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  1. Suggestions for 2014

  2. Suggestions for 2014

    That post was a full-on agreement with your post about the reminder to keep tones and posts civil. I was implying that I acknowledged your reminder, and am/will behave appropriately. I did not mean it as a superseding statement regarding your reminder. I have no reason or intent to sass you or anyone else posting here or anywhere else on the forums. I am sorry for the confusion regarding that.
  3. Suggestions for 2014

    Apologies, spelling error. Because I think two all age raves/dances/parties is ridiculous for an anime convention. Why must ACen have two? I do not understand. And Soap Bubble is where I see the stupidest behavior. yes, attendees will act out anywhere at any time, even if there were no dances. (And I am NOT implying both dances disappear..) But there are kids merged with adults in a questionable setting for the dance. I find that to be uncomfortable and I see it as a risk for something to happen, escalate, and someone ends up sued for it! If Synergy is much like Soap Bubble, even more reason to remove one or make each one vastly differing in age groups.
  4. Suggestions for 2014

    My entire post vanished, so I'll try this again DJ Jeffrito - I agree. It WOULD be a nightmare to arrange this! I need to come up with more valid approaches instead of complaints. I have a good time at Soap Bubble. I have not attended Synergy yet. I do not want to imply that I want to take a fun dance from kids, but I just do NOT see kids raving with adults as a good thing in any sense. It's not good. Doesn't look good. Valkyrie - I was not attempting to supersede your authority in any way, and I apologize if that is how it appeared. I was stating that I read you loud and clear, and I have no ill will or intent toward anyone here. They are all stating valid points that are well received by me. For future reference, which post of mine was sassing? I have posted a lot on here, and I may have gotten too passionate on my stance. But I do not know which post to which you are referring? Please advise, as I mean no harm, but I do want to know where I crossed the line so I do not make that move again. Alkaren Hyralt - I feel it is not monitored enough for a rave involving kids and adults in the dark. My suggestion is more security within the crowd. Security is wonderful at ACen. However, it's a matter of how much.
  5. Suggestions for 2014

    Yes, well said Valkyrie. However, myself and all included in this discussion are being creatively constructive in our opinions, I'd say. No problems here. I "am raising a stink" about it because it is ridiculous in my personal opinion. Kids should not be raving with adults in an unmonitored environment (Soap Bubble is not monitored all that well inside, as it is very dark and constantly changing and moving.) That is something I do not agree with. I also think that two dances for all ages take up much space that programming can really use for more panels, or other ideas. I love to go to a dance and have a good time. I do not detest raves/dances/parties. I just do not think kids should be involved in a dance where adults are sweating it out in the dark. I am not being received in the slightest, and that is completely fine.
  6. Suggestions for 2014

    Yes, the main reasons for not changing any of this (if that is what you are implying, correct me if I have you mistaken) is the fear of decreasing attendance? Scheduling conflicts? That is what I have gathered thus far regarding the dances and age limitations. Stickers can come off. Badges can be traded. People do as they will. So nothing will change regarding this matter, then?
  7. Suggestions for 2014

    Yes, you already used such wording already a few posts ago. I am aware. As I am thinking for more solid ways for this to work, What is your point, exactly? Just continue to allow kids and adults in the rave? What of the legal curfew that restricts minors from even being OUT past its stated time?
  8. Suggestions for 2014

    Yes, a few times. 2009 2010 2012 I enjoyed them thoroughly. Is this relevant? If so, please explain what your angle is so that I am understanding you fully.
  9. Suggestions for 2014

    Turn Synergy into a minors only rave. Age restricted. It is now underage people in a room, dancing. Also it can meet the local curfew time. Soap Bubble can be age restricted for 18 and up. It is now adult people in a room, dancing. It is suitable because one dance is for kids. THe other, adults. Adults have a higher chance of having alcohol in their systems. Kids typically do not (I would hope. But who knows.) The separation allows for safety for the kids. And for adults to remain in their own age group when possibly under the influence. (Not to imply all adults are a threat, drinkers, bad choice-makers, etc. But this seems to make sense to not have kids in a rave with adults? Does anyone see the amount of grinding occuring inside Soap Bubble? Okay that is fine, but just...remove the kids from that scenario. put them in their own dance/rave/party that can be monitored better (less people, and limited to curfew.) What the kids do on their own after this dance, can only be seen and monitored when kids are in public. I gather that. However, when in the area of the convention, they are to be monitored.
  10. Suggestions for 2014

    And about "decreased attendance" ? Oh okay, I suppose we can focus on money instead of safety and the local law. I absolutely disagree in every bit of that concept. I vote for no minors in Soap Bubble. Period. What they do otherwise remainds to be seen. But inside Soap Bubble? No. Not safe. Not LEGAL to even have them in there past 11 PM (or whatever Rosemont curfew is) in the first place. I fail to see how this is illogical. Color coded stickers can be on the badge and then laminated. Or the badge itself can be a certain color. These methods are not expensive in any way to apply. to your question of Synergy - making this dance/event/rave age restricted for just the minors. (Soap Bubble for older) and/or have it curfew enforced. I feel that there is much focus on financial gain/attendee numbers and not the safety of said attendees. As I said, nothing wrong has happened to a minor in Soap Bubble. Great. However it still does not seem legal to allow kids in there til 2 AM or however the duration of the dance is. Making one dance for them seems safer, I would suppose. Yes, kids will do whatever they want and cause trouble in any number of ways. I am not worried about kids causing trouble in Soap Bubble. I am worried of an ADULT causing a KID trouble in Soap Bubble. I feel like no one is seeing the threat here? Should I spell it out? PERVERTS. CONVENTIONS HAVE TONS OF THEM. Its a reality. Are we not aware of it? Or? I am confused. Keep kids away from sweaty adults in dark, unmonitored rooms. Simple. SO simple. Is this not in any way logical? It has nothing to do with attendee numbers. Its about what makes sense and is just generally safe and sensible. Keep Synergy if it can be shortened to curfew and made for a certain age group to allow them their rave-time.
  11. Suggestions for 2014

    Toss one of the dances. It's ludicrous to have two of them. They are taking up too much space. More Programming can be put into play in place of one of them. OR Shorten the length AND create age restrictions on BOTH. Soap Bubble is a sweat fest. Don't try and spin it into anything else. It is what we all know it to be. A good and fun time, but NOT MEANT FOR MINORS. Fix it. Now. Apply restrictions through badge color coding. Simple. Done and done. I see NO reason why this is not yet in effect. Curfew means nothing to the minors if no one is enforcing this. Thank goodness nothing bad has truly happened to a teenager at Soap. But should we wait around til that happens to actually do something about it? I hope that is not the "logic" here. God I really hope not. Soap Bubble is not shady. It's a dance. where people "rave" YES. they dance. no, drugs are not involved, nor are they tolerated if they ARE found. However, 1. it runs past curfew. thats a legal issue with the young ones. 2. Any number of things can go wrong. I would rather act on this "paranoia" if you will, than wait til one girl gets peeved with someone coming onto her and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Parents point out that shes too young for the dance, curfew, etc etc. and then what? THEN Anime Central puts on an age limit? Please do something about this already. It's insane it hasn't been done before. and if need REALLY exists for money/attendee boosting issues, keep Synergy for minors ONLY then, with reasonable hours and duration of the event. ACen is not a free-for-all. We can all pretend it is, if that makes you feel better about it, but it isn't. It is a large scale event with MANY people to look after for the weekend. Restrictions, limitations, and rules need to exist, and exist HARD. Also, IRT who work in the street between Hyatt and convention center need megaphones. There is NO WAY anyone can hear these guys bellowing. Attendees need to be reminded CONSTANTLY of rules. Some of these folks are new, or some from cons that are vastly different. IRT is there to keep folks safe and remind of those rules, but no one can hear them outside yelling to get off the street. Get some megaphones. Fund it. Somehow. Someone is going to get hit by a car. Rosemont probably HATES ACen time because it means thoughtless people drifting in the street when OTHER people in the area maybe need to get to work, get to the airport, etc. and here we all are, dancing around and taking our sweet time. Unacceptable. I'd rather be on staff and have attendees think I am a hormonal MONSTER for calling at them to get off the street for the millionth time, than have them get hurt and/or further demonstrate to the city what a bunch of idiots we all are for disregarding general safety and law.
  12. 2013 Gripes

    Absolutely remove Synergy and move Soap Bubble to Friday, leaving saturday evening mostly CONGESTION-free for Masquerade and/or Madness. Two dances is outrageous and it clearly causes issues more often than not. There is no way to check for ages of attendees for the dances, and this becomes an issue of safety and legality with minors raving into the early morning and having run-ins with people that do not posess innocent intentions. Simple as that. Make age restrictions with color-coding the badges or a sticker on the badge prior to printing it, etc. This is a safety issue. and With that said, kick one of the dances. I know both dances are there to spike attendee numbers, but at what cost? People are fading from this convention because it is falling from its glory days. There is less Anime, less ANYTHING true to the nature of the convention (raves? two of them? really?) and less integrity to show for it. Get back to basics. Was anyone apprehended in any way for the fire alarm fiasco in 2012? I am not sure if anyone was, or if it was broadcasted here or not. But it seems every other year or so, a crazy dilemma like this occurs. 2010 I believe ACen was shut down for friday night or at least an hour or so because of people darting across the streets, congesting walkways and lingering in unsafe places. IRT does a great job every year keeping this stuff in check, but what can we do to just stop it from happening? People are so ignorant; defacing property, wandering in the streets, being insanely loud at odd hours when OTHER guests are at the hotel trrying to sleep...It makes me sick. IRT needs megaphones as well. At least those working the street over by the Hyatt. NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU BELLOWING AT THEM TO GET OUT OF THE STREET. NO ONE. Use a megaphone before you blow your vocal chords wailing at idiotic attendees. Please. Put some funding into that. You need to be heard to keep attendees safe. These are moreso suggestions, but they stem from gripes.
  13. Suggestions for 2014

    LOVE all these suggestions. So creative and interesting. My ONE suggestion, and I will beg for it every year is... PLEASE color code stickers or badges for age restrictions. Soap Bubble must be 18+. Hands down. It runs into the early hours, has questionable activity, and it is impossible to get the younger attendees out at a reasonable hour to maintain general safety. I have not attended ACen in awhile because it seems like a cluster of chaos. I miss it. PLEASE color code badges to keep young ones safe. If this already happened by some miraculous way and I missed that memo, THANK YOU. If not, seriously. Please. It is NOT safe to have it any other way.
  14. ACen 5K Race

    Perhaps a 5K NOT during ACen, could be considered as well? There is already SO much stuff going on that weekend as is. And traffic is high as always. Just a thought...
  15. ACEN Cosplay Fitness thread!

    Push ups or dips are crucial for tricep toning (back of upper arm. the spot that many ladies have troubles toning) And full cardio workouts WILL help with toning the tummy and thighs. Even if you do not think that a full body cardio workout would focus on those areas. Overall calorie burning WILL help. Also, WATER! Never underestimate the power of H2O. If you do not like the taste, add mint leaves, cilantro, lime, cucumber, raspberry, lemon, or tangerine slices! It gives the water some pizazz, tastes fancy, and you will drink more of it because of this. Guaranteed. Cold water does wonders for your metabolism. I work on a farm and am thankful for that type of physical labor, as I started at 138 in March and I am 122 right now. Weight will fluctuate daily. Heck, HOURLY. Do not be upset by the numbers. Sometimes I "feel" toned and in shape and the numbers are actually UP. It's about understanding your body and its reactions. How it works. And knowing what feels right for YOU. In any case. NEVER become idle. It is terrible for the mind, and for the body. Idleness increases depression and anxiety. Keep moving, working, schooling, whatever it is you do. Breathe in between, but keep yourself intrigued and engaged. Best of luck to all!