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  1. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    I'm not sure. I'm really trying to get current, but I keep watching older stuff. I have never seen many of the popular current series at all, so I'm way behind. v_v
  2. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Now that my PS3 is officially dead, I'm just playing these: Pokemon Black (NDS) - I've finished it once, but I am replaying it. Dragonvale (Droid) - I'm hooked on this... Badly.
  3. Are you considering this your last year at ACen?

    I am changing my pre-con vote of no to yes. While it is not due to anything bad or wrong during my time at the con, I just didn't feel it like I used to.
  4. Pokemon

    My deck is non-functional at this point as I am missing too much to play it effectively. I do have a couple things to trade, though! My main goal for tomorrow (aside from meeting up) is scoring a playmat of some type without paying any out of pocket. I don't have anything crazy to trade, but I'm bringing a Regigigas EX full art and a Hydregion hidden rare from B&W along with a few smaller cards. Whatever the case, I will try my best to meet you up tomorrow around 1, and I'll text you for sure.
  5. Magic the Gathering schedule for ACEN 2012

    Well, it was stated days ago that there was room for 26 and only 26. If anyone wanted to be involved, they would put in the effort to get in early. As for the draft situation... They were using what product they had for the drafts. Wait a sec, I mean FREE drafts. Eneishi did everything he could to make everyone happy, and every time I stopped in the ttg area yesterday they were. I met a couple of people at the Magic tables last night who were having nothing but good times (UNTAP UPKEEEEEEP!!!), and I am sure they will do so tomorrow as well. In the end I think you could be a little more grateful for the opportunity to play and a little less rude. Have a great night and enjoy the rest of the con. :)
  6. Cardfight Vanguard.

    Are you going to be around tomorrow? I bought a Trial Deck yesterday after talking with someone in the TTG area.
  7. Pokemon

    I'm gonna bring a very small book of traders (whatever I pulled from three tins) with me tomorrow. Anyone wanna hang out tomorrow at some point?
  8. Magic the Gathering

    Looks like I am going to be here for a while longer than I thought tonight!! I am gonna be hanging in the tabletop gaming area to learn MTG. If you see a guy in all black with a white tie and suspenders, feel free to say hi!
  9. Will anyone teach me to play Yugioh?

    I bought a deck today on the off chance someone wants to hang out and play. I will be in and out of the tabletop gaming rooms all day tomorrow. If you see a guy in all black with a white tie and suspenders, say hey!
  10. Hey guys. Would anyone be willing to teach me how to play Yugioh? I am planning on buying a starter deck today to bring with me, and I was hoping someone would be willing to sit down and play a few games with me so I can learn. I would appreciate anyone willing to help. Shoot me a reply or inbox me. Thanks very much!
  11. Pimp Your Table

    You are literally my first stop as soon as I am out of the line. I want a set of the original badges above any other item at the con.
  12. Pimp Your Table

    This is the first $25 I will spend on Friday morning as well.
  13. Pokemon

    I threw together a jank deck with what I have. I'm ready to play (and lose) any time Friday and Sunday. If anyone wants to figure out a meet up time to play and trade, let's do it here.
  14. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3....
  15. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    I have the Royal Wedding sitting in my Dvr as I was at work when it aired. Can't wait to watch tonight!