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  1. Oversized cosplays!

    Yeah you can use the oversized parts for shoots, but if you will be walking around for awhile, you have to take off the parts that'll extend from your body. Once you get those pictures up, I'll definitely be able to help you out more!
  2. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yup! Just waiting for a few things to come in the mail. Are you watching Space Jam?
  3. Oversized cosplays!

    It can't extend more than six inches from your body in any direction, but if you have collapsible parts that you can use just for shoots, then that would be recommended if you know it'll go that far while you walk around. Also, if you're field of vision will be obscured, then it is recommended that you have a friend or "handler" with you to be your eyes for what you cannot see. Props also cannot be longer than your actual height. Going with the cosplay rule above, if you have a long prop, make sure you can disassemble it so it doesn't go against the prop rule. You can have it together for pictures, but when you are walking around, then it must be in pieces. If you can provide some more specifics, I can help you out more! :)
  4. The Word Game!

  5. The "damn" Thread

    This damn thread is still going? I see not much progress has been made in nearly two damn years.
  6. Umineko/Higurashi 2013

    Who said you had to do a headcount? :P... probably won't start right away regardless
  7. Umineko/Higurashi 2013

    Yup! I'll be getting there about 6:50 to do a head count and whatnot.
  8. ACen Weather Update

    Meh... too far out to still make accurate predictions. The last few ACens in May were nice in the afternoons, but Sundays always have some sort of severe weather (i.e. 2010 and 2011, all of the hail)
  9. Tiny Chat :3

    mmm... that was a good taco/smoothie night
  10. These puddles are delaying me from breaking this! *tosses against wall*