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  1. MWHAHAHA! I've found you!

  2. oOoO, a party. Where is it gunna be, but yeah I'll come and party hardy ^^.

  3. Alrighty ^^, I'll see if I can get the day off from work.

  4. Thanks ^^. *glomps*

  5. Hope you had an awesome weekend XD.

  6. Your profile picture is full of awesome and makes me laugh ^^.

  7. STALKER XD. LOL J/K. What's up?!

  8. Hey Rini! Thought I'd bug you since you're on Registration too and we'll be working together.

    I'm a tad nosey and read a comment or two XD, but are you going to Columbia college in chicago? Cause I go there. I'm in the Interactive Arts and Media major, but I'm put in the same building and floor as the video game majors. So if you're going there look m

  9. Me too. More the college thing right now though. I had surgery a few weeks ago, so I've got a pass on work and what not. School starts next week for me, but the paperwork ... naaghghghghh :'(.

  10. That sucks :'(. I remember at my community college when I had to do that. Mountain Dew was my friend that day. Thankfully, I'm lucky enough to where I can work on the days I don't have school and break even for the semester.

  11. ooo. *crosses fingers too*. Columbia is a lot of fun, what do you want to study there? I'm assuming something in gaming, but I could be wrong XD.

  12. Cool beans. There are a lot of great photography teachers there and all the students produce amazing stuff. They just added a third level Japanese class too since you're a second year ^^.

  13. XD If not you can go to them, no ones said no to me yet and this will be my 6th ACen. That and if you're Greed you can get snuggly with all the Lust's XD.

  14. Out of three of those I say Greed, but I love FMA. I tried looking for pics of Gin but it turned up with only logos and the ladies. You'll have fun at the con, especially since you're cosplaying. Everyone's really nice and like to glomp people.

  15. *gives you pocky for visiting his profile @ 1 in the morning XD*

  16. XD, you know that I love you. I don't know if I'll get to make it to the cosplay contest at your job. It's kinda far for me.

  17. w00t! Do goofy and funny things to scare all the old people that go to the library XD.

  18. I don't know the Truma song. Edumacate me XD.

  19. Errrr ... no :'(. *skips off to youtube*

  20. *flails arms*


  21. Mine doesn't work if it makes you feel included ^^.

    So many e-mails :'(. *gets his mountain dew*

  22. XD. I told my friend not on staff that we play that at meetings, he's so jealous of us.

  23. You too XD. It's nice to put the face to the name. Don't feel bad about leaving early, there will probably be another wave to send out.

  24. It'll be on a Saturday, and it won't be next Saturday. So just keep looking on the forums, I'm sure they'll post it.