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  1. Do you want your photo shoot listed in the program?

    I was thinking that, but I only know where the upstairs ball rooms are. I couldn't figure it with that map. Thanks though!
  2. Do you want your photo shoot listed in the program?

    Can any one tell me where ,(Lower Ballroom prefunction space in the DESCC (against the wall) is? I just want to see a photo shoot there & can not figure out by map where that is. Actually, the spreed sheet doesn't say which hotel either. Unless that's what ever DESCC is.
  3. Countdown From A Million!

  4. Guidebook

    I still have it from a few years ago & loved it. It's nice if some thing changes it'll update on there.
  5. Guidebook

    I'm not surprised for a late date, I understand finalizing dates, times, events & guest. I just wanted to make sure they still did this. It's very useful & green. Saving on paper & all that. Thank you very much for the answer! Have a nice day!
  6. Guidebook

    I hope this is the right place for this, forgive me if it's not. Any way, I haven't been able to attend for a few years & will be going finally. The last I made it, there was an app for the program called Guidebook. I was wondering if any one knew if this would be done this year? I'm actually going to be working in the vendor sections & am not sure when I'll be getting my badge & program. (my first time working a booth) Any help would be appricated very much!
  7. Excel's Asylum For The Mentally Disturbed

    Whips out a bag of marshmallows (Embarrassed to have been away for so long, life stop interfering with ACen!)
  8. Countdown From A Million!

  9. Maintenance today?

    Would this affect a new person? I finally got a friend to join the forums who attends & he keeps getting error messages for every thing, like viewing post, comments & editing profile. Since he can't send messages he can't ask for help with his account. We're at a loss as to what do. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Scratch that, he forgot to validate his account. I think he needs more caffeine.
  10. The Word Game!

  11. 5 Letters Game

    Ugly noob gang steals boon. NBUYA
  12. The "damn" Thread

    I have so much to damn well be angry about, but dear not damn well post about all it, so I don't get damn warned or banned, cuz I'm not sure I can keep it damn well PG.
  13. The Yes Or No Game!

    No. Need a pick me up?
  14. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When you are angry at some one & begin to chant the Dragon Slave spell!