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  1. Any Ideas for Travel Without a Car?

    Without knowing if you have am Amtrak line near your location I'd go with Greyhound or Megabus option. Greyhound has more locations including a Cumberland stop that is one blue line train stop from the con. Megabus has fewer routes, but may be (much) faster.
  2. 2017 Guest Suggestions

    Someone made a casual comment "How about some guests" on their March 28 facebook post about Saturday last day for discount registration & today that post is no longer there... Coincidentally they did announce a fashion guest today.
  3. 2016 Guests?

    Nice to have the Key guests & Eir Aoi but disappointing that there isn't more on the Japanese side besides the DJ's. Oh well have to rely on an external event to satisfy that need so for anyone who likes Vocaloid Miku Expo is bringing Hachioji P (best known for Sweet Devil) for an autograph signing at the Barnes & Noble at Old Orchard in Skokie. http://mikuexpo.com/na2016/events
  4. Vocaloid Cosplayers

    I'm not a cosplayer, but I thought I'd put this out there because I know a bunch come to ACen. There will be a Miku Expo concert at the Chicago Theatre downtown a few days after ACen. I'm just thinking how cool it would be if any of you Vocaloid cosplayers out there could maybe do a gathering for the concert & crowd the windows of the ABC 7 news studios just across the street for their 6pm live news broadcast. Concert site. http://mikuexpo.com/na2016/ Tickets http://www.ticketmaster.com/hatsune-miku-chicago-illinois-05-25-2016/event/07005044E9B77C82?artistid=1989197&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1 Google view of the area. https://www.google.com/maps/place/The+Chicago+Theatre/@41.8850667,-87.6278244,3a,90y,294.3h,108.91t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-OoLRgmf41KQ%2FVfX7JMicYAI%2FAAAAAAABBFc%2FxcXV58TK-co!2e4!3e11!6s%2F%2Flh3.googleusercontent.com%2F-OoLRgmf41KQ%2FVfX7JMicYAI%2FAAAAAAABBFc%2FxcXV58TK-co%2Fw212-h106-n-k-no%2F!7i10240!8i5120!4m2!3m1!1s0x880e2ca55810a493:0x4700ddf60fcbfad6!6m1!1e1
  5. Mikuexpo recently announced a Chicago concert that will happen 3 days after ACen. It would be an awesome opportunity to get any guests Vocaloid related (you had Luka>YÅ« Asakawa one year) & perhaps do some cross promotions.
  6. help getting to ACen

    http://us.megabus.com/ has rides to & from Detroit for only $5 each way for ACen dates.
  7. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    Thanks for the info. Glad to hear she wasn't injured. It was just an open thought about the other concerts & I'm guessing the same thing which would make their ACen appearance a little more special for those that got to experience it.
  8. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    Thanks for getting SCANDAL. Though I haven't followed their rise since first seeing them live in 2008 I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. I have been wondering did they get a chance to do any touristy things while here & was the fall during the concert an accident or staged? Either way it was kind of cute in that clumsy anime girl way. :glomp:/> Also wonder if their other two dates in California will get the chance for autographs & photo op like ACen since they're standalone concerts.
  9. Gripes Against Individuals

    I noticed what seemed like a spike in smoking myself as if most of the time I was walking to the convention center there was a smoker in front. And then there were all the smokers outside the doors of the Stevens center that are unavoidable unless you walk around to the other side. I don't know how they could allow smoking in an enclosed area like that.
  10. Guidebook

    I had trouble with the guidebook stuck in refreshing the full schedule & it seemed to be useless without an constant internet connection which was troublesome because T-Mobile didn't work well at the con center.
  11. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    Nice. I haven't been following their rise, but remember going to see them live when they were starting out & came here as part of the SWSX Japan Nite tour & also at Sakura-con. Edit: Found my old photos.
  12. Rosemont Theatre

    All of the the above; a full concert with the live band backing along with the producers & voices behind the vocaloid to fill out panel programming. Miku at AX sold out three years ago & she recently got a little more domestic exposure being the an opener for Lady Gaga's tour (see ). And just this month NY & LA were selected to host 2 concerts each (see mikuexpo.com). VIP tickets at $140+ sold out pretty quick, but regular admission tickets at $70+ after fees are still available. Honestly I don't know how much of a reception a Vocaloid concert would get at ACen. I think alot would depend on costs, but a paid & free section mix I bet would fill at least 2/3 of the theatre.
  13. Idols!

    ACen did get Chiaki Takahashi voice of Azusa from The Idolm@ster back in '09. More idol anime types would be appreciated.
  14. Final count for ACen 2014?

    A bit off topic I was perplexed when I saw the prom kids again this year. It seemed like ACen had taken the whole of that side of the con center so I wondering where they found the room for that.
  15. Anyone ever buy from.....?

    Rightstuf is the goto store for my anime blu-ray's/DVD's. Free shipping over $50 is nice & since they're only in Iowa stuff gets to the Chicagoland area in about 3-4 days even with the free shipping. Amazon is good when Funimation does a promotion with them where they price alot of Funi's titles at 50-60% off msrp (Rightstuf is normally 40%).