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  1. Marvel/Avengers

    I don't blame you lol The Avengers version is not only hard to figure out, but it is painfully difficult to sew. I remember how annoying it was to figure out. I spent so much time starring at pictures of him before I could even start sewing.
  2. Marvel/Avengers

    Well, I am working on updating my Loki cosplay to Loki's outfit from Thor 2: The Dark World. I am considering coming to this gathering. I would love to meet other Marvel fans!
  3. ACen WAS HOT!

    Yes, I was wearing my Fili costume and I was just dying in the heat. I literally was sweating all over the costume x.x However, it was nice that it wasn't raining outside, so I guess it could've been worse.
  4. Aidan Turner

    I support this idea 100%! I would love to meet him too <3
  5. The Hobbit or LOTR?

    What an amazing first gathering! <3 The costumes looked great, everyone did a good job on them. I had a ton of fun meeting everyone and posing for the pictures. I wish I could've been more talkative, but I am a shy person^^ I was the Fili with the sword.
  6. The Hobbit or LOTR?

    Yeah, I don't have preference for an official or unofficial gathering either. I know for a fact that I will be at ACen on Friday and Saturday. I drive there (I don't live far from the convention), so I usually am at ACen by the afternoon. So, whichever day is chosen, I will dress up as Fili for it^^
  7. The Hobbit or LOTR?

    I have never been to a gathering before, but this sounds like fun xD I am currently working on my Fili costume <3 If I can get him done, I would love to join this group.
  8. What are you getting people for the holidays?

    This Christmas I'm a little low on cash lol. I have been drawing pictures (on huge canvas boards) for my three brothers, my parents and my frriends. They are each unique and created to what their favorite thing is. I'm pretty proud of how they have been turning out xP The only things I'm buying is an Ulta giftcard for my sister in law and two cute stuffed tigers for my little nieces.
  9. Family Cosplay!

    I love the idea of cosplaying with family members, sadly I don't have many that love to do this. The only time it happened was for Halloween. Years ago for a Halloween party, my younger brother dressed up with me. I made an Anakin Skywalker costume and my younger brother was a stormtrooper. He couldn't resist doing it because we both have a soft spot for Star Wars. It was a great experience. We had a blast pretending to fight each other and teaming up to fight off others. I have to say that is one of my most precious memories. Since then, he has seen me making my Loki costume and it made him think, so now he's considering getting a Batman costume (The Dark Knight version). I'm crossing my fingers that he does..I really want to cosplay with him again xP
  10. which series have you re-watched the most?

    Out of all the animes, I have re-watched Dragonball Z way too many times. And yeah, I would say DBZ is absolutely one of my favorites.
  11. Why do you attend conventions?

    I attend conventions for numerous reasons. First, I love the fact that I can be amongst a crowd that shares similar interests. The students, at my college, don't exactly know what anime is. So, I would never openly talk about this stuff to anyone there, but when I'm at a convention, it's very refreshing and I feel like myself. Second, It's a chance to hangout with my best friends and dress up as characters that we love. Cosplaying has become a bonding hobby for my friends and me. The last reason is because I enjoy going to panels and exploring the convention as a whole. It's a little adventure for me^^
  12. If you could.....

    If I could be any anime character, I would be Sango from Inuyasha <3 I think Sango is a very beautiful woman, so it would be nice to be beautiful and have a well defined body. I admire the fact that she is strong, and confident in herself. I would love to have that confidence in myself and to be able to stand alone and be indepedant. Also, she protects her brother and is very selfless towards him..I find this to be true to myself, as I am also very selfless towards my brothers. I always put my family before myself. The last reason, above all, is simply that her personality is very similar to mine.
  13. Best Summer Movies 2012

    My top two favorites were: The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. I loved those two movies so much!! <3
  14. What's the last thing you ate?

    A few minutes ago I was eating a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. That was so delicious^^
  15. Height when cosplaying.

    I also wanted to add that I've seen other cosplayers who were shorter then the actual character and personally, I didn't really care. I think as long as they have a decent costume and are enjoying themselves, then it doesn't matter. Another thing, I noticed some of you were talking about using high heels as a way to gain height. I think that is a great way to get height for a character. I would never use high heels, though, I am a tomboy. So, that would a little awkward to wear them xP