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    CHICAGO <3, art, deadmau5, electronica, raving my face off, good conversation, beer, body mods (piercings + tats), anime, Hello Kitty, nature, cosplay, Gloomy Bear, coffee, spirituality, hookah, gaming, people, being loud + obnoxious, partying, rainbows, dancing like the white girl I am, driving, drawing, writing, sleeping, hot girls ;D

    Among LOTS of other things. Talk to me to know more. :)

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  1. How are you saving money?

    For the past few months, I've been collecting ALL of my change leftover from purchases in this enormous piggy bank I've got in my room. Occasionally when I've got some spare singles, I'll throw a few in there. I emptied it out the other day just to get an idea as to how much I've saved so far, and I'm bordering on $70! I never realized until now how much change I acquire in such a short amount of time. And normally, if I just let it sit in my purse, I always end up spending it on junk food while I'm at school and whatnot, so it's much better off in the piggy bank! Right before the convention, I'm going to cash it in at the bank, and split the amount in half; spending half of it on booze, half of it on food. I'll probably put a small portion aside for the dealer's room and artist alley, but I don't need too much for that. I've severely cut my unnecessary merch buying habits over the years, thankfully!
  2. SoapBubble 2011 info and DJ line up.

    This is probably the most excited I've been for Soap Bubble in years. This lineup is absolutely brutal. And now two DJs spinning dubstep AND DJ Amaya? I love you, ACen. I really do. <3
  3. Anime Central In Relation To Your Uni Finals!

    Pretty stoked that UIC's art department gets out a week before the rest of the university. My last day is April 29th! :D
  4. How long does it take for a badge to come?

    I've never had problems with getting my badge delivered to me, so just hold tight and it should come soon enough. I usually get mine at some point in March. In the event that it doesn't get delivered and you have to pick it up at the convention, they've definitely improved the registration line situation, so it won't be too much of a hassle. I remember having to wait in line for four hours in 2006 or so before they sorted things out. However, the past two years when I've headed to registration with friends to pick up their badges, we were in and out within 15 minutes. No worries. :]
  5. SoapBubble 2011 info and DJ line up.

    DUBSTEPPPPPPPPPPPPPP <3 You have filled my electronica-loving heart with inexplicable joy. I grew out of the euro/trance phase years ago. Maybe I'll actually come to Soap Bubble earlier than 2am this year!
  6. I am waiting to be blown away by your Deadmau5 glory!!!!

  7. Official "Did You See Me At Acen?" Thread

    If anyone has pictures of me in my Deadmau5 head I'd greatly appreciate it! I got quite a few pictures taken by people, and I'd love to see them! Here's a picture for those that may not know what I'm talking about :] I'm the one on the left!!! http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y236/stom...600013_3079.jpg
  8. Anime Central 2010 Cta Ads Are Out!

    Ahhh! Are there any on the trains or in the subway stations? I ride the train nearly every day [i live in Logan Square] and it'd hype me up even more than I already am to see one!
  9. Question For The Raveeee ~ <3

    It's called Hardcore Synergy; it's not nearly as big as Soap Bubble, and plays more cliche music [more or less anime/Japanese-related songs], but it's still a really good time, depending you're into that sort of scene! I'll definitely be there; I always go to check it out for a couple hours - it's a lot of fun, but is really just a precursor to what Saturday night has in store for us. :]
  10. Photographers At Acen!

    I'll be there with my Nikon D40 and the standard 18-55mm lens as well as my 55-200mm. It's a lower-end DSLR, but it gets the job done. This camera is like my child. :]
  11. So.....who's Going To Be Around Early Friday Morning?

    I always end up getting to the Hyatt around 9. You'll find me sloth-ing around, seeing as I'm normally never awake at that hour. But then again, given the appropriate amount of coffee, I could be bouncing off the walls.
  12. Question For The Raveeee ~ <3

    I wouldn't call the Soap Bubble a "rave" - go to a real rave and you'll see how different the atmospheres are! I have attended [and still attend] many raves in the Chicago area; actually on a break from going to parties right now; the last three I went to got busted. :C Anywho, the Soap Bubble is still a damn good time. You can dance as insanely as you want, and no one will look at you like you're a complete weirdo, and you're surrounded by a ton of really fun-loving people. I've gotten the chance to go on stage and dance the past two years - it's so crazy seeing the room from that point of view and feeding off everyone's energy! I don't remember the last time I actually waited in line to get into SB. I always wait until around 1AM to even attempt going down there; yeah, I sacrifice a few hours of party time in there, but I feel a lot better walking right in because I HATE waiting in lines! Hope you have a great time! <3