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  1. Tiger & Bunny 2012?

    I WILL BE THAT TIGER!!! XDDDDDD I have stilettos for Dark Kotetsu that make me unbalanced when I walk in them. lol. This will also be MY 10th ACen too!!! =D So I will be around wearing FEMTESTU!!! lol I'm so excited for this costume. I'm also wearing Dark Femtetsu... Which one should I wear for the Friday photoshoot? (I will be in Angel Stocking on Saturday D= ) Maybe I can quickly change so I can make both on Satuday... I'm SO torn!! <3 Hotaru-chan
  2. Panty & Stocking 2011?

    If the concert ends early enough that I can get back into cosplay, I will try to be at the Friday shoot as Greek Stocking. =D
  3. FLOW!

    But them's the rules. Therefore I must follow.
  4. Panty & Stocking 2011?

    And we will have to send them to her!!! lol I'm way excited for the photoshoot!! I'm just bummed my shoes STILL have been shipped and I ordered them over a week and a half ago. :angry:
  5. Anime North

    HECK YEAH!!! Anime North is my favorite convention to attend by far every year! I've been doing both ACen and North every year since 2005. Even bought a passport to continue to attend. My tax returns put to good use. lol Come find me at Nomi!!! =D The American needs to fund her way home somehow. lol
  6. FLOW!

    I was having a terrible day then someone told me that FLOW was coming. Let me express that for at least 5 years now I have been posting on several conventions I go to that have Japanese music guests that FLOW should be invited. I have tried bribing my friends who went to a con that they were there at to get me stuff to no avail. Then I got this text message. "You know FLOW is coming to ACen right?" I freaked out. Hardcore. In a public place. With a WHOLE bunch of people around. To say that I am excited is an understatement. I am dying with joy.
  7. Naruto 2011

    Just don't run and hug for I will be wearing 6in heels. I like my ankles to remain intact thanks. lol
  8. Naruto 2011

    I'm probably going to be bringing back Tsunade again this year (with new shoes!!! =D). Not sure if I'm going to wear her on Friday or Sunday or at all... Depending on how much love Stocking will be getting. <3 Hotaru-chan PS. FLOW!!!! Nuff said. =P
  9. Panty & Stocking 2011?

    I'm going to be Miyuka's Angel Stocking! (Hopefully my shoes come in time!) =D I'm also going to be doing Greek Stocking from the D City Rock music video. =D BTW @ unlovedwitch I got my Stripe made by the same person too. lol <3 Hotaru-chan All I ask about the gathering is that it's not on Friday AT ALL!! I'm going to be FLOW-ing it out at the concert HARDCORE STYLE!!! >D
  10. Naruto 2010!

    Haha. Nope. I'm wearing Matsumoto from Bleach on Friday and a new costume on Saturday if I finish it in time. Mizukage is on the back burner for now. Maybe 2011. <3 Hotaru-chan
  11. Naruto 2010!

    I'm wearing Tsunade again this year but only on Sunday. I have newer costumes I'm going to wear on Friday and Saturday. <3 Hotaru-chan
  12. Naruto 2010!

  13. Acen Crushes '09!

  14. Naruto 2010!

  15. Acen Crushes '09!