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  1. When requesting to host cosplay meet up

    The first thing you want to consider is how many people will show up. Is it still a big fandom or is it small? Having a rough idea of how many people will show up will give you an idea of where to request your shoot. The next thing to consider is how you want your shoot to run. I find this is best done with a list of shots you want to take. A pointer that a photography friend gave me was to keep people up there as long as possible. Let's say you have three characters that are commonly together in the series you're shooting. I'd start off by having all three up there to take one picture. Then Characters A and B stay up there, and you take another picture. Then B and C. Then A and C. The best way to combine shots will be up to you. Lastly, and this is personal preference, is to do a group shot at the beginning and the end. You'll find that some people can't stay for the whole shoot or they arrive late. Having group shots at the beginning and end makes sure everyone gets into a group shot at some point
  2. Questions about the EDM dances

    They can.....if they each buy passes
  3. True Or False

    Considering this was posted yesterday, True. I'm leaving for ACen this afternoon TNP is not staying at the Hyatt
  4. Unfortunately there are no refunds or transfers of membership passes to Anime Central
  5. So it's time for my yearly weather forecast post. So far only Day 0 is viewable, but it says 79 and Mostly Sunny. What do you guys think the weather will be. I hope it's warmer than it was last year Weather Forecast from Weather.com Please Note: As I'm sure many of you know, the actual weekend forecast won't be close to accurate until about the Tuesday before ACen. So hope for the best, plan for the worst
  6. True Or False

    True although I think my wife said she was done with the packing TNP is about as ready as they're going to get for ACen
  7. Intrested In Hosting A Meet-up someday

    As a host of a photoshoot, I always make sure I have a list of every possible combination of characters I can have in a shoot, and I check them off as I get them. I always start with a group shot and end with a group shot. That way anyone that missed the first group shot will be in the last one. Lastly, I tell everyone that when they post their pictures to social media to use a hashtag that I give them so that way people can find them. And no you do not need to hire a professional photographer if you don't want to. One piece of advise I can give you is to be assertive. There will be people who go to your photo shoot and think they know better on how to run it than you. Don't let them. People can give you suggestions, and that's good but when people start shouting out what to do. You need to be able to step up and tell them off. Hosting a shoot is a lot of fun and work, but it can be gratifying seeing your shoot get posted everywhere
  8. True Or False

    Falseish? I'm excited, but I'm not nervous...may be due to me not doing any cosplays this year or my panels. TNP is bringing their kids to ACen
  9. True Or False

    False. I'm about to go to work TNP is tired
  10. Damnit.... I'll pack my chainsaw
  11. Parking at ACen

    The Parkway Bank Park (formerly MB Financial Park) is where most people park and it's the convention center parking garage too. It is $15 a night with no In/Out privileges unless you are a guest at the Doubletree/Embassy Suites/Hilton/Aloft
  12. Places to eat?

    If you're looking to save money, then the food court in the mall will be your cheapest option. Beyond that, be prepared to spend anywhere from $25+ a meal anywhere else in the area
  13. Steven Universe 2018

    With the release of the Guidebook app, we now know where our photoshoot is. We are at Location 6 which is located in front of Artist Alley. While I am not thrilled we didn't get the Docks this year, we will do our best with our location. So again. We are at Location 6 on Saturday, May 19th at 4:30pm
  14. Steven Universe 2018

    Greetings everyone, I have submitted to do the Steven Universe Cosplay Gathering for Anime Central 2018. I hope that the weather this year is much better than it was last year (I ran the Friday shoot). Regardless, we had an excellent shoot last year and I hope to see even more of you lovely people this year. Not a whole lot of new characters since the last shoot, but I do hope we'll see some of the homeworld Gems and Emerald. We shall see. I'll be making a Facebook Event Page for the gathering as soon as it is confirmed that I am the one running it
  15. The Yes Or No Game!

    No. It looks like Spring is finally ready to begin Tired?
  16. True Or False

    True. Hooray for not being broke anymore! TNP is in full panic mode about getting ready for ACen
  17. What are you listening to?

    Megumi Nakajima. Her new(ish) album Curiosity
  18. registration

    Full Weekend is still up there. Just checked. Make sure you're putting in the age correctly
  19. So let's talk about the subject that binds us all together. Anime. So many great animes coming (or have already started) this year. I know people are looking forward to the 3rd season of Attack on Titan. For me, I can't wait for Fate/Extra Last Encore because FATE!!!!!! what about all you?
  20. Fate Series

    There are two meetups this year
  21. Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club?

    There is no official Free - Iwatobi Swim Club photoshoot this year but I'm sure it won't be that hard to find people cosplaying from it and doing your own unofficial photoshoot
  22. Steven Universe 2018

    Hey Guys. We've got our date and time. Just waiting to find out where our shoot is. In the meantime, please check out our event page for the shoot and make sure you tell any of your friends cosplaying as any of the residents of Beach City (Gem and Human alike) to check it out too. Steven Universe Photoshoot
  23. Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the forums and welcome back to ACen. I hope you have a much better experience than your last time. Lots really cool and fun things to do
  24. Puella Magi Gathering?

    When the official schedule is released, the date, time, and location of the gathering will be on there. All you have to do to take part is show up. Every photoshoot runs differently so make sure to listen for whoever the photoshoot coordinator is
  25. Can I pick up a badge for someone else?

    Yes, they can pick it up on Saturday. No you won't be able to pick it up for them as they check ID when you pick up your badge