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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    awesomes! that actually made sense..that's where I thought it would be, but wasn't sure. Thanks for clearing that up. :) My guy may end up as a Slifer as we couldn't find him a blue jacket, but we may have all 3 students in our group: myself as Obelisk Blue Duelist, bestie as Ra Yellow Student, and fiance as Slifer Red Student. :)
  2. Pokemon!

    Hi there! I will be attending with a Charmander, Bulbasaur, and a Psyduck with myself as Squirtle this year :)
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh!

    I'll have to keep in mind when the shoot is and try to find the location... it's been a year or two since I've been at ACen so I'm trying to remember where the location spot would be... but-anyways, Hi there! I am Pau-chan and my guy and I are hoping to have our Obelisk Blue Student cosplays done :) we recently got back into Duel monsters itself and are excited to cosplay as a few characters we came up with. :) In the past, I have cosplayed as the one and only, Mokuba Kaiba! I love being Moki, and I'm sure I'll dress as him again in the future, but for now, "Let's lay down some cards and duel like monsters!" haha... get it? Duel, monsters... Ahem...
  4. Sailor Moon 2017

    Hoping to cosplay as Sailor Venus for the first time this ACen. :)
  5. Digimon 2015

    Possibliity of me bringing my Kari- Season 02 with me to wear along with a casual school Davis if I can get us going on that.
  6. Orginial Characters

    May not be from a show, but my Outlaw OC may be in my line up. :) My character from the book I am writing based off Robin Hood- she is Will Scarlet's daughter.
  7. Yu-Gi-Oh! Photoshoot 2015

    I may be Duelist Kingdom Mokuba if I get him done in time
  8. Inuyasha Cosplay Group

    I will be Sango one day with my brother as Inuyasha and my best friend possibly as Naraku
  9. Fruits Basket

    I was at the shoot as Momiji :) I will post pictures soon!
  10. Sailor Moon 2014

    Awesome pictures, Luna! I am Pau--chan, aka Chibi Usa! Casual! :) Thank you all for the great pictures! I wish it hadn't been so sunny out! Drove me nuts trying to see-especially with my glasses giving off glare from the sun. Not cool. But again, thank you all and I cannot wait to bring my Sailor Mini-Moon/Chibi Usa Senshi outfit for next year! <3
  11. Digimon 2014

    Hey guys! I will try to make the shoot. I will not be cosplaying as Digimon this year due to budget and such, but I will do my best. Again, I am sorry I cannot run the shoot this year. I want to so badly but with my schedule being so screwy and only going one day, I can't guarentee anything. Thank you all for your understanding!
  12. Digimon 2014

    If you could handle it I would be very appreciative. New job is being horrible about time off so i dont think i will be there. Am super sorry! :(
  13. Digimon 2014

    Hey you :) I can't get a digi cosplay going this year :( Everything got taken to storage and idk where it is now and unfortunately unsure as to if I can even go because of my new job :l
  14. Digimon 2014

    I am planning on working on either a revamp of my TK from Digimon 01 or Takato from 03. Plans are kinda shaky atm as far as plans for the con so I hope I can go to run the shoot. If not, I hope someone else can take it over. Things aren't starting out well this year. :(
  15. Looking for the artist...

    Yes that's her! Thank you!! :)