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    Well let's see. I love me some anime, and I love me some video games (though I love my fiance more). Aaand lets see what else. Well my whole year pretty much revolves around ACen, and that's either really sad for very awesome depending on how you look at it.

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  1. Anime Central 2016!

    I plan on being there! This will be my 11th ACen, and I'm bringing along my sister for her first!
  2. Just a phase...

    This year will mark my 9th consecutive ACen. I still remember my very first year going I was a young pup of 20 years with a friend of mine. It was the first time I had gone away with my friends for the weekend, and I was still fairly new to the anime scene. I was overwhelmed and excited at everything I saw. My brother-from-another-mother had gone for the first time the previous year, and he acted as con mentor to us rookies. We left at the end of the weekend already planning for next year, and that kept up for several cons. But for the last few I've gone to, it's felt like I go more out of habit than anything. My fiance, who has gone since I've been going, isn't sure if she wants to attend. But it's funny, because the two of us still get excited for conventions, like C2E2 and Wizard World, but not so much ACen. I think it's because we're not as into anime as we used to be. When we started we would watch a lot of it, but as the years have gone on anime has found a place among all of our other interests. And at heart we're not big anime fans; we're Sci-Fi and Fantasy nerds. So while I still enjoy going to ACen and anime in general, I find I don't have as much fun as attending the more western themed conventions. I see my departure from ACen coming within a few years. But to go back to the original point, as far as we're concerned we haven't outgrown ACen itself, or the convention scene, we've just fallen out a bit of the genre itself.
  3. Suggestions for 2014

    I had a great time this past ACen, especially having the smoker's area moved away from the side entrance at the Hyatt. Cleared up congestion and my nose! In all honesty my only gripe for the con this year was the entrance into the dealer's room. The only way in was through the two little doors in the main lobby of the convention center, and that resulted in a huge line to get in! You really need to move back into the hall on the other side with the big doors that open up, as well as the secondary entrance/exit by the staircase off the sky bridge. Waiting ten minutes in line to get into the dealer's room multiple times a day was just no bueno. Only complaint this year, everything else was awesome!
  4. 2013 Gripes

    In terms of the convention itself, it was done very well. The only thing that bothered me about the con this year was the location of the dealer's room with the one set of doors letting people in! The line to get in the hall was a bit ridiculous, and on Sunday a line went outside and down towards the Crowne Plaza. I don't fault ACen for this though because the Power Convention was in the hall we're usually in. Next year I hope it moves back across into that one because of the giant entry ways. My only other gripes this year lie with the Hyatt, and we've already dealt with those. Keep it up ACen!
  5. I assume there is no water damage

    Hopefully we won't need rubber boots.
  6. What IS the big draw of ACEN for you?

    For me, it's turned into a bit of a ritual. Once January hits the process of per-registering, procuring the hotel room, and gathering supplies for costumes begin. he group gets together and talks about what we're looking forward to and what costumes we'll be doing, who's driving, and our schedule for the weekend. Once the con is over, we get our post-con meal and discus what we saw. I think I get more excited for the lead-up to the convention than anything; I've always loved the anticipation of vacation and packing up the car for the trip. Dressing up is always a big thing for me, more so at ACen because instead of Halloween or a party that is only for a few hours, ACen is several days! I hardly wear normal clothes while I'm there! I love showing off what I've put together to see what people think, and to see other people's costumes to see what they've come up with, and also so I can draw some inspiration from them. The dealer's room is great too. I have a hearty collection of action figures and stuff, but knowing that something came from ACen makes it feel more like a treasure than just something I picked up at the mall. Can't forget about the viewing rooms! I love poking my head in and checking out what's playing. You never know which room has your favorite new anime behind it's door!
  7. C2E2

    I hope to go on Saturday! I've been only once so far, back in 2010 and I spent my entire time in line to meet Steve and Tango from Ghost Hunters. We got there late so by time we were done there wasn't enough time to walk around and explore. But this year I'd love to go and take everything in! Yay convention season!
  8. 2013 Dates

    I can't waits!
  9. Smoking Area Bypass @ Hyatt

    That is awesome! I always hated going through the smoke there.
  10. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Does this mean airsofts are back in?
  11. It's almost con time!

    Two days to go! Sounds like you guys all have your ACen lists ready to go! I can't wait to hit up the dealer's room to go action figure hunting, check out the viewing rooms, and hopefully meet up with some awesome people I hung out with last year! It can't get here soon enough, and I hope you all have fun! See you at the con!
  12. It's almost con time!

    In two short weeks, ACen 2012 will be here! As I have been since I started going back in '06, I am pumped, jazzed, excited, and ready for this convention! And sitting around thinking about the things I'm excited for, I started to wonder about you, my fellow con-goer, was excited about most for this year. Are you a newbie, and just can't wait for the overall experience? Do you rock the photo shoots and can't wait to see all the new costumes this year? Is there a special piece of swag you hope to score in the dealers room? Or do you just like chillin' in the viewing rooms watching anime with your fellow aficionados? Share what you're most excited for this year at the convention! Who knows, maybe someone will share something we've never thought to do at the con before?
  13. How Much Should I Save?

    For past cons I spent as much as $500 just in the dealers room! But the last few years I've gotten really thrifty, and last year I had *no* money to spend at con. And to be honest I think it made the experience that much better, because instead of running around and being fixated on shopping I actually enjoyed the convention more! I went to events; photo shoots, viewing rooms, met people and actually hung out with them. In retrospect going to ACen broke was probably the best thing that could have happened to me!
  14. Your Badge is in the Mail!

    I got my badge in the mail about a week ago, though another badge that I ordered a few days later hasn't arrived yet. Is there a certain date after the last badge has been sent out that I should contact someone? Things take time I understand, but I don't want to have to wait in line another 7 hours this year for a badge.
  15. New elevator policy for this year!

    Are you going to give the IRT Elevator operators little red hats?