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  1. Columbia Chicago

    I'm in my final semester at Columbia ... *hums "The Final Countdown"* ... and pretty much all the general education classes I took transferred over, the classes specialized towards my major didn't. Although, I know for my major (Interactive Arts & Media) a lot of the teachers will let you waive classes if you can show you're proficient in the material/programs. Financial Aid, the MAP grant and scholarships pretty much is covering all my school expenses while at Columbia. I agree with Arachne that it helps not living in the dorms. If you choose to, you're basically doubling your tuition. I commute 2+ hours each way to school everyday to avoid the cost, and it's well worth it. For new students going in, I recommend going immediately to an advisor and seeing if you can get out of the "New Millennium Studies" class. I luckily avoided this class that's a requirement for a certain percentage of the students, but it's a waste of time according to everyone that I've talked to that's ever taken it.
  2. Registration Is Hiring for 2011!

    To elaborate, welcome to reg ^_^.
  3. No Badge Pictures

    A lot of them are really creative, but the one that Bloo's talking about, a little piece of me died inside from that last name that ever googled. *shivers*
  4. Registration Questions

    To pick up your program book, you do not have to wait in the registration payment lines. The table with the program books will be off to the side, so you will be able to walk up to it and grab your lanyard and book. We'll have registration staff in the hall to direct you if it's not clear where to go when you get there ^_^.
  5. Badge Came

    Also, if you are registered in a group, these badges have not been sent out in the mail yet. We're planning on hopefully sending out group badges in the next wave.
  6. Badges Badges Badges

    Especially now that we know how to identify who's who with balloons XD. Convention center conquest will be much easier to pull off.
  7. Badges Badges Badges

  8. Badge Mailing Time!

    Are you in your awesome sauce group from last year? Cause I was very amused by each group member being a differnet sauce for their badge name XD.
  9. Approved (tentative)

    The hour wait time was really for only when we first opened the doors the first few days of the convention. Once the lines emptied, there was pretty much not a long wait at all to get badges for the rest of the day. After linecon, the registration management at the time took all suggestions into consideration and streamlined the process of registration. We plan on sticking with what we did last year, so there shouldn't be too much of a wait ^_^.
  10. Hi Everyone, As we get closer to the convention, we know that a lot of registration questions will need to be answered. Along with the list of forum names below, you can also e-mail your questions to registration@ACen.org. Here's a list of people that are on the forums that can help you with your registration questions: Bloo09 Moogle_21 Ever Faithful Jello SongstressLenne Emberlynn Chayito Lord Warhammer redx1
  11. Registration Questions

    Here's a link to the Registration's FAQ and the directions on how to register a group is there. The instructions are at the bottom of the post in a quote box. It does have the header "Instructions for Parents registering with children" but the directions to do both are the same. If you run into problems let us know ^_^. http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=32995
  12. ACen Survival Map

    Registration will be in Hall A of the convention center this year.
  13. Registration Questions

    I can look into that for you. Either email registration@ACen.org or PM your name, e-mail, badge name, or badge number to me and we'll get this taken care.
  14. Badge Came

    There's still time to have the mailing fee added to your account and pay for it if you wanted to have your badge mailed to you. Just e-mail registration@ACen.org your: name, username, e-mail, badge name or badge number and we'll add the $2 fee to your account so you can log back in and pay for it. The deadline for adding badge mailing to accounts is by April 1st.
  15. Badge Came

    YAY ^_^. Just a reminder that while we love the excitement of people getting their badges, no pictures of badges will be allowed to be posted on the forums. The only pictures that are being allowed are of the envelope that they came in. Here's a link to a thread when this is outlined. http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=35341
  16. Registering And Not Paying

    Just to add on to what Bloo said about lining up too early. We open the doors to the Registration hall at 4pm on Thursday. The days we open at 8am are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  17. Registration Question From The Comic-con Road Show

    I'll PM you about this shortly to get this fixed.
  18. Acen Badges?

    Meanie ... *whispers with songstress in the corner*
  19. Registration Questions

    I remember your situation. I went into you group and made the changes necessary so that the payment option should appear. Let me know if you run into any more problems.
  20. Acen Badges?

    They turned out awesome, and I think a lot of people will be very happy with how they turned out.
  21. Acen Badges?

    Sadly we didn't get our badge order in today, so badges will go out a little later :'(; however, we did make lots of envelopes and stamped them. So it will go by a lot faster when we have badges, cause all we have to do is make them and slide them in the envelope. We'll make an official announcement when the first wave goes out .
  22. In this thread I'll keep everyone posted about when forms from our roadshow stops will be entered into they system. I'll post updates when I have them, and will also post any delays in getting these entered into the system. I'll list the convention roadshows below, and if I've posted that all forms from that roadshow are entered check your account to see if your status has been updated. If it hasn't and you registered and all the forms have been entered, send me a PM or e-mail registration@ACen.org and we'll figure out what's going on. If you wanted to have the mailing option added to your account and it hasn't, PM me or send an e-mail to registration@ACen.org. We'll add the option to your account so you can go in and pay the additional $2 fee. ------------------------------------ UPDATE 01/24/2010: At 2009 Convention, Comic-con, Reactor, and Youmacon forms have all been entered into the system. If your status still says unpaid and you paid at one of the roadshows, please send us a copy of your proof of purchase (receipt, statement, etc.) to registration@ACen.org and we'll update you in the system. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me or e-mail registration@ACen.org. UPDATE 02/15/2010: Half of the roadshow forms from Ohayocon have been entered into the system, and the remaining forms should be entered into the system later on this week. Also, re-worded the first post so that it applies to all roadshows. UPDATE 02/19/2010: All of the roadshow forms from Ohayocon have been entered into the system.
  23. Roadshow Registration Updates

    I've gotten word that all Ohayocon forms have been entered. If you registration at Ohayocon and your status still says unpaid, please send us a copy of your proof of purchase (receipt, statement, etc.) to registration@ACen.org and we'll update you in the system.
  24. Registration Questions

    Yep. Go ahead and e-mail your group information to registration@ACen.org and we'll take care of the rest.
  25. Roadshow Registration Updates

    We have half of the roadshow forms from Ohayocon entered into the system, and we should have the remaining forms entered into the system in the next few days. I'll post again when all the forms are entered in.