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  1. Acen 2010 Prophocy!

    rosemont will explode from the all the randomness, awesomeness, and just plain craziness that will be emitting from each and every person, resulting in the mass explosion of fun. :D
  2. I Am Evil For Loving It More Than Her?

    yeah... we had two other friends but when we went to the bathroom to fix her costume -she was a guy so she wrapped herself, but she did it too tightly and couldn't breathe so i had to do for her- we took too long and they thought we ditched them so they went on their own lol. I spent most of my days -and all my money- in artist alley. It's hilarious how when I was L for saturday, and got tired and rested for a bit, i sat on the ground and instinctively sat as L and people kept taking photos. Few asked, most just did it. Then I found another L asking where the death note photoshoot was, cause they couldn't find the loading deck, and on the epic adventure of finding it we met 2 nears, a mello, a beyond birthday, a Light and another L. And when we got there we met an anti-misa. :D I loved that person. (she's misa but is anti- cause she is smarter) My friends couldn't find the logic in why I -a kira fan- was dressed as L but in reality was I was going to be Beyond Birthday but since I had to borrow my brother's shirt since mine went missing, I wasn't allowed to spill red paint on it or anything on it for that matter, lol. So i was L. ACen 08 i went in a group of 12, same friend took us all. We stayed only for saturday, which was hilarious. We spent most of the day in artist alley because we thought that was all there was of ACen -and didn't find out about panels till half of the day was over, remember to read the things you get from them lol- and we occasionally split up but had our cell phones with us and everyone on speed dail and met up every half hour. The only thing I can complain about ACen 08 was it was too short of a day to me lol and I should've read the pamplets things stuff, they gave cause then we could have figured out about panels. Lol.
  3. I Am Evil For Loving It More Than Her?

    Simple reason, I didn't know exactly where to put it and this a lot of insanity -on her part- and drama for my ACen weekened, and ACen is a more than 5 months away! Everyone has gone to college in my family aside from my grandmother -stay at home wife/mom- on my mom's side, and my aunt, my mom's twin, -their parents could only afford to send one twin to college, my mom wanted to be a doctor so she got to go to college- i remember when my mom graduated for the last from college. I was around maybe 4, so it'd have been 14years at that time she was married to my dad. but that's great you were the first person to graduate from college in your dad's family. Sad that no one else had, but great you did. :D
  4. I Am Evil For Loving It More Than Her?

    that made me laugh. I feel the same way. ACen is really fun. College graduations are really boring. *grabs magishine's pocky* YAY HAPPINESS :3 I plan on going to ACen, I just rather her not hate me for it. No one has a problem with it but her. It's like her badmitton games all over again. She never went to my orchestra concerts from 4th to 9th grade. So i didn't go to any of her badmitton games, she was upset for me not wanting to go to her last game of high school (i really don't like sports. I'd rather play them than watch them and had homework) and she swore she'd never forgive me for it. (but i think she has forgotten) Honestly she's 6 years older than me and is drama queen. If my ACen plans were going to be like last years then i'd sell my ticket to one my friends and go to her ceremony but they're different from last year. (last year my mom took me and I hung out with my bff at the time. She ditched me the whole and I was alone in ACen and was 15. Then she told me to stay out front, I did. She told my mom i was told somewhere completely different and that if i wasn't there she doesn't know where I am. It wasn't till my mom went to see if i was at the hotel did she find me. She searched for my costume in the artist alley but i was dressed as L so that proved to be a problem. We aren't friends anymore This year I'm going with a group 8 or so and we're meeting up at ACen, getting hotel rooms close to each other type of thing. We're going as a death note and ouran high school host club group and these friends are actually nicer and more reliable than my old one so yeah it will be awesome) Actually if you want to see what our costumes for death note are videos also following this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TkwkLMBocg" (we're working on them, and that's not our actual matsuda, the matsuda in the video is my boyfriend filling in for our real one, at last momment. Don't ask about the kira part in the beginning I was testing my camera, i couldn't bring myself to delete the video cause it was funny in my opnion)
  5. I Am Evil For Loving It More Than Her?

    My sister's college graduation is the weekend of ACen. She wants me to go but I have my badge paid for and my mom said if I already had plans then it's okay. My sister is furious and upset and said she'd never forgive me if I didn't go. Which I don't think she has right to talk since she missed our older sister's graduation for her prom, when there was gonna be another one next year. (that's her excuse, ACen happens every year, her college graduation is once in a life time) and if I went to ACen it meant I loved anime more than her. I personally didn't know about the whole overlap of plans untill i already paid for my ticket. Since I can't drive, one of my friends and her brother is taking us. we're leaving friday and coming back sunday. I thought of going to her honors award ceremony but in order to go there it would take over 4 hours to get there and then another 4 to go back to ACen. While Airplane might be quicker, the only close airport there is really REALLY expensive. She said if I don't go then i'd have to buy her new car or laptop. The month of her graduation, which I don't have money for. (I am saving for ACen, paying off the fines I have at the library and etc that's eating my money), a new laptop would be possible if she let me save till like Aug 2010 but to make up enough money for a laptop with only $15 per week by may, keep in mind the expensives of ACen. I'm screwed. And while I love her, I must be honest, I love ACen and anime more than a graduation ceremony (all they are, are people having names called, getting up and accepting a piece of paper for 3hours and that's suppose to be for all their hardwork at school? really?! I wouldn't care if she didn't go to mine) my brother's graduation i missed for ACen 08, but he didn't mind since he missed my graduation and communion and any big ceremony in my life. my oldest sister missed my brother's for a wedding. Never has everyone made it to a graduation so why she expects it now, idk. All I know is I don't want to sit in a bleacher listening to someone i don't know call out names of people I don't know for 6hours (that's how long it took for my other sister's graduation) My oldest sister even offered to videotape so I could watch it later when I got back. But no... apparently its in person or I don't "love her" SIGH.. Sorry for the rant, I'm just frustrated