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    Lots of animes, Toku, and stuff from Japan. I'm not too difficult to figure out

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  1. Avoid doubketree hotel / boycott

    Weird Flex but ok
  2. True Or False

    False. I don't really cosplay anymore TNP is going to another con this year
  3. Hotel Blocks 2019

    Check back around August. They opened in September last year
  4. True Or False

    Considering this was posted yesterday, True. I'm leaving for ACen this afternoon TNP is not staying at the Hyatt
  5. True Or False

    True although I think my wife said she was done with the packing TNP is about as ready as they're going to get for ACen
  6. True Or False

    Falseish? I'm excited, but I'm not nervous...may be due to me not doing any cosplays this year or my panels. TNP is bringing their kids to ACen
  7. True Or False

    False. I'm about to go to work TNP is tired
  8. The Yes Or No Game!

    No. It looks like Spring is finally ready to begin Tired?
  9. True Or False

    True. Hooray for not being broke anymore! TNP is in full panic mode about getting ready for ACen
  10. What are you listening to?

    Megumi Nakajima. Her new(ish) album Curiosity
  11. Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the forums and welcome back to ACen. I hope you have a much better experience than your last time. Lots really cool and fun things to do
  12. WTB


    L35 Hundo Torchic


    Serious sellers only. :p

  13. Last Letter Game!

    Never Say Never Again
  14. Last Letter Game!

    Magic Mike
  15. The Yes Or No Game!

    Not really. Does look like I won't be cosplaying this go round but that's ok. Have everything you need to finish your cosplay?