i was told by the 2 IRT members "i dont know". so i walked to customer service in the hyatt and they had some there, along with schedule updates. 5) the hyatt had a nice sign printed with room names and arrows pointing in the direction of the rooms but it was covered with a microprinted map i showed the hotel sign to 10 and 20 people and they all preferred it, one went so far as to place the map above the sign, and yes i helped. (i brought this up in panel programming HQ) 6) instead of just logging if a panelist is a no show would it be possible to give a reminder call, text, or email say 30 minutes early gmail has a canned responces (its in settings>labs) i use it be able to select between 5 different signatures however it can be used to precompose an entire message and only need to edit a small number portion of the message an example could be with this message you would only need to edit 4 parts instead of composing the entire thing with this
  6. Hand gesture to get IRT attention when being Harassed

    heres an idea for those trying say this wont get around one way to solve this is make a small pamplet that would be distrubuted thoughout the con and left at the photoshoot botths and other places cosplayers gather, irt members and volunteers could distribute it to cosplay gatherings and mass ammounts left at the information, registration and customer service booths. seperate from the swag bags, sence everyone dosent take those. it could include the sigh ways to execute it without giving yourself away, i personally think the 2 handed symbol is a would be hard to execute without giving yourself away the pamphlet would also mention that this symbol is for emergency use only it could be listed as something that would only interest cosplayers and include all convention rules in the back the harassment suggestions in the front before the table of contents contents, it could even list the cosplay gatherings and events in an easy to access format for cosplayers. the pamphlet could be given to those in cosplay anywhere there is one however if someone wants it who is not in cosplay would need to go to an out of the way place and get one say IRT for example or another idea 2 editions could be made 1 for cosplayers and another for regular attendees the cosplay edition would could be everywhere however it would need to be would need to be asked for it would be complete, it could be distributed by hand to those in costume. irt and/or volunteers could go to the cosplay gatherings, photoshoot booths, etc and distribute them as well the regular attendee edition would include everything except the suggestions for harassment and could include a list of repercussions for harassers and would be put in the swag bags left next to the loose guides and left at all customer service booths cosplay edition guides would not be given to regular attendees even if they can prove they are cosplayers no exceptions my reason for keeping the cosplay edition from regular attendees is simple "the less potential harassers who know about the hand signal the better" the regular edition guides could have a note saying that the there is another edition is available to those in cosplay and it should be picked up an excuse for to use if someone asks for one not in costume is "we have limited supply for this use this year" something like a rape whistle
  7. Handicapped & Special Needs Feedback

    now let me say this first, i dont has astma but cigareete and cigar smoge make me cough and wheeze. so i end up needing to hold my breath for extended lengths of time and nearly collapsing because of it. i sometimes need to hold my breath for a minute or so the smoking policy was not followed to its fullest i saw plenty of people between the hyatt and the street this year smoking like there is no policy in place, and i only saw one of them get moved by IRT i think there should be more than the one aera and the entire area near the convention center entrance (especially the fountain. what if i want to relax there i couldnt) should be included also there should be a no smoking path outside between all convention areas as the walking paths are extremely hot. if someone wants to smoke please for the love of all you hold dear, consider others needs as well before turning on your smokestack. i present 2 articles for your consideration in mulling this over Effects of Secondhand Smoke - webMD Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke - CDC i personally dont want to die like a smoker if im not a smoker
  8. Physical Guidebook?

    for future reference you can access guidebook on ANY web enabled device m.guidebook.com even your laptop before con (its great for before con planning)
  9. N4GTV Presents: Anime Central 2013

    also you may want to change your media tags to url tags as those are not working (they are not even in the help topic) do you have the masquerade if so can you upload it
  10. Dates for 2014?

    correct also you can always check the last page of the physical guide
  11. is Christopher giving autographs. if so he's missing from the guidebook app. im also editing my post in the missing items thread i made to accomodate for this link to other post - http://www.ACen.org/...ost__p__1106838
  12. 2013 guidebook, missing items?

    thank you, the autograph panels are there, now to to get my schedule on. edit 1: is it just me or is Christopher Ayres missing from the autogragh block also im noticing are there are also a lot less signings, per person, and a lot fewer guests? all the other years i attended the people signed more than once a convention, for example nabashin usually got 3 (although IRT loses him for 1 or 2 of them) last year there were 4 lines going for autographs same with the previous year
  13. Was ACen 2012 really that bad?

    i toughly enjoyed myself. some people people thought it fun to pull the fire alarm in one of the hotels (i believe it happened more than once, only found out at the complaint session and closing ceremonies). i was staying at a hotel not affiliated with anime central. i payed 95 a day for 2 people (non refundable, pre pay in full).
  14. 2013 guidebook, missing items?

    also where is the autograph schedule?
  15. 2013 guidebook, missing items?

    also a panel on... Thursday? and a bunch of non categorised (grey) listings i'm assuming are meetups edit 1: why is "Turn-Based Critics Present RPSs that dont start with final fantasy 18+" have the 18+ label(friday @ 8:15 - 10:15)