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  1. 21 and older hangout

    Will everyone be in costume? I'm going to change out of mine so I don't get it dirty.
  2. True Or False

    False. TNP has seen or is going to see Cabin in the Woods in the theater.
  3. Questions Only

    Why don't we segue into food wants, with mine being ice cream right now?
  4. Procrastination Zone!

    I had mine commissioned and it's going to arrive in the mail on Wednesday, so techinically the person I commissioned may have procrastinated, heh. Also, I just learned I need to find a blue jewel type of thing for the front of my dress. I hope one of the craft stores has something like that D:
  5. Bunny Palooza 2012

    What is this about? A gathering for all things bunny related for bunny and cat cosplayers?
  6. ヽ(�-`Д´-)ノ Y U NO READ?!

    What up, Lexussssssss?! Glad you could join us. I hope you have a great time!
  7. True Or False

    True! TNP wishes he/she had a bowl of Lucky Charms right now.
  8. 21 and older hangout

    This sounds like fun. I will be attending the Shoeless Joe's 21+ meetup Thursday as well. I'm always down to meet new people! I'm staying at Intercontinental. 6 or 7pm on Friday works. Keep me posted!!
  9. Magic the Gathering cosplay

    I'm not cosplaying from this game, but I'm excited to see someone else is! A group of friends and I are thinking about making planeswalker cosplays for August. I'd like to try my hand at Steve Argyle's Liliana :)
  10. Excited for ACen! Not excited for 2.5 hour drive solo :(
  11. Might be giving away a room

    O noes, I hope you find an alternative medicine :(
  12. What's the last thing you ate?

    ^^^^ I can meal myself, but dannnnnnnnng! So, yeah..I just had some blueberry poptarts and coffee. Keepin' it classy.
  13. The "damn" Thread

    Damn, I still don't have my costume and I blew away most of my tax money on partying!
  14. Photoshoots!

    Photographers are awesome! Is this going down any place in particular?
  15. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v2

    Talking to my roomie about this to see if he's down. Not doing the casino thing though.