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  1. Anime Weekend Atlanta

    Roll call! Any ACen peeps heading down to Atlanta at the end of the summer for AWA?
  2. Posting this like super late, just been crazy busy. I was the one who created the Anime, Video Games and Hollywood panel that ran Friday morning. We had a pretty good turnout given the time and the fact it was a first time con. For anyone who came in, did you enjoy it? Me and the other panelists thought it went very well but would also like your feedback!
  3. Looking for Panelists

    I've decided to take a stab at running a panel this year. For several years i've been a panelist on the fanfic panel run by the great docmui, and hope to do that again in 2015. However, I came up with a topic i can't recall seeing covered before at ACen and am looking for 2-3 others to run the panel with me. It involves anime and movies so if you like either or both of those things(assuming most people here do) please PM me for more info. Hoping to get this panel submitted by the end of the week if possible.
  4. Looking for Panelists

    This panel has officially been approved! The panel is called "Anime, Video games and Hollywood: An examination of the increasing influence of anime on American Cinema" If anyone is interested in being a panelist, please post here or PM me.
  5. Looking for a potential Roommate

    So I was giving my notice a few days ago, with an offer to renew my lease at the place i am currently in. For the amount of money they want, I don't feel it's reasonable to remain here, so as much as I like my apartment I am leaving. I have found a new place i REALLY like, but it's rather large and and a bit too expensive for me to afford alone. This by the way is not the end all be all, I am open to other places/areas as well So I am posting here to see if anyone will be in the market for a new place to live soon(lease here ends in December, so thats when I have to move, though I could potentially get a place in November if need be) This is the place i am currently looking at: http://www.villagegreen.com/schaumburg/village-green-of-schaumburg/ If anyone is interested, post here or PM me. I should note i am mainly looking for roomies over the age of 21, and obviously someone with steady employment. If you have any other questions feel free to ask
  6. Looking for a potential Roommate

    Just wanted to bump with a quick update. I have since moved into the place, but the second bedroom is still free.
  7. Looking for a potential Roommate

    Anyone at all?
  8. Looking for an artist from AA

    Wasnt sure if i should put this in the AA forum or not, but this seems like it might be more appropriate. There was a booth in AA this year that was raffling off an MLP custom plush. I took a business card from them, but I seem to have misplaced it. I want to figure out who they are because i wanna get my gf one of the plushies since they were well done. I managed to get a photo of the one that was being raffled off, does anyone remember who they were by name, or have their business card?
  9. Embassy Room for 98

    Final try here...i've not had good luck this far with this forum. I have an Embassy Suites for 98 dollars Fri-Sun looking for someone 21+, any gender. PM me if interested.

    Sooooo, just had ANOTHER roommate drop out on me. This is VERY last minute, but if someone is looking for a room still, I have 1 spot open at the Embassy Suites Fri-Sun

    Should note, total cost for Fri-Sun will be $98
  12. Need a new Roomie ASAP

    Just had someone drop out on us(2 weeks before the con, gotta love it) so we are looking for a fourth. Embassy suites room, 98 for the whole weekend which includes the complimentary breakfast. Post here or PM me for more details.
  13. Need a new Roomie ASAP

    odd, what happened when you tried to PM me?
  14. Looking for a Room

    I have a room and am looking for 2 more people
  15. Need 1 for Embassyh Suites

    Got a room at the Embassy Suites for Fri-Sun, need one TWO more roommates, 21+ only. Currently, 3 people in the room, 2 males, 1 female, so gender is open. Post here or PM me if you are interested.
  16. So, since last year I've been working tirelessly to shoot my first feature length film. It's been 2 years since I finished with film school and I'm ready to leave my day job and enter the world of film! For my first one, I want to make a movie I started writing back in college, which is a romantic dramedy set in an anime convention. So...basically I am doing a shameless plug here. If this is funded, I will be back on here again looking for extras(especially cosplayers) to take part in the shooting. Anyways, the link to the KS with all the details is below, and of course i can answer any and all questions. Thanks to anyone and everyone who helps!
  17. So I got word that my current roommate wants to move out in January. There's a nice big house out in Schaumburg IL looking to be rented, at a very VERY good price. It's a 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath house(with 2 extra rooms that could be converted to bedrooms, offices, etc) inground swimming pool in the backyard, and a nice quiet neighborhood. I'm looking for 2-3 more people to fill this place, there's plenty of room to stretch out and for privacy. I only ask that you have steady full time employment, a willingness to do a few minor house chores(we all chip in) and looking to move in around the February-march time frame(not sure i can extend my stay here beyond that) If you are interested, or know someone, shoot me a message or reply here. Or feel free to email me timothy.harris52@gmail.com
  18. So...looking for a roommate in Schaumburg/hoffman

    Spoke with the homeowner, counting in utilities we'd be looking at roughly about 14-1500 a month total, so in the 350-400 range depending on the amount of people(my goal is to have at least 3 other people, though 4 would also work and is totally doable given the amount of rooms.)
  19. So...looking for a roommate in Schaumburg/hoffman

    I'll post the info up here. The rent would bnr $1000 a month split among however many people are in the house(Like i said before, there's 3 bedrooms, and a smaller office that could be converted into a small bedroom, and 2 1/2 baths, plus a room on the first floor that could feasibly be used as another bedroom though it does get a bit colder in there due to the skylight) Utilities are not included in the rent, but I've asked the home owner to give me an average of about what utilities are each month, a rough estimate since obviously they vary depending on time of the year and such. 2 car garage, and a driveway that can fit 2 more cars, and pretty close to food and shopping. I lived in that area for years, its nice and quiet, safe place with room to stretch your arms. I'll be calling the home owner a bit later to see if he has those numbers for me, if he does i will post them up here.
  20. So...looking for a roommate in Schaumburg/hoffman

    Send me an email and i can get you the numbers, I'm a little hesitant to post them up here as of right now(Though eventually I probably just will anyways) Thanks!
  21. Casting call!

    So i haven't posted here in a VERY long time, but I figured what better way to make my return than with (hopefully) exciting news. So as some of my friends here know, I am an independent filmmaker. I studied film and TV production at Columbia, finished in 2010 and have...been working tech support ever since. However, I am finally getting things in gear to shoot a full 90 minute feature. I don't want to go into too many specifics now, as I will be posting a kickstarter video in the coming weeks that will explain a lot more. But i will say, the setting of the film is a convention, and a majority of the characters(major and minor) are cosplayers who appear in cosplay. So now I finally get to my point. I'm looking to start doing some auditions and casting some of the characters. While there will be a lot of roles, right now I am focusing on a select few. Mostly looking for cosplayers, however non cosplayers are encouraged to apply as well if you are interested in participating. The roles I'm starting with are as follows. Laura, mid-late 20s, cosplay chick and second best friend to the main character. She's the whole reason he's even at this convention, and shes's the only one struggling to keep him on the task at hand, rather than letting him go out and party it up at the con with everyone else. Alice, early to mid 20s, heavy cosplayer. Alice is a bit of an enigma, seeming to change cosplay costume from scene to scene. What exactly is her interest in the main character, and why does he feel this strange attraction to her? Kat, gender open, 20s. The strangest person the main character has ever met. Kat speaks entirely in riddles, never quite saying what they mean while saying EXACTLY what they mean. Is Kat a guardian angel, or simply someone who's coming off a Dr. Seuss/David Lynch binge? There will be a much broader casting call in the coming months, but for now these are the roles I am looking to fill. If anyone is interested, shoot an email to unengagedfilm@gmail.com and I can give you a bit more info. Be sure to include some info about yourself, such as all(if any) acting experience, cosplay experience, etc. Remember, you don;t HAVE to be a cosplayer to apply. I'll take any questions here, though I will say now I'm keeping some things vague until I'm ready to reveal the kickstarter video. Thanks for reading!
  22. Casting call!

    Were you(or anyone else) Still interested?
  23. Dating panel fails throughout the years?

    Dont know about other cons, but the reason they have failed at ACen is the Male to Female ratio and the fact that a lot of underaged people show up which just makes things even more awkward
  24. Free concert!

    Hey everyone! Earlier today...like 2 hours ago, I won 2 free tickets to see Local H tomorrow in Chicago(in the Ukraine Village-ish area) Unfortunately, since it's such short notice all my friends are busy. So, anyone here wanna go?