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  1. It's Time to DDDD-Duel!

    Yeah, my boyfriend and I don't pay attention to the ban list at all either. For the most part, we don't have a lot of those cards in our decks. We will probably be bringing multiple decks as well. It will be nice to test them out against other duelists instead of each other. When you play the same person over and over again, you kind of figure out their strengthens, weakness, and how they duel. :)
  2. It's Time to DDDD-Duel!

    Hey everyone, I only put up this thread since it seems there is not a new thread for 2013 ACen!!! Over the last year, I have gotten my boyfriend hooked on Yu-gi-oh duel monster cards. We would love to play against other opponents besides each other. Is anyone else going to the convention going to bring their deck(s) with them?
  3. Prince of Tennis 2013!

    Can't wait to see it Tasuki! I know I'm excited for a Prince of Tennis photoshoot!!!! It has been a while since I went to one! :)
  4. Prince of Tennis 2013!

    I'm going to be there! I will hopefully be Eiji Kikumaru from U-17 Camp! I'm also posting this post to bump this thread back to the top of the forum so other people can see! Hopefully we can get a few more members of other schools to appear at ACen!!!
  5. Dragonball/Z/GT

    Any time on Saturday works for me!!!
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh! 2012

    I'm not sure yet, but I may be going as the Dark Magician Girl and my boyfriend will be going as Yami Yugi. However he keeps calling it Yaoi Yugi instead! LOL
  7. Dragonball/Z/GT

    Last year my boyfriend and I was Chiaotzu and Bulla. A weird couple I know. This year we are planning on going as Goku and Chi Chi. I'm not sure what versions. However we might go as Teen Goten and Bulla as well! Everything is still up in the open!
  8. Prince of Tennis 2011

    I will be there on Sunday in my Eiji Kikumaru outfit! Hoi Hoi!!! :) Bulma- I remember that stuff from 2009 I still don't think that I can get that taste out of my mouth! LOL
  9. Dragonball Universe Cosplays

    Hopefully my boyfriend finishes our costumes! I'm going as Bulla/Bra however you want to say it and he is going as either King Kai, Trunks, or chiaotzu. He has a week to decide! LOL I can't wait to meet up with the gang! :)
  10. Aftercon

  11. Acen Cosplay 2008 Pictures!

  12. Prince Of Tennis