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  1. Final count for ACen 2014?

    Yeah? And it grew by a little less than 1k the year before that. 3 or 4 3-4k-ish fluctuations during a 17 year run is more the exception than the rule. It's always been closer to 1-2k
  2. Hand gesture to get IRT attention when being Harassed

    Yeah, but we can try. And if nothing else, I think the convention saying "we're watching you" might serve as more of a deterrent than we give credit for, if that makes any sense.
  3. Hand gesture to get IRT attention when being Harassed

    Along those lines, the convention implementing a clearly defined harassment policy might might be a good thing, too. A lot of conventions have been doing it these days, and I think it's important. I know it seems like a common sense thing, but clearly if we're talking about it, it's not.
  4. Final count for ACen 2014?

    lol, what? That's pretty normal. ACen grows by anywhere from 1k-3k people a year. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anime_Central
  5. Final count for ACen 2014?

    I mean, there's also the fact that a certain number of people "go" to the con, but don't buy a badge and just hang out with the cosplayers and take pictures and whatnot. I would say that maybe the lack of big-name guests like Kalafina may have had something to do with the lack of influx (and that having Kalafina last year may have been partially responsible for our getting such an influx of attendees last year), but the guests we had this year were nothing to sneeze at and I have a friend who originally wasn't planning on going until she found out who the guests were going to be, at which point she had planned on getting a one day badge, and then eventually she decided to just go ahead and get a full weekend pass. I agree with Washu about the issue with panels. There seemed to be a lot of "Such and such for beginners" or "Something or other 101" which is great for the younger generation of fans but not so great for those of us who have been in the fandom/ attending ACen for 10+ years. I'd love to see more, like..."Intermediate level Cosplay" and "Advanced cosplay techniques" panels, or, for instance "Anime for those who think they've seen it all" type things. Also, maybe something like "Adult themes in anime that don't have to do with sex" panels about, say, war and how it's presented in anime, or violence in anime, or, like...philosophical stuff that the kiddies might not have enough life experience yet to get.
  6. Anyone ever buy from.....?

    Rightstuf.com tends to have really good prices, especially when something goes on sale.
  7. Skyway,Panel room, and AA Suggestions for Next year

    I liked most of the Ninja Ninja thing, except for the "To be continued" thing. If they do continue it next year, it means that the people who were in the audience this year that can't make it are screwed and the people who weren't in the audience this year but are next year will be totally confused, or at the very least feel a bit like an outsider, kinda like when you join a new group of friends and sitting there awkwardly when they laugh at an inside joke that you aren't a part of. Not to mention, if they do continue it next year, there is no guarantee that people will be sitting on the same side of the audience as they were this year, so, like....why would they ultimately care a year later who won?
  8. Text alerts

    That's true. Also, I figured out how I missed the rain location information; I wasn't paying attention to headers much and assumed that page was part of the Video Programming information since it was formatted in a very similar manner. I was looking by the maps and in the actual shoot schedule for the information. Signs in the cosplay locations themselves would be a good idea too, if they could find a way of pulling that off without the signs getting lost/ stolen/ damaged.
  9. Text alerts

    The convention already has a connection to the internet; that's how they do registration, among other things. It wouldn't take that much more, I don't think, to also use it to send text alerts. All the attendees would need would be the ability to receive texts, which I realize not everyone does but I think it's safe to say that most do. The problem with the information desks is that they're great if you're actively looking for information, but depending on where you're coming from they're woefully out of the way where the photo shoot locations are concerned, not to mention that by the time you get to the original location, realize nobody's showing up, get to the closest info desk, find out that the shoot has been moved, figured out where the rain location is and get to the rain location, you've potentially missed most if not all of the shoot. Considering the fact that the technology exists to prevent wasting people's time, I don't see why it shouldn't be taken advantage of.
  10. Text alerts

    Ok, so, as I said in another thread, I was super frustrated that there seemed to be little to no effort made to inform people that cosplay photoshoots had been moved to their rain locations--not because of rain, but because conditions were too muddy-- and the fact that there was no info (at least not that I could find) in the program about rain locations. I also know of at least one panel whose time got changed, and it got rescheduled to five hours earlier than it had originally been planned for, which means anyone who didn't get the memo was SOL because it's not like they could see the sign and be, like, "Oh, ok, we'll come back later." Which leads me to this question: has the convention ever considered looking into a way to send out text alerts to attendees in order to quickly and conveniently inform them of changes to times or locations for things? There's already an option to provide your phone number when registering and I'm a good 99% positive that everyone brings a cellphone to the convention, so why not use that to make things more convenient and streamlined for both the staff and the attendees?
  11. Cosplay Gathering Stupidity

    There was also the little problem where on Friday, we weren't informed that shoots had been moved to the rain locations. I mean, yeah, if it's raining that's kinda obvious, but not everyone is going to assume that the shoot is at the rain location if it rained earlier in the day but has cleared up again since then and is just a bit muddy. This wasn't helped by the fact that even if I had suspected that we were at the rain locations, they weren't in the program (or if they were I missed them, which isn't much better). Also, am I the only one who found the maps a bit confusing as to where the photo shoot locations were? In the 9 years I've attended the con, there's never been anything relevant to my interests in the area where most of the panels were this year, until this year. As such, I didn't automatically recognize the map of that area as what it was, and thought that Photoshoot location 8 was near the bathrooms in the main convention center--which made no sense to me because some of those shoots were night shoots and that area was closed off. This wasn't helped by the fact that when I asked a staffer where it was and was, like..."It's by the bathrooms, right" he said yes. Idk if there are bathrooms near where Photoshoot 8 actually was and it was just a miscommunication, or what, but by the time I got there the shoot was already over. Honestly, I don't understand why they couldn't have taken the spreadsheet that Cactusmomma put up here in the Forums and put that in the program. I mean, yes, I understand how having it be in alphabetical order might be useful when looking for a specific series, rather than chronological, but as far as figuring out when a certain shoot was, where it's primary location was and where the rain location was, it was a lot simpler to understand. Also, maybe in future years they should consider putting actual photographs of the different locations in the program? Some people have an easier time figuring out where they're going visually than by looking at a map, especially if they aren't entirely sure what the map is supposed to represent.
  12. Hi guys.... =D Anyone remember me?

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.....you already know my feelings on that >_>
  13. Type Moon 2014

  14. Type Moon 2014

    I am so sorry I didn't make it. I found the map for the cosplay locations really confusing and by the time I figured out where, exactly, we were supposed to be, the shoot was already over T_T Probably for the best, though. My knife didn't turn out well so I didn't bring it with me. Sarge you'd better be bringing Touno next year. We still have a score to settle. :P I like the facebook group idea, btw.
  15. Type Moon 2014

    So I was just looking through the schedule and saw that Masquerade doesn't end until 9:00, so I'm going to probably duck out early to make it to the gathering but when, exactly, that will be depends on what's going on at the time.