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  1. hi

    is there anyway when a ;person can't attend,that you can do a skype attendee,i have a hard time getting out of my house,and now i'm waiting for a kidney transplant.but i'd love to attend ACen via skype.
  2. I'm back!!!

    hi i'm here how are ypou.?
  3. new forum

    meetup in convention center,and then meetup in NJ.
  4. hi i want to know when the convention is.?and if you'll ever have one herew in NJ.?
  5. At-Con Volunteer (Gopher) Perks

    does anyone know of anmyone who runs the panels at ACen?if i can get there i would lobve to volunteer at one of the panels,or even be on a panel.
  6. panel programming

    if i can get to ACen i would lobve to help out at a panel it would be a priviledge and an honour to work at a panel or work on a panel.
  7. Road Show Suggestions for 2011/2012

    i wish you would have anime central here in NJ.it would be nice to have it here.and i can get to it without a problem.i really want to attend it would be my first anime con. and i would lobve to be an administrator here on the forum,and be a mod.
  8. Setup/Tear Down Crew needs YOU!

    i can do everything without getting hurt get soap from a hotel room can get around without biting gendo and tape is a line set.
  9. Volunteering in 2012!

    i would lobve to help in anyway i can.i belong to the yahoo group and facebook group.i can keep track of names or get stuff for people.but it's my first time so i would need help to get around and show mew where to go.i'm trying to get transportation.
  10. Anime Central 15th Anniversary Badge Challenge!

    it would be my first time at the con.i would need to get my badge.
  11. Anime Central 2012 Puzzle Quest

    i would like to get in on the contest.
  12. Hello Everybody!