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  1. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    I checked the Guidebook (they have an app for your smartphone). After the concert from 10-11pm they have a signing in Panel Room #2, a Q&A at 1:30-2:30pm Saturday in the Rosemont Ballroom in the Hyatt, and a signing in Autograph Area 1 from 3pm-4pm Saturday.
  2. Cosplay Gatherings Submissions?

    I found this link in the Nintendo cosplay thread: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1P9QjJNeYAPYrrwQxYaRwv16yY-W9xTCReAUHfmM4SqY/viewform?c=0&w=1
  3. Where to Park

    I believe in and out privileges are for hotel guests only. If staying at a hotel, have the ticket validated by the front desk if parked on the DoubleTree/Hilton/Embassy parking garage. If not part of a hotel, it's pay every time you exit.
  4. Who will be trying to see Distant Worlds there?

    Yup! According to the Guest Forums, performances are 4pm Fri and 1pm Sat with doors opening 30 mins beforehand.
  5. Who will be trying to see Distant Worlds there?

    Curses! I have plans for the 24th! Oh well, maybe next time... At least I saw the US anniversary concert the last time they were here.
  6. Where to Park

    Park First! Above each parking spot is a number that you need to input into the ticket machine so they know which spot has time left. You do not need to go back to your car after getting your ticket. This is unlike the street parking meters in Chicago where you put your ticket in the window. As for your second question. I believe the machines take cash.
  7. Hi guys.... =D Anyone remember me?

    I don't know anyone here. I'm new.... ;)
  8. Black Thanksgiving?

    I saw Starbucks hours located outside a near outdoor mall. They are almost similar to McDonalds. They open on Thanksgiving at 5am and close at 10pm Black Friday. One thing that makes me laugh is the excuse, "It's because Thanksgiving is late this year." We've had late Thanksgivings before. It cycles this late like every 5-6 years.
  9. Black Thanksgiving?

    Hey Acenites....? Aceners...? People of the ACen forums, Long time since I posted, but what are your thoughts on Black Friday Sales starting Thanksgiving night? My current work of 6 years always opened when the mall opens on Friday (When I started it opened at 7am and now currently 5am). This year might be different and we might be open at 8pm on Thanksgiving because other stores are taking the option to open up that early. The problem I see with that is we are a small business with me and the owner as the only employees with some help from her family sometimes during the holiday shopping season. What I don't like is that if we do this, I would have to miss out on half of my family's party and the extra rest to make it through working the weekend.
  10. 2013 guidebook, missing items?

    Looks as though the website version is more complete than the mobile app version. The app is missing the other main events programming in the Rosemont Ballroom and Convention Center.
  11. Disney

    Since I don't see a photoshoot for it, I might be doing Soos from Gravity Falls or Prince Charming from Snow White to compliment my GF.
  12. Anime in Chicago

    The Japanese Mahjong group also hangs out at that Starbucks on Wednesdays usually 7:30-close or when the last round ends in the 11 o'clock hour.
  13. Anybody else get flooded?

    Hyatt Regency O'Hare
  14. Wreck-it Ralph

    Is it November yet?