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  1. Friday Dj Party

  2. Friday Dj Party

    Alright basically my question is... Do we have to pay for the DJ party on Friday? I hope not.
  3. Acen Shops

    Thanx guys *hugs you all* 8D
  4. Acen Shops

    Anyone know what merchants are coming to ACen? I wanna plan out what I'm buying and check out there site if they have one. Thanks in advance. I need to know the information.
  5. How Much Should I Save?

    Also bringing plenty of food from home. I did, and it came in handy when most of my friends wanted to eat at the hotel in the morning and I flat out refused because it cost five dollars for a donuts :angry: Bring your own food saves money and it lessens your fast food intake, especially if you have little snacks that will help you threw the day.
  6. Gripes

    Oh there is. Well I will put it in my phone then and hand it to my friends. Thank ^-^
  7. Gripes

    Can't wait for ACen it's coming so quickly and I have prom on the same day. So it's going to be hectic... lol anyway, I didn't have much to gripe about last year except one thing. Smokers, please be kind to us non-smokers and fallow the smoking rules. Last year I had terrible headaches because of all the smoke in the soapbubble line and the entrance to the convention center. I'm just saying, if you have the need to smoke and your in line, just ask the person nearest to you or friends to hold your spot before you take a puff instead of doing it in line. I'm probably going to be more bold this year and tell any smoker to stop it. It makes me physically sick and it makes me hack my brains out so much that I feel like keeling over.
  8. Got Soap?

  9. The Vending Machine Game!

  10. Junjou Romantica 2010

  11. Parties

  12. Acen Aftershock!

  13. Ideas But Can't Sew

  14. Ideas But Can't Sew