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  1. I got to the panel late, but I appreciated the mention of less popular gems like Drakengard and Nocturne. I would have loved to have stayed and chatted about the games after the panel, but I had to leave it early too, lol. I also like the "name that tune game", though many of the songs were quite foreign to me. I was ecstatic to get the Drakengard one right though! I know you guys must have been picking obscure tracks because that song is from the super hard extra mission at the end of the game. You have to be a real Drakengard stan to know what that song is, lol. As far as suggestions go, I just have to recommend more games, (panels with lively games are always fun, even when you're just a spectator) and maybe at least one female panelist, lol.
  2. Suggestions for 2014

    ^ This. The arrangement made absolutely no sense.
  3. Wow, what a douche. I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience, I hope you still had fun at the con despite the actions of this careless fool! I send magical voodoo to make sure your next con goes much smoother.
  4. Shoutouts!

    Aw, dangit, how did I miss Mickey Mouse!?
  5. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was Thriller-era Michael Jackson with rainbowy angel wings. If you took a picture of me, please PM! Especially candid photos, I usually like those way more than the posed ones. :D Though someone posted the pic of me with David Bowie on my FB and that one came out awesome.
  6. ACen Badges~

    Can someone tell me what the fee is for having it mailed? Is it still 2 dollars?
  7. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    I'm happy to say I've been being very good diet wise the past week and while I've been exercising pretty regularly with the C25K and lunges/planks on the Wii Fit, I've decided to ramp it up to alternating the 30 Day Shred with Couch25k. Hopefully I'll have great result from this, I'm excited. :3
  8. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    I'm still rather new to cosplay, but I will be Michael Jackson (Thriller) as usual, and T-elos (Xenosaga Episode III) if everything goes according to plan. I've always thought it'd be cool to do a Kinetica cosplay as well. Those Kinetic suits are pretty bitchin'! I love Maleficent! She's such a cool villain and her voice is amazing! XD Did you hear about the movie that's in development? Apparently, it'll be centered around Maleficent's story and she'll be played by Angelina Jolie. I think Jolie looks pretty amazing as Maleficent. This film just may be epic.
  9. Staying in character?

    One of my cosplays will be T-elos(Xenosaga III), and I'd really like to try staying in-character because she's so dramatic 100% of the time and she's a high-powered android. It just seems prime for hilarity, but perhaps obnoxious at the same time, lol. She talks in a "Canterlot Voice". XD I could be like "YES, I WOULD BE DELIGHTED TO TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH WITH YOU, SMALL HUMAN CHILD." But I could see that getting old, for me and for others, LOL!
  10. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    I'm trying to tone and lose weight before the con because I really want to cosplay T-elos (Xenosaga III) who's outfit is SUPER slutty. I mean, her whole booty is out, lol. And well, I'm being Thriller MJ again and his body is freaking tiny, so yeah. Damn. XD
  11. Armor

    Hi! I've never created a cosplay before (or any article of "clothing"), but I've always been good at making things so I figure I could churn out a pretty fly costume if I really try. I really would like to cosplay Xenosaga's T-elos, but I've been thinking about the armor. I want it to look as nice and "real" as possible, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on material? People who've made armor successfully in the past, what did you use? What kind of resin or "finishing agent" is the best?
  12. Godsibb: Xenogears, Xenosaga, Xenoblade

    I *really* want one of my cosplays to be T-elos. Provided that works out, yesh! :3
  13. My Little Pony!

    Crackle is best pony! *RAawr!* Actually, that could be a really cool/cute/funny cosplay if a few people made up the head, body and rear end, kinda like what the ponies did actually, LOL!
  14. Looking for 2-3 roomies

    That sounds pretty awesome to me! I'll have to check with my friend because I'm frankly not sure if she's comfortable rooming with strangers, lol, but I'll let you know!
  15. Looking for 2-3 roomies

    I'm an eccentric artist and I have an awesome friend who's an artist too, lol! I'm very interested in this offer, how much would it be for the two of us? ^_^ Since it'll probably only be us two coming to the con, it'd be SO wonderful if we could room with some other groovy ladies! (we also don't smoke, drink, rape or pillage, as an FYI, lol)