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  1. Photoshoot Leadership/Etiquette

    See, that's the thing, he's not the only one who wanted to be there for the SAO shoot, so I don't care. Even IF that was the reason he felt the shoot should exist, it's not the reason that shoots exist at the con. If someone wants a shoot like this to be super personal and specific in purpose, then they do their own thing out of respect for the other attendees and makes it known what the purpose is. Most of the other shoot attendees were blindsided by it. He could very well have proposed during the shoot no problem WITHOUT moving it twice (eventually into some other group's spot) and then getting it cut short, which left other attendees such as myself left in the dark and without the shoot that they too had be looking forward to, albeit for different intentions. TL;DR Just because it's a love/cute/one-time thing doesn't excuse it. It's selfish, plain and simple.
  2. On average, how quickly do panels get approved?

    No need to worry about that. The thing is, even if you don't hear until after the first badge pricing cut off, you're locked into the price of the badge when you first submitted. Trust me, they keep track of it so you have no reason to worry. :thumbup:/>
  3. Photoshoot Leadership/Etiquette

    I had to do this for the DBZ Saturday (maybe Friday?) shoot in 2013, no one showed up and it was like 5-10 minutes after, so I figured we'd get rolling so people didn't miss out. This year, however, was absolutely the most infuriating experience I've ever had at ACen. The Sword Art Online shoot that happened on Friday.... I don't know if the guy who lead it was the actual leader, but they moved the location, twice. This is a problem already because he didn't leave any signage behind to indicate where to go to next, so it was just people going where they 'should' be and MAYBE running into someone who knew something. Then when they finally stopped moving, he started it early. Here's the kicker, he f@#$ing organized and started it early EXCLUSIVELY so that he could interrupt the entire shoot to propose to his girlfriend. What's more because he started it early AND ended up running it in a spot where other shoots were supposed to be, so we got muscled out in like HALF the time shoots are supposed to last. Listen, if you want to do something personal like that, I'm ok with it and I hope it goes well for you. But screw you guy and your shitty inconsiderate nature to truncate, ruin or otherwise hamper everyone else's enjoyment of the shoot. The shoot does NOT exist for one person or couple, it's for the whole group. I specifically worked my butt off up until the last night before the con, as many people do, so I could be ready for that shoot specifically. If I show up only 10 minutes late to a 30-50 minute shoot, I should have no worries that "Hey, guess I'm only making it into 3 pictures. Still steaming mad, ugh..../>/>
  4. Anime you hate that everyone else loves?

    Neon Genesis Evangelion. screw that show, it's so bad. The End of Evangelion? That's damn sweet, and so are the rebuild movies. But that's because I get to spend less time with the show, have better animation and they weren't beset by 10 years of over the top hype.
  5. Hey all, I've been looking for a long time on Amazon and eBay and Etsy for this sort of thing. I have an old enough car that I still have that full size antenna with the little ball on top, but my Jack In The Box topper has finally faded away. Hoping to find a replacement at ACen, preferably in the artist alley this year. Has anyone ever seen a boot offer these before? Otherwise, do you know where to find quality ones elsewhere? Thanks!
  6. Final Guest List

    Has there been an official schedule posted for autograph times yet? I looked through the facebook page and a forum search here and didn't turn anything up. Am I blind? D:
  7. Where to Park

    Park first then get your ticket. There might be room to park temporarily in front of the machines on your way to find a spot, but otherwise you're fine. Credit/debit card works fine.
  8. Where to Park

    Don't be an idiot like me last year getting towed out of the CTA stop and having to retrieve my car from a lot at 4am... Don't be lazy, go to the machines to get a parking pass. They're to the left of the entrance ot the L station, though admittedly a bit of a pain to find and out of the way in some instances. TL;DR Don't be lazy, get a CTA parking pass. Getting towed is expensive and sucks to do after the Soap Bubble.
  9. Sword Art Online Cosplayers!

    My girlfriend and I are looking to couples cosplay Kirito and Asuna. Now we just need to get the damn swords made. I've been dragging my heels.
  10. Hent4rmageddon: You Can (Not) Unsee

    This... this is what my life was lacking. I'm doing 2 of my own panels this year and yet THIS is what has me most excited now. Bring on the noisy traps!
  11. Rebecca's Reflections Photography at ACen

    I may be interested. I'll talk to the group. Thanks for putting up the post!
  12. Kitsune Kon 2014

    Looks like I just got picked up to do a couple panels this year, and it'll be my first time at Kitsune Kon! Any veterans out there want to give me the low down on what makes Kitsune Kon unique, things I can't miss etc? An overall primer, ya know. :D
  13. Twitch Plays Pokemon!

    The subreddit is hysterical, probably funnier than the stream at this point and an excellent collection of the hilarity and memes produced by the tens of thousands of monkeys beating that keyboard. http://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon
  14. Dragon Ball Dash

    I think, perhaps, the best way to make this happen would be to organize it as a quick stand up each day, or at particular times, perhaps a lead off panel early to mid day Friday to lay it all ou for anyone interested.
  15. Johnny Yong Bosch

    Mmmm, no Johnny Yong Bosch list can be complete without the $$60,000,000,000 man himself, Vash the Stampede. But seriously, yes, I'd love to meet him. Have a couple things I'd love to get signed and just express my gratitude for the work he's done.