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  1. What anime are you looking forward to? 2018 edition

    Right now I'm only watching Ito Junji Collection and CardCaptor Sakura Clear Card. I'm hesitantly going into Märchen Mädchen, but am a little put off by the fanservice already (mostly because I'm tired of it? not that i'm bothered by it, if that makes sense) I want to watch Koi wa Ameagari no You ni. And that's it for this season atm. As for the rest of the year? According to livechart - bokuaca s3, devil's line, golden kamuy, and piano no mori (yess finally a series it deserves),
  2. Guidebook 2017

    I loved the guidebook the previous year(s), and loved how it was released early so I could look through it and kind of pin what I wanted to do and be even more excited than I already was. So, I was wondering if and when the guidebook would be available this year? I won't lie, I'm a little more than anxious for the panel programming schedule to be released (especially since one industry panel I know of has their day and time on their website), so I can look through and beginning my planning and debating on which panels I can go to which ones I can't :lol: Thanks!
  3. Voltron 2017

    I haven't been checking the ACen forums in awhile, but I plan on possibly doing a galra!keith - depending on funds and, of course, if season 2 debunks the theory or not :)
  4. Hyatt or Double Tree Room

    Just updating this real quick - I actually don't need a room now :D My original roommate is unable to attend now and I got an offer from a friend to room w them - so now I don't need a "closer" hotel. Though I maaay be keeping an eye on this part of the forums if I decide to go Thursday as my roommates may only go Fri-Sun, depending on what I decide to do~ Thank you to all and any who offered for me or even thought about it! It's greatly appreciated and I can't wait to see you all at ACen <3 (I'll close my own thread if I can figure that out - or if a mod can do it, I'd appreciate that too!)
  5. Hyatt or Double Tree Room

    YES I'M INTERESTED! Is this a room or a roommate situation? I feel like I messaged you or responded to your own post before. :o
  6. Dat 2016 Room Block

    This is exactly my feelings on the matter. I completely understand updating it over Facebook and Twitter, and that a lot of people use both (I do as well, though not avidly w facebook anyways) but the website SHOULD be the first place it's updated, not the last as an afterthought. Not too mention the activity of the facebook groups I'm in, it is hard to keep up because a lot of nonsense that's posted in there anyways - imo.
  7. Hyatt or Double Tree Room

    So far, each time the roomblocks have opened at the two preferred hotels I wanted, I've been at work, so I'm posting here to say I'm willing to buy someone's room Thurs-Sun, preferably, if they have to cancel for any reasons. I would prefer a Hyatt room as one of my roommates has a fursuit, but Double Tree would be awesome too. I know this is early and the likelihood of someone canceling already is slim, but I figured posting now would be a good idea, seeing as both room blocks are filled already (according to webkey anyways)
  8. Crowne Plaza block open date

    I'm hoping the DoubleTree opens up at the same time and I hope to actually get a room this time ;-; I may have to leave my card and what not with someone else so they know to call for a reservation. Is there anyway we can get at least a 24hr notice on when the next roomblocks will open? I am at work 90% of the time and am not on/around computers nor can I be on my phone to check. It would be considerate to those who work and can't get away to make phone calls.
  9. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Oh, I can definitely understand the need for multiple rooms, hell even 5 rooms if you have that many people that want to go, that's amazing. But I do think a lot of the 5+ room reservations was people on the facebook page just joking around and being silly. I personally found it immature, but others found it funny. So I guess that's the gauge of difference in either age or taste in jokes, I'm not sure. But anyway. I don't necessarily think there should be a small restriction on limits but 5 should definitely be the cap or if you are going to get five(or more), you should have to pay for one of them upfront to just to make sure you are truly dedicated to those rooms (or even a night's worth).
  10. Dat 2016 Room Block

    It must be nice not having to work and being able to call right at 10am when the room block opened up. But I guess that is the caveat of having to work. Oh well, hopefully someone will cancel within a few months or whatever. I'll try sporadically until I know the people who are wanting to go with can go or not. That or I'll try the Doubletree but once again, I'll probably be at work when it opens up e_e;
  11. Dat 2016 Room Block

    I'm in the same boat tbh. I'll try again later, but I can't book at all according to the passkey, but I may try calling tomorrow. I'll still buy my badge and what not, but from the way its looking, I might as well not even go.
  12. Travel Times

    Hey ACen forums~ I have a question I'm trying to figure out and knowing many of you ride the CTA, I figured here would be a good place to ask it. Okay - I'm thinking of traveling to New York in the spring, Chicago is a somewhat of a far off ride for me, but has cheaper plane tickets(atm of course) for the times I'm planning to go. I'd also have to ride the train because I am definitely not comfortable to drive myself, by myself, to O'Hare Airport from where I live. Coupling the plane and train tickets this early is far cheaper for me than just one ticket from a different, yet, closer airport ANYWAYS- My question is how long does it normally take to walk to Clinton Blue Line from Union Station and how long is the ride usually? The earliest my train will arrive in Chicago is 10:00am, the people I'm going with would rather have me in NY before 4, but I'm beginning to think that time would be way too early. As all the traveling and possibilities of being late are there. (the flight I was leaning toward to make all this possible leaves O'Hare at 12:00pm) So should I go ahead and risk this and walk to Blue Line or should I fork over money for a taxi to increase my chances of being on time? Or should I tell the people I'm going with I may have to forsake going to one of the places they had planned for that day just to be able to make it at all and plan for a later flight? Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me!
  13. ACEN 2015 Plans

    I've been going for... jeez... so many years now, excluding one year as I went to Otakon instead, but a lot of my priorities for cons has shifted with each passing year. For example - Masquerade use to be a MUST for me. I'd stand in line and wait just so I could see amazing skits and cosplays, as I've gotten older/enjoyed the con scene longer, I typically don't attend the masquerade now (I won't get into that) This year though, is probably going to be my last year at ACen. I say probably because I can never truly be certain as ACen holds a very tender place in my heart, but I definitely need to focus on more important things - not only that, I may start to focus on trying to go to cons where my friends mostly go (namely Otakon and Anime Expo, shock) but as for this year I'm mainly going to be drinking at the redbar/in my hotel room, going to some panels(mostly writing ones), and blowing my money at the exhibit hall. I sadly couldn't afford cosplay this year so I won't be into all of that. Though I may take pics of cosplays I love.
  14. Circle Lens

    Sorry to bring out an old thread, but I didn't see a point in making a new one over this so! My question is - I have astigmatism, but I don't want to pay for the prescription. I have seen Toric contacts available at pinky paradise etc and I think you can get them as plano... I was just wondering if that work? Or if any circle lenses will do if I don't want prescription? I have friends who wear glasses, and say they have astigmatism, but get normal circle lenses and are fine... but i'd rather not risk messing up my eyes... thoughts? Thank you!
  15. Haikyuu! 2015

    My sister is wanting to do Yachi! So I'll either be a Kiyoko or Hinata with her!