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  1. There’s no policy against them, but like @slinkysan said as long as they’re not to big you should be fine. Some places like the walkways that connect the convention centers are tight, so if you have a double side by side stroller you might want to walk outside rather than use the walkway. 

    Mother than that though, there’s plenty of room in nearly all the other spaces for them. 

  2. There is a Guidebook update that went out this morning that lists the ticket distribution times, but they are also listed on our website on the autograph signings page. Autograph tickets are free, but are limited and while supplies last. Autographs will be held in the signings area. I didn’t see a session listed as “VA” but there are show signings listed such as Sailor Moon VA which host multiple voice actors. 

  3. I don’t work in the Registration department, so I can’t log in and look at your specific order, but here’s what I know.

    If for whatever reason we cannot get your badge to you before the convention, you will be able to pick it up at the convention. You will go to the Registration Service Desk in Hall A of the convention center when Registration is open. This is a separate booth from attendee registration. 

  4. Any attendee who registered before April 1st and paid the mailing fee should have received their badge by now.  If you haven't, you can reach out to registration@acen.org and they can look into this for you.  It is the busiest time of year for them, so it may take some time for them to get back to you.  Registration will reach out to you if for whatever reason the badge bounces back in the mail to us.

    Regardless, if we can't get the badge to you before the convention and you paid the mailing fee, we can get you your badge at the Registration Service Desk at con.  This is a separate booth for the regular registration line that should have little to no line.

  5. 1 hour ago, z-space said:

    Will food trucks at the Hyatt return?


    The food trucks are arranged by the hotel and we haven't heard if they will be returning as of right now.  Last year they were announced the week or two before the convention, so it's still possible for them to return.

  6. There are options within walking distance. We’ve loaded a number of them in the guidebook app under dining guide.  Some options within walking distance would be at Rosemont entertainment district (which is on the other side of the parking garage at your hotel) or the food court in the fashion outlets of Chicago mall. 

    The hotels sometimes run food specials as well, but it varies from hotel to hotel. 

  7. Volunteer staff do not buy a membership for the convention, but commit to working 24 hours throughout the weekend in a single department (Thursday thru Sunday).  Staffers may get crash space as well.  

    Convention Support are attendees that have paid for their badge, but do not have the weekend commitment or to a single department.  They work to roll over their membership another year.

    More information can be found on our website as well.


  8. The guidebook will be our closer to the convention. We will make an announcement once it is available for download. 

    We will have events going on all day Saturday 12:00a through 11:59p.  So it will depend on what you’re looking to do or see. Specific times will be laid out on guidebook. 

    There will also be children’s programming throughout the weekend.