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    Anime, Video games of all kinds, and manga.... kinda general I guess? The occasional D&D is fun as well.

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  1. RIP Otho

    I really enjoyed his role in Demolition man. He played the weird/eccentric assistant to Raymond Cocteau.
  2. Metroid: Other M

    This game has honestly provoked more whining from people than any other game I've seen in recent years.
  3. Metroid: Other M

    I am so freaking sick of the stupid issue people have with what happens with her and Ridley. *SPOILER ALERT SINCE I FORGOT HOW TO USE THE FORUM CODE* Oh my god, she freezes up because she thought he was dead and let her guard down. Well, you know what? It shows character. Maybe she thought she had put the past behind her when she beat ridley those times before it, and PTSD hit at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT. But you know what? Who beat him again in the end? Who beat ALL THE BOSSES IN THE GAME? Samus did. She's still strong, she's still awesome, and even awesome characters show moments of weakness. *END SPOILER/RANT* Other M does not ruin her character. People are just too shocked that she's not some emotionless killing machine and actually feels compassion for others and at time *gasp* FEELS FEAR. Deal with it.
  4. Check this out!

    http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/43/80374633.jpg Talk about checking the total post count when it hit an epic level!
  5. Fall of 2010

    I think I'll go for Panty & Stocking cause it's Gainax, and probably go with Letter Bee Reverse since I like the manga.
  6. Your Hair

    My hair just looks bad.... all the time. It either goes into this weird mass of curls or frizzes out like crazy. My hair pretty much never does anything that I want it to so I've just gave up and it goes nuts every which way.
  7. Here we go again..FFVII

    I'd so love an FF6 remake. I think out of all of the games it felt the most robust to me with a huge selection of characters, summons, and spells. Best FF villain EVER too.
  8. Durarara

    I just finished this series. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I think I'd like more scenes of Shuzuo beating people.
  9. High School of the Dead

    That's good news!
  10. Need More Vespian Gas!

    Hm, really? Well, maybe I can play this sooner than I thought. I dunno if I'll be picking it up right away though. Still got other things to finish.
  11. Inception

    Maybe the ending was simply everything he'd ever "dreamed" of.
  12. Green Lantern!

    Green Arrow's pretty cool, but I think I'd be very interested in a Black Canary movie.
  13. Need More Vespian Gas!

    Gaaah, I need a new PC before I can play this one......
  14. Darth Vader robs bank

    It appears his sad devotion to an ancient religion hasn't allowed him to conjure up the funds he requires.
  15. What kind of Pokemon are YOU?

    I'm usually pretty Magicarp, but make me mad and I'll totally go Gyarados.