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  1. 2012 Gripes thread

    2013 will be too awesome for there to be any gripes...
  2. The "damn" Thread

    Damn tired after putting in 9 hours this past weekend doing something at the MAPS office that Registration won't want me to talk about...
  3. The "damn" Thread

    Con is getting damn close. Can I panic now?
  4. Maybe what we need is Japanese *feline* fashion... http://www.weirdasianews.com/2010/03/10/japanese-cat-costumes-cats-meow/
  5. Is it too late to volunteer?

    To the best of my knowledge that is not entirely true. I believe some departments are still in need of a few staffers if you are looking to do full staffing work. Drop and email to chiefofstaff@ACen.org Also I'm pretty sure that the Volunteers section ("Runners" nee "Gophers") is still open for applicants. Check the forums for announcements. I do reserve the right to be (slightly) wrong.
  6. F.A.Q.

    I actually measured them once and of course now can't find my notes... However they should be about the same as "standard" "banquet" tables, and those are generally around 30" from floor to top surface.
  7. Cell Reception

    I did okay with my NetZero hotspot last year, but who knows... We are in a different part of the convention center this year so things could be different.
  8. The "damn" Thread

    Damn cold day. And I just shelled out almost $30 for a new windshield wiper blade assembly cuz the barely 6-month old one I had broke. Damn cheap plastic connector... Naturally I own a car with many unique "dealer only" or special order parts... Took almost two weeks to get the 4 new tires I replaced last year. American-made GM Buick. Phooey.
  9. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    I guess I should add some more to my done list: Daphne in the Brilliant Blue - (2 seasons worth plus the 2 extra episodes. I'm not going to ask how those girls keep those outfits on...) Fairy Tail - Collections 1 & 2 (through episode 24)
  10. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Got some catching up to do on my "done" list I see: Finished off (all on DVD): Rosario + Vampire Season 1 (I have no idea who "Rosario" is supposed to be...) Rosario and a Vampire (Rosario + Vampire) Season 2 ("Capu2") - They kinda left things hanging... Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa (re-watched - been a while...) Strike Witches 2 Tattoon Master - a short 2 episode oldie that has a real real lame dub. Did I mention it has a lame dub? Vampire Knight Season 2 Guilty Fairy Tale set 1 Side note: Some of these are DVD/BluRay combos, and I've noted that there is almost always NO difference in things like bonus feature content. Some theatrical release movies CAN have differences in the bonuses/extras between DVD vs BluRay. "Brave" for example had a whole mess of extra bonus features on the BluRay version. In case anyone cares...
  11. The "damn" Thread

    But it's also damn warmer than it is here right now which might be nice.
  12. The "damn" Thread

    Damn. Missed the casting deadline for Kaijutsu... http://www.exploretalent.com/auditions/feature-film-non-sag-kaijutsu-orlando-fl-orlando-fl-32801_1271613#.ULPY8WeERj4 Not that I would have tried...
  13. angela

    I'd personally love it. But would have to figure out how to... Staff duties and all...
  14. The "damn" Thread

    And how about all those damn customers who have been suckered into getting up at the crack of dawn to stand in a mob when they could probably get what they want online any old time for less hassle and maybe even lower cost... I did Black Friday Midnight shopping once. Once. Not worth it. Only found ONE item I wanted/could use. Damn foolishness.