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  1. Hotel issues 2016

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm curious if anyone else had an issue with the Double tree in regard to the cleaning services. We were staying at the double tree this year since I wasn't able to get the Hyatt, and the staff was friendly, the food was good, but for some weird reason we had issues with the cleaning. During Saturday the service was late doing their rounds, and then when my mom called the desk and told them when we would be out for the evening, 5 pm for dinner, to come up and clean, no one did. It was really strange as we never had this issue at the hyatt, closest issue we had was shower getting clogged one year. So I'm curious if anyone else had trouble with the room cleaning services. Or any other issues with the hotels this year?
  2. Hotel issues 2016

    When was Kyle's panel? I didn't see it on the list so I only thought there was a panel for You lie in April and that's it. Interesting bit about the Masq, I know that there's been some issues in the past there, I hope someone could give us more details. I remember when the Hilton was the Softel, I think that was a complaint a few years ago about that same issue. I thought they said they changed the plumbing there. Hummm. <_< Okay that's really weird. Yeah it was strange. It just never got changed or cleaned. I'm not sure if it was because of the timing of when we were out, or if there was miscommunications but it was all truly bizarre. And that is a bit creepy with that woman. We had people drop off towels but not pick up the old ones, even when we left them on the floor when asked. Depends on which rooms you have, some of the smaller ones don't have any, usually the double beds do. :unsure:
  3. 2016 Guest Feedback

    Well musical guests aren't bad, but it would be nice to get the musical talents that do the scores rather then just the pop songs.
  4. Hotel issues 2016

    Ugh yeah I can see how that would be a real killer for an event. Oh, that's interesting. They have check in via the net now? Hummm, that should be really useful next year.
  5. 2017 Registration

    Wonderful. So now I have to wonder where in the world one can get a pre reg badge. I figured both con's had grown out of the fighting.
  6. 2017 Registration

    I went to try to register and the lady there told me that they were going to have the prereg up. Wonder if ACen will show up at AMW for prereg. I'll have to get it there if they don't put it up here. Crossing my fingers that they do.
  7. I loved the Carolina Manga Library!

    A great idea and hopefully there can be more of a selection too.
  8. Hotel issues 2016

    Hey at least it wasn't smoke. I noticed that the Hyatt was really well run this year, and at least there wasn't a fire alarm situation like there was last year.
  9. 2016 Guest Feedback

    I'm starting to wonder if one of the bigger situations is because of the size of the con vs what it used to be. Considering that the money has to be divided up among the different departments, and that probably a larger chuck would have to go towards paying for the DESC's fees for using the rooms, the cost to pay for the attendants at the doors Rosemont PD, that's pretty expensive right there given the number of Con goers. The other thing I have to wonder is if the Anime industry recently is culling together their efforts when it comes to larger conventions the same way the TV industry does it for Sci fi and comic conventions. Take for example Anime Expo, which used to boast some of the best known talents coming to their convention, now the majority of the people coming are the cosplay designers, and they only have two manga creators and one VA from Japan and no English talents. Otakon, also known for having large actors out by now is only featuring a singer and a voice actor at this moment. Normally both of those cons have a longer list. I'm starting to suspect that given what the situation is among the voice actors actively starting to form their own dubbing companies (Christina Vee and others are acting as producers for the Pied Piper Inc release of the dub Skip Beat) and various dubbing actors becoming more infused into the western animation world, it seems more and more like the larger the con gets the more over all control the companies want on who's getting sent over to attend the show and which series. I noticed that there was no listing for just Q&A with the voice actors this year, and that very much reminds me of how they do events at Comic con, where the cast of a show will be together on stage vs. solo actors. Smaller cons don't have this issue because the companies don't really see it as a opportunity to sell their product as much, so solo actors can go on their own. It's really a win lose situation. Given the situation with Bot-con, one of the larger and older transformer conventions that was run by Hasbro, where Hasbro is now combining it's conventions into one convention rather then a smaller one, I think the same is going on here. More and more the studios are realizing that people are attending the cons. Crunchyroll, hulu and Cosplay Deviants are all sponsors to Anime Expo, meaning that of the big four: AX, Anime North, ACen, and Otakon, AX is now being sponsored to cover the cost of it's larger size meaning that the sponsors have a say in what will be featured for things, Anime North seems to be mixing in western animation actors, and Otakon is also branching out into possibly getting VAs not associated with pure Anime. So my guess is that Funni said they wanted it to be the solo act this year and ACen probably had to comply.
  10. 2016 Guests?

    I have to wonder if the issue is BECAUSE it's the second biggest con now. I have to wonder if the Animation industry is expecting more out of the con because of it's size, vs. having it be a smaller con and thus less of a chance to rake in the larger bucks. I know that for the For profit cons there are rules set up for Marvel and DC for the comic cons where certain actors come to the events for promotional purposes.
  11. 5 reasons why I'm not attending this year

    In regard to C2E2, Randy is right that ReedExhibits does have it probably built into their business aspect. On top of that I think they have a rule that if your items are lost you're pretty much on your own in some cases. They're also very particular about what they will and won't check in. Stuff like Costumes and props are a no go, coats they will take, I think they won't take purses and such due to liability reasons. Let's also consider this, ignoring the logistics of space and man power, you still have the issues of people leaving items behind. Ie, someone forgets to pick up their items and leaves it over night. Or if someone get's the wrong item, something gets lost -or let's be honest here -the possibility of it getting stolen, you have to think about how that's going to be paid for. How many people pay attention to the rules of coat checks, and do you have set of lockers in there, or how is it divided up? There is two solutions that I can think of for this issue. Rather then a coat check, maybe something that is done the way Disney does it for strollers and the like. Larger prop items can be deposited behind a counter (or something similar) for say the dance and only larger prop items. Bags and the like need to be taken in. Option number two, I know this year there was a food truck outside of the area, what about something like that for a location check. Basically a van that people can deposit items in for a time, and the information or coat check, is on their cellphone. This way there is a space but it's outside of the con it self. Could that work? It's a smarter idea too to buy the majority of the items on Sunday, and keep only a wallet with you over a large purse, and a bottle of water.
  12. Abstract Center not working properly

    So I was trying to edit my submission because of the email that I had put in for a co-panelist, and wouldn't you know it the Abstract Service Center comes up with only a title and no page information. There is no way to edit your panel submission information when you go to the center, as when I tried to get there, I had to do another panel submission to get to the end of the panel submission since there is no link to it on the main page, and then to make matters worse, once I got there there was no place to log in. Could someone please tell me what's going on? I'd really like to use my first panel description over the new One I submitted. Thanks E. Naples
  13. Just curious if there's going to be a Gravity falls gathering or would that fall under the Disney group gathering this year? I'm not wanting to host it due to doing two panels, but I was curious about it.
  14. Advice for a first-time panelist?

    Script and notes! Always use scripts and notes, they are key. Examples are on the power point, but everything else say and be ready to have answers. Even hand written flash cards can work. Think of this as speech class, try not to get nervous and remember no one is out there judging you. This isn't a competition.
  15. Advice for a first-time panelist?

    First things first, you're going to need a few things. 1. Know your topic.First time panelist always have this issue where they want to talk about a lot of things and it bogs things down. What's your panel going to be about? If you're doing something technical they're going to want to know that you know what you're doing (Ie. a game making panel you have to know how to run the game program that you're pitching). If you're doing something on Japanese language, you need to know the language at least fluently. I think they have a rule in regard for how well you have to be able to demonstrate your ability to speak it. If you're going for a western panel (ie. Cartoons from here) it has to connect to something in japan. For example: if you were going to do a panel on My little Pony friendship is magic, then you could do a comparison between what they changed between the Western and Eastern markets. How the show differs and what they kept in, cut or altered to make it fit more for the demographic they wanted to fill in there. 2. Know your topic part II. Here's where things become tricky. So you have your topic, now you have to fine tune it. Some topics can be huge, like say you wanted to cover all the games in a series (example Mario brothers), you have to figure out what's important to the topic and what you want to discuss. Having a panel on just the games can be really long, so you may want to cut certain parts and focus on the things that people didn't know about. You don't want your panel to be dull, so figure out what makes the topic really interesting to you, and what will interest others. Fine tuning your panel really helps here and makes things easier to navigate. 3. Know your audience. This is kind of important. Anime conventions have a lot of people that have seen various anime and games, in fact a majority of people that want to come to your panel either have played the game or watched the show and may already know a lot about it. However there's always people that haven't heard of the title and may not have seen or watched it. You have to balance things. Have enough basic information in there so that new people aren't totally lost but enough unique information so that people that have played the game or seen the show have something new to learn about. You might want to focus on the lore of the game, connections to actual Japanese mythology or history, or even something about the cast and the production of the game or show. And if it's manga maybe the growth of the artist through the series and how their work changed over a period of time. Also bear in mind what time period your panel will be at. The later the panel the more "adult" you can get if you so choose, the earlier it is the more likely kids will be there. 4. Outline and Time. This is really important. Your outline is what you'll probably submit to the panel group, so I would say be as detailed as you can, but don't overwhelm them. Figure out based on what you want to cover how long it will take, and then give them a time frame. Most panels will run between 1 to 2 hours at tops, people can't sit for too long because it will become really hard for them. 5. Take Notes. When you're creating a panel have notes on what you want to say. This is like giving a presentation in class, you're showing your fellow students what you've learned and know. Keep that in mind as you make your panel, it actually makes things go smoother if you have a goal to your notes and key points that you want to discuss with everyone. 6. Power points are a great tool. When creating a panel you're going to need some sort of visual, and if you don't have items to display, a power point presentation is the next best thing because it keeps things on topic and makes it fun as you can put all sorts of visuals in there that can keep the audience engaged. 7. Keep your audience engaged, and watch out for the loudmouths. Audience members like to talk, they see it as a chance to say their opinions so it's good to have areas where you can pause and talk or let them ask questions. The more you let them talk the more they'll get engaged with you. Have questions ready, and also let them ask you questions. Bear in mind your audience can start out shy, so ice break them if you have to with something that will make them think of things. The thing to watch out for is people that have a LOT of opinions. These people aren't bad, but they can derail the discussion, so you may have to ask them, nicely, to wait their turn, or to be quiet. You'll know them right away as the audience will more then likely tell them to "Shhhh". 8. You can't give out food but you can give out prizes. Rules at ACen, and a lot of other conventions, are that you can't just hand out food. You're best bet is to, if you'd like to have prizes for a quiz or trivia, hand out something cool like a dvd or a plush or something associated with the series. 9. Make sure your computer can work with the room set up and know you're room. Since ACen has moved the panels to the DESC in the upstairs, also if you're a first time panelist, find out where the room is and find out who will be in charge of the tech. You don't want your panel being a half hour of you fiddling with the computer. Also have a back up plan if you can't show your presentation. In my case I'm going to have a camera on hand and have the audience members come up and act out part of the story summary in the event that we can't show the slides. 10. Info you can't show you can always hand out to people. If you know there's a lot to cover and you know that people won't sit for a four hour long panel, then it's time to make a packet. These can be small or large and have a lot, or a little, info in them based on what you can't cover. And some people, if they have good tips and info, usually keep them. 11. Try to be professional. If you look like you don't know what you're doing, then they won't listen to you. Audience members are forgiving but they can be strange. Bear in mind they can leave at a moments notice and it isn't you but you need to be able to keep them engaged and the more you stutter and tremble the less they will trust you on what you're talking about. Practice is key, especially if you're panel will have you in character, so go over your panel, time it, have people pretend to be people in your audience and work with that. It really helps. 12. If you're doing a panel that deals with cosplay, have examples at the ready. If you have anything to do with being in character or cosplay or anything where people want to see things, have examples or be in character. If you're doing a Q&A session know how the character will answer a question. Keep in that character and even if you get ask something weird think how they would answer. If you're showing how to make things, show off your examples, and the longer you have been making things the more confident your work will look. Be advised people will want to touch so if something is really delicate and you don't want someone messing with it, either don't put it out, or show them it yourself and don't let them hold it. 13. Have fun, and the audience will too. The more you seem like you're enjoying yourself up there the more they will have fun too. That's one of the keys to making the panel feel not so long. That's about all I can think of right now. Hope it helps. :)
  16. Crowne Plaza block open date

    Okay so according to the lady in reservations, it's supposed to open for Mid October for the Double tree. But I haven't seen any announcement yet.
  17. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Which Hilton did you rent from Jos? Also Domino, oh that would be a nice idea. The only issue is you'd have to be very picky about the people renting given that there are some very exuberant types of people coming to conventions.
  18. Confused about badges/registration this year

    Yeah, that's part of the issue. By the time the panelist page comes out it's already the third tier which means that you'll be getting half off of between $58, or if it's almost 4th tier then $70, which seems insane right now. That's kind of what happened last year, so I said "Screw it," bought my badge early and dealt with the price. You never know if your panel is going to go through or not, and I'd rather not take the chance. That's a real quandary there. I can only make a hypothetical guess based on previous stuff from the one year a friend did a panel, but at that time there was no refund as per the same thing with the panelist situation. If you buy a badge early and you get approval you're going to be paying whatever cost you incurred from registering and no discount, at least that's what happened to her. Honestly I wish they would at least get some of that up to date. I know this is all volunteer, but I really think they need a group specifically doing all their forms and information so that that can come out on time or before other aspects for those who want to do tables and panels. Again, I'm only taking a guess here, but I'm betting it's the same thing like with the panels. If you buy a badge early you're more then likely going to get no refund. Which is really annoying in the end. You want to save so you can use that money to make more items or prints or to have it for the hotel or other locations.
  19. Bryce Papenbrook

    Yes for Bryce, I'd love to hear about what's it's like growing up around voice acting as his dad did it for years before he passed away.
  20. Mamoru Miyano and/or Junichi Suwabe

    Shoot if we're going for those two, have Kenichi Suzumura and Maaya Sakamoto come as well. Kenichi does Masato with the other two in Uta no Prince, and Maaya Sakamoto is Ciel from Black Butler along with Mamoru voicing Joker from the latest Book of circus.
  21. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Nope Hilton is not on the list and they are really freaking pricey.
  22. Confused about badges/registration this year

    I know that the last time i did a panel there was something similar that happened. They didn't do discounts for the badge that we had already purchased, although for Artist Alley I'm not sure that works the same way. However what I can tell you is that I got only one badge, the panelist one, but at the full price I paid rather then at the discount rate. So maybe you'll have the same thing. >_>
  23. Dat 2016 Room Block

    That's what I'm waiting for here. Crossing my fingers I can get it. No word yet on the time set up for Doubletree right now, at least on the main page, facebook or twitter right now. I heard that it was going to be open at 10 am on October 10th.
  24. Crowne Plaza block open date

    I heard it was the 10th they were suppposed to open at 10 am, but I haven't seen an update yet anywhere. Also glad to see the forums are now working.
  25. Dat 2016 Room Block

    so right now we have rooms reserved at the crown. Going to try for the Doubletree, hopefully that will be open soon. According to the woman when my mom called today the DT is booked up, although I hope that's not the case. Couldn't there be a way to make this a bit easier? Like allowing people that know they're going to be coming next year to early bird book the room for Next ACen, but make that only one or two rooms okay to book.