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  1. Yu-gi-oh! 2011

    You've now got a Summoned Skull! :D
  2. Costume Size Question?

    Thank you so much for helping to clear this up! Fortunately I do have a friend to help me look out for things. I made sure I can also control the fingers and lift the arm so it won't drag and mess up the latex or accidentally hurt someone.
  3. Costume Size Question?

    Oh gosh, siam is one of my favorite enemies from Silent Hill and that costume is just amazing. The Bandersnatch's arm is light enough that I can hold it against my side and bend it so everything from the elbow down is held against my chest and the fingers are on my shoulder, but i'll certainly wait to get the final ok on it.
  4. Costume Size Question?

    I was going to cosplay as a Bandersnatch from the Resident Evil series for Anime Central this year and I was wondering about something. http://www.videogamesblogger.com/wp-conten...-screenshot.jpg He looks like that, and would I be able to cosplay that character with its arm like that? (I wouldn't be swinging it around or anything or even moving it really, it'd just drag or hang right next to me.)
  5. True Or False

  6. Youmacon 2009

  7. Costume Prop Question